Thursday, December 03, 2009

Report Drunk Drivers - CALL 911

The buzz of the holiday season is in high gear. It’s a time to celebrate and partake in activities that include social drinking. It is a time for parties and social gatherings; a time for Christmas and New Year’s parties. Unfortunately, it is also a time when police officers have the difficult job of informing families about the untimely death of a loved one because someone decided to drink and drive.

December consistently ranks as one of the deadliest months of the year for drunk driving related fatalities. It is a time when we in law enforcement welcome all the help we can get to raise awareness and prevent the tragic loss of life that too often results from someone having a few innocent drinks and then getting behind the wheel.

In 2008, 152 Maryland citizens were killed in crashes that involved a driver impaired by alcohol. Law enforcement agencies statewide arrested 24,000 drunk drivers. That’s nearly three drunk drivers per hour, 65 drunk/drugged driving arrests per day!

This holiday season please join the Mount Rainier Police Department and other police agencies, and our public and private partners in an effort to remove drunk and drugged drivers from our roads. Please make a personal commitment not to drink and drive, and to find alternative transportation to friends and guests who have had too much to drink. And remember,

Report Drunk Drivers – Call 911

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