Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Crime Watch: Week of November 19

11/24/06 3200 block Varnum St: Suspect arrested and served with warrant
11/24/06 3800 block 31st St: Theft from auto
11/24/06 3300 block Chillum Rd: Petty theft from business
11/24/06 3800 block34th St: Commercial armed robbery
11/23/06 28th & Taylor Sts: Theft from auto
11/23/06 4500 block 30th St: Unknown suspects rob victim
11/23/06 3700 block 36th St: Unknown suspects rob delivery person
11/22/06 4200 block Kaywood Dr: Theft from auto
11/22/06 4200 block 28th St: Theft from auto
11/22/06 4100 block Russell Av: Unknown suspect(s) stole auto
11/22/06 2300 block Varnum St: Commercial armed robbery
11/22/06 2800 block Taylor St: Vandalism to auto
11/20/06 3400 Rhode Island Av: Carjacking by gunpoint

Monday, November 20, 2006

Crime Watch: Week of November 12

11/18/06 3700 block 35th St: 2nd Degree assault by three suspects
11/18/06 4300 block Russell Av: Citizen strong-arm robbery
11/18/06 3500 block 34th St: Stolen auto
11/18/06 3300 block Otis St: Vandalism to auto
11/18/06 2300 block Varnum Rd: Theft from auto
11/18/06 3400 block Rhode Island Av: Defendant arrested for possession crack cocaine
11/17/06 3600 block Perry St: Theft from a tow truck driver
11/17/06 3400 block Rhode Island Av: Citizen robbery by 4 suspects
11/16/06 3200 block Chillum Rd: Attempt 2nd degree rape
11/16/06 4300 block Russell Av: Theft from auto
11/16/06 3400 block Shepherd St: Suspect(s) broke into victim’s home, laptop stolen
11/14/06 4200 block 30th St: Victim bitten by dog - no serious injury
11/12/06 2900 block Arundel Rd: Three males cited for alcohol in public
11/12/06 3700 block 36th St: Property damaged by suspect(s)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Have You Seen This Guy?

The Mount Rainier Police Department would like your help in locating the individual pictured below. He is identified as Eric Xavier Teachey, an African American male with black hair, brown eyes, about 5'10" tall and 145 lbs. We have an open arrest warrant charging him in two commercial burglaries of a business on Rhode Island Avenue, and we believe he may be responsible in at least four others on RI Avenue and 34th Street.

If you know Mr. Teachey's whereabouts or if you see him on the street, please call Mount Rainier Police Communications at 301-985-6565 or 6566. Please do not attempt to stop or confront him, just call us immediately and let us know where you last saw him and as much of a description of him as possible. Please be detailed with clothing descriptions, and if he is in a vehicle, the make model, color, license plate number and last direction of travel.

Chat With The Chief

Beginning Monday December 4th, residents and other interested individuals will have a monthly opportunity to meet with me to discuss issues affecting public safety, police and other City services, or any other matter you feel the need to get off your chest. I have arranged with Dyrell Madison to use the Artmosphere Cafe on the first Monday of each month betwen 7 and 9 PM for these meetings. So come on out, bring your thoughts and ideas, and have a chat with the Chief.

New Police Cruiser In Service

Our new police cruiser, purchased with monies received from the County Executive's Livable Communities Grant, is now on the road! This new vehicle is assigned to Corporal Vic Kenworthy as he patrols both Mount Rainier and the Town of Brentwood. It is a visible symbol of our cooperative relationship with the residents and businesses of Brentwood as "Partners In Community Policing."

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

E-mail Us Your Crime Tips

Remember this e-mail address:


The police department and the City's code enforcement officers need your help! We have established the above e-mail address so that residents can confidentially e-mail us information they may have about crime suspects, suspicious persons, suspected criminal activity or the existence of nuisances and other code enforcement concerns. Please let us know anything that you think will help solve an ongoing problem or prevent a future one. Even if you think your suspicions or information would not amount to much - you never know. The infamous Son of Sam was identified from a parking ticket.

Remember, details are important: names, detailed descriptions of people and motor vehicles (tag numbers!), locations, times - as much as you know, or think you know.

This e-mail account will be monitored daily by the Chief and our Operations Commander, LT Jimmy Stoots. The origin of any information will not be divulged to anyone outside the police department, so your identity will always be protected.

Crime Watch: Week of November 5

11/10/06 4500 block 31st St: 2nd degree arson to auto
11/10/06 3100 block Taylor St: Vandalism to auto
11/10/06 3800 block 34th St: Commercial burglary
11/10/06 35th & Rhode Island Av: Armed suspects assault and rob victim
11/10/06 Buchanan St & Chillum Rd: Suspect cited for drug paraphernalia
11/10/06 3510 Rhode Island Av: Unknown suspect(s) break into church
11/10/06 4300 block Kaywood Dr: Arrest for domestic assault
11/09/06 Police Headquarters: Open warrant served
11/08/06 4200 block 31st St: Vandalism to auto
11/08/06 4300 block 28th Pl: Vandalism to auto
11/07/06 4200 block 28th St: Vandalism to auto
11/08/06 One Municipal Pl: Citation issued for alcohol in public
11/08/06 3200 block Arundel Rd: Traffic stop, citations issued for open alcohol
11/07/06 2700 block Arundel Rd: Ten teens removed from vacant apartment
11/07/06 3200 block Varnum St: Theft of auto
11/07/06 4300 block 31St: Domestic call, recovered handgun for safekeeping
11/06/06 3200 block Perry St: Unknown suspect(s) damage auto
11/06/06 4200 block 28th St: Theft from auto
11/06/06 3400 block Rhode Island Av: Juvenile advised against entering business
11/06/06 3800 block 37th St: Property loss during residential break and enter
11/06/06 4200 block Russell Av: Domestic call, open warrant served
11/05/06 3300 block Rhode Island Av: Commercial burglary
11/05/06 2700 block Webster St: Unknown suspect(s) slash auto tires
11/05/06 3800 block 34th St: Unknown suspects break into church
11/05/06 4100 block 32nd St: Unknown suspect(s) damage auto

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Crime Watch: Week of October 29

11/04/06 3600 block 34th St: Attempted traffic stop, suspect caught by DC K-9 unit
11/03/06 4200 block 28th St: Unknown suspects attempt to steal vehicle
11/03/06 2500 block Queens Chapel Rd: Physical fight between family members
11/02/06 3300 block Chauncey Pl: Unknown suspects cause damage to auto
11/01/06 3200 block Rhode Island Av: Arrestee was causing a disturbance
10/31/06 4200 block Russell Av: Destruction to property
10/31/06 3400 block Rhode Island Av: Arrestee charged after brandishing knife in public
10/31/06 4000 block 34th St: Vandalism to auto
10/31/06 3300 block Chauncy Pl: Two suspects issued citations for alcohol in public
10/31/06 3700 block 34th St: Theft from auto
10/30/06 3400 block Rhode Island Av: Unknown suspect(s) break and enter business
10/29/06 3300 block Buchanan St: Attempt theft of auto
10/29/06 3100 block Queens Chapel Rd: Vandalism to auto
10/29/06 3200 block Rhode Island Av: Vandalism to auto
10/29/06 2700 block Allison St: Theft of auto