Friday, June 02, 2006

UPDATE - Suspicious Person

Over the past week or so the police department has been receiving reports of a suspicious person knocking on doors late in the evening. This individual has apparently tried to talk his way into homes, and although purporting to sell home alarm systems, did not identify himself as an authorized salesperson for any alarm company.

Our investigation into these incidents revealed that there is one individual who is a legitimate salesperson for Honeywell home security systems who has been operating in the residential areas of the City. He has been identified as Mr. Jared Arcus, and as of May 31st, the City has issued him a Solicitor’s Permit. His permit is valid through December 31st, 2006.

Now, just because we have identified this one individual as being a legitimate solicitor, a word of caution is in order. Residents must still be wary when individuals come to their door whom they do not know and whom they do not expect. Never let anyone into your home unless they produce valid identification (examine it before letting them in!) and you are confident that the person is who they say they are. If you are in any way uncomfortable, refuse to allow the person into your home, call our Communications center (301-985-6565/6566) and request that an officer respond.

Be cautious, be vigilant and watch out for yourselves and for your neighbors!

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Mayor Miles said...

Chief, the person(s) that are in the neighborhood are from a security systems team. They are soliciting and installing security systems. The leader is Jared (I forgot his last name). He is registered with the City and has a legal permit from the City to do door-to-door sales. I heard about him being in the City, met with him, verified his business (to the best of my ability), and sent him packing to get a permit for doing business in the City. He complied. Met with James, paid for the license, brought it back for me to see so that I could verify that he was legitimately in the City.