Thursday, May 29, 2008

Letter to the Editor

From the May 26th edition of the Philadelphia Daily News

If you see me shooting someone and have to chase me two miles, feel free to beat me up. If I have a gun and don't cooperate, feel free to put as many rounds in me as you need. If you catch me buying drugs, don't listen me spew about my hard life and how it's my first time (at least getting caught), lock me up. While kicking in my teeth, make sure there's an officer from every race and religion to avoid a civil suit. Don't forget to mention I was once an altar boy many moons ago. If my mom is on TV talking about how good a Christian or Buddhist I am, she's full of it. I take full responsibility for my actions and demand that you take steps to ensure that I'm not around to do it again - or no longer capable of doing it.

William Hunt

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