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Police Report: December 25-31

December 31st:

3800 block of 34th Street: Recovered stolen auto – 2:25 am. Officers received information from DC police that they had recovered a 2011 Chrysler 200 that had been reported stolen from the 3800 block of 34th Streets on December 20th. The vehicle was found at 14th and Lawrence Streets, NE. No arrests were made.

4000 block of Russell Avenue: Residential burglary – 7 am. The resident told officers that she went to investigate a suspicious noise coming from her living room. She observed a black male described as 5’10” tall, 160 lbs., wearing black pants, a black shirt and a red scarf wrapped around his face crawling through the living room window. The resident yelled at the man and fled out the front door of the apartment. The man followed her and pushed her down the stairs, stepped over her and fled on foot towards Eastern Avenue.

3400 block of Rhode Island Avenue: Disorderly conduct – 8:40 am. Officers patrolling the area observed an intoxicated man who appeared to be causing a disturbance. When the officers approached the man to speak with him he pulled out his genitals and started to urinate towards officers. He was arrested, charged with disorderly conduct and delivered to the custody of DOC in Hyattsville. 

3000 block of Taylor Street: Citizen armed robbery – 1:25 pm. The victim told officers that as he was walking from a friend’s house he was approached by two black males. Both men produced handguns and demanded the victim’s property. The two ransacked the victim’s backpack and stole several items of his personal property. The suspects then slowly walked down the street heading in the direction of Kaywood Apartments. Suspect #1 was described as a black male, 5’5” tall, 125 lbs. with braided hair and armed with a handgun. Suspect #2 was described as a black male, 6”1” tall, 165 lbs., also armed with a handgun.

3200 block of Varnum Street (7-11): Citizen armed robbery – 5:25 pm. The victim told officers he was returning movies to the RedBox machine outside the 7-11 when two black males approached him, displayed handguns and demanded his property. The victim surrendered his wallet and the two then slowly walked away towards 22nd Street. The victim’s description of his assailants matched the description of the two men who robbed a man in the 3200 block of Taylor Street four hours earlier (see above).

2300 block of Varnum Street: Vehicle impound – 7:35 pm. Officers patrolling with a mobile license plate reader received a hit on a vehicle that had suspended registration plates. The officers stopped the vehicle, confirmed that the tags were suspended and learned that there was an MSP pickup order on the tags. The driver was issued several traffic citations, the tags were seized for return to MVA and the vehicle was impounded.

December 30th:

3200 block of Queenstown Drive: Assault – 12:01 am. Officers responded for the report of an assault. When the officers arrived they interviewed a woman who said that her male roommate choked her after a verbal altercation. The victim was advised of her options with a District Court Commissioner.

3600 block of Rhode Island Avenue: Vehicle impound – 2:40 am. Officers stopped a 2003 Honda Accord for a traffic violation. They subsequently learned that the driver’s license was suspended as the result of a DWI charge from back in September. The driver was issued four traffic citations and his vehicle was impounded.

Kaywood Gardens Apartments: Vandalism/thefts from auto – 7 am – 2 pm. Officers responded to the area of Kaywood Gardens apartment complex for reports of vandalism to and thefts from multiple vehicles throughout the complex. The officers’ investigation revealed that sometime during the previous night possibly several suspects went through the complex and vandalized five vehicles in an attempt to get inside.  These suspects also broke into an additional twelve vehicle and stole various items from inside each. The least valued theft consisted of 56 cents from a center console.

December 29th:

3700 block of 36th Street: Criminal citation – 7:35 pm. Officers issued a man a criminal citation for possessing an open container of an alcoholic beverage in a public place.

December 28th:

3700 block of 35th Street: CDS/emergency petition – 10:35 pm. Officers responded for the report of unknown trouble and a woman screaming. When the officers arrived they discovered a man and a woman engaged in a physical altercation in the back yard of a private residence. The officers separated the two and determined that both were under the influence of PCP. Both were taken into custody and delivered to doctors at Washington Adventist Hospital for medical treatment. The officers also discovered that the male half was in possession of eleven (11) individual baggies of marijuana with a combined weight of approximately 14.3 grams; and the female half had an open arrest warrant through Prince George’s County. The Prince George’s County Sheriff’s Office was notified to take the female into custody on the warrant when she was released from the hospital. Officers obtained an arrest warrant for the male half charging him with possession with intent to distribute a CDS. He will be arrested on the warrant when he is released from the hospital.

December 27th:

3500 block of Newton Street: Warrant service – 8:30 am. Officers responded to serve an arrest warrant on a man wanted by the Prince George’s County Sheriff’s Office on a charge of failing to appear in court. The officer located the man sleeping in a back bedroom. He was arrested without incident and delivered to the custody of DOC in Hyattsville.

3200 Block of Rhode Island Avenue: Warrant service – 10:15 am. A man came into the Mount Rainier police station to surrender on two warrants for his arrest. Officers confirmed the existence of the warrants, both for theft. The man was arrested and delivered to the custody of DOC in Hyattsville.

4500 block of Eastern Avenue (BP station): Theft from auto – 11:30 am. The owner of a 2009 Ford Fusion left her purse inside her unlocked vehicle when she went inside to pay for gas. When she returned to her vehicle her purse was gone. Witness told the officers that they saw two suspicious 16 year old (about) black males walking quickly away from the area towards 22nd Street about the time of the theft.

December 26th:

2900 block of Allison Street: Emergency petition – 10:25 pm. Officers responded for several reports of a naked black male running in and out of traffic.  When they arrived the located the man in question and identified him from numerous past contacts. He was under the influence of PCP and had a cut lip that required medical attention. Fire/rescue personnel responded and transported him to Washington Adventist Hospital where he was turned over to medical personnel for treatment.

December 25th:

4100 block of 31st Street: Criminal citation – 3:45 am. Officers responded for the second time to a report of loud music coming from inside a private residence. Officers could hear the music over a block away as they responded. The resident was issued a citation for the noise infraction. About a half hour after the officers left Communications received a call from a man who identified himself only as Mr. Claus. Mr. Claus wanted to thank the officers for quieting the noise so that neighboring children could finally get to sleep.

2300 block of Varnum Street: Warrant service - 9:50 am. Officers responded for the report of a person on the ground that had been assaulted. The officers found the man who was intoxicated and did not want to cooperate with the police. He initially told the officers that he was the victim of an assault as he was walking along the 2300 block of Varnum Street. Officers continuing their investigation later learned that it had been his brother who had assaulted him and that he did not was to press charges against his brother. Fire/rescue personnel responded to treat the victim’s injuries but he refused all medical treatment. The officers eventually learned that the victim had an open arrest warrant through Montgomery County for failing to appear in court on charges of driving without a license and DWI. He was arrested on the warrants and transported to Prince George’s Hospital for treatment. Once cleared from the hospital he was delivered to the custody of DOC in Upper Marlboro.

4300 block of 28th Place: Emergency petition – 7:55 pm. Officers responded for the report of a domestic disturbance. When they arrived they learned that a woman was in need of medical attention because, according to other family members present, she had not taken her required medication and had been drinking alcohol. The woman was violent and confrontational with the officers as they tried to reason with her. They were not successful so she was taken into custody and transported to Washington Adventist Hospital for emergency medical treatment.

2700 block of Upshur Street: Attempt theft from auto – 10:15 pm. Officers met with the owner of a 2006 Buick who told them that sometime prior to his call to police someone got into his vehicle and ransacked the interior. He said that nothing was stolen from inside.

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