Wednesday, March 21, 2007

MRPD Tests The Segway PT

On March 20th, members of the MRPD has an opportunity to test the Segway Personal Transporter. Mr. Bill Hopper of Segway of Annapolis brought three of the environmentally friendly (no gas, zero emmissions) machines out for us to get acquainted with. Mayor Malinda Miles encouraged me to arrange a combination demo and test night so that members of the department, the Council, and our residents could see the Segway PT in action.

For about two hours, LT Jimmy Stoots, and Officers Crystal Goldring and Kirk Banton, and yours truly put the Segways through their paces. With only two wheels to sustain balance, the Segway looks a bit daunting at first, but it only took each us about five minutes of instruction to get up and running. It's really a lot easier than it looks! It didn't take long for officers Banton and Goldring to disappear to test their riding skills around the Rhode Island Avenue and 34th Street business districts. None of us wanted to get off to let someone else try it out! Mayor Miles was not shy about wanting her turn on the machine either. Our City Treasurer, Vijay Manjani took to the Segway like a banker to cash. I think that if the Mayor and VJ hadn't had to attend the Council worksession they'd have been on their Segways until the batteries went dead!

Even my son Matthew, whose only 9 and can't even ride a bike yet, became pretty confident riding the Segway.

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