Thursday, February 11, 2010

Police Report: February 10

February 10th:

No significant incidents to report. The police department is continuing its efforts to keep show emergency routes and other City streets clear of illegally parked and disabled vehicles so that snow crews can continue their snow removal efforts.

Snow Removal Update
from City Manager Jeannelle Wallace

We had a list of 10 critical areas (mostly hills) that were to be a priority last night and unfortunately we did not get to all 10. Right now we have complaints about Webster Street (in Kaywood), 29th Street, Taylor Street, and 32nd and Varnum. We also had additional problems with the county plowing of RI Avenue and they blocked in Perry Street from the 33rd and 34th Street entrances which had to be re-cleared. Contractors and Luther Smith were here all night. While we made some really good progress in some areas, needless to say others are just almost impassable. Kaywood at Russell is blocked with vehicles. We have another vehicle blocking 34th and Bunker Hill Road.

We also have angry residents and non-residents (understandably) because their vehicles were impounded for blocking the roadways. Please remind your neighbors that we must remove vehicles blocking the roadways. On another note, since everyone is home, if you see someone that is stuck please be neighborly and try to help them out. The contractors have left the city now to rest and will return this evening. Folks that are able to dig out some could work together to do that. Personally, my street is totally impassable and I feel very fortunate to have co-workers willing to pick me up each day and bring me home. Mike Jackson and I have been here each day for 16-18 hours. So let everyone know that we are doing the best we have.

The dump truck is still down waiting for parts delivery so we are still with only one spreader. We could use 4 or more at this point to break up the ice which of course re-freezes each night. Contractor spreaders are also down and so we have been working with bob cats and plows. Persons are frustrated because they have seen the crews working the emergency routes and feel that there side streets have been ignored.

The additional problems we are facing at the moment are these:: People are shoveling snow back onto the street. Please do not do that as it freezes again over night when compacted by vehicles and pedestrians. Cars are blocking roadways, and we need to get snow hauled out of Kaywood because even with the cars removed, there is literally no place to put snow once it is plowed. Another challenge of course is that all the alley ways are blocked as the alleys are the last areas to be cleared. We have citizens who parked in the rear of their homes and of course are blocked in. To give you a perspective on this dilemma, a bobcat cleared the alley behind the 34-3500 block of Rhode Island Avenue – it took 4 hours! And now that same alley is blocked again from yesterday’s snowfall.

We can be grateful however, that a lot of our streets are looking pretty good. Perry Street is seeing pavement. The sun is out, and there have been no reports of power outages.

Thank you to everyone who has called or written in their support. Thanks and Kudos to Council member Thompson for providing Subway sandwiches to the PW staff, to Council member Knedler and former Council member Gandee or offering their homes to us in case we needed to sleep over.

Once again, thanks to all for your patience and understanding.

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