Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Crime Watch - Week of April 15

04/21/07 3300 Chillum Rd: Arson
04/21/07 3400 block Rhode Island Av: Armed robbery
04/20/07 4200 block 28th St: Theft of auto
04/19/07 Upshur St & 28th Pl: 1st Degree Assault
04/19/07 4300 block Russell Av: Citizen armed robbery
04/18/07 3700 block 35th St: Arrestee had open warrant
04/18/07 3700 block 35th St: Citation issued for trespassing/narcotics paraphernalia

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Parking Citation Collection Notices

As you read this entry, many of our residents may have received a collection notice regarding one or more unpaid parking citations. We have received at least a hundred telephone calls, and our Records staff is quite taxed sorting out those notices that were received in error, and those that are legitimate.

Just a few notes of caution that I’d like to pass along to help make things easier for all concerned. First, no member of the police department staff will void, cancel or otherwise dispose of a valid collection notice. We are also not authorized to make any payment arrangements or reduce the amount owed to the City. The staff at City Hall is under the same constraints. Persons who receive a collection notice and have concerns that it was issued in error should call the police department during regular business hours and our staff will research the citation. All payments are to be made either to the collection agency directly or at City Hall. The police department does not accept payment.

The next few weeks promise to be very busy as we deal with this first round of collection notices, and as subsequent rounds go out to violators. We are doing our best to deal with the large volume of inquiries and getting individual concerns settled as quickly as possible. Our staff will address each inquiry politely and professionally, and will attempt to resolve those notices that were issued in error as quickly as possible. We appreciate our residents' and other customers' patience as we work through what has become a hight volume of inquiries.

Crime Watch - Week of April 8

04/13/07 3300 block Chillum Rd: Theft under $500
04/12/07 32nd at Varnum St: Theft of auto
04/12/07 3300 block Chillum Rd: Robbery commercial business
04/11/07 4300 block 28th Pl: Citation for possession of drug paraphernalia
04/11/07 4200 block 34th St: Theft over $500
04/11/07 4100 block 31St: Theft from auto
04/11/07 3400 block Eastern Av: Emergency Petition Service
04/10/07 3600 block Perry St: Shooting
04/09/07 3200 block 36th St: Theft under $500
04/08/07 4600 block 27th St: Theft from auto
04/08/07 3700 block 34th St: Vandalism to auto
04/08/07 4200 block Russell Av: Obscene notes left on property

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pepco News Release

Pepco Urges Customers to Stay Safe as
High Winds Fell Trees and Bring Down Wires
Soaking rains followed by high winds have taken down many trees throughout the Washington area and have caused numerous power outages. Pepco crews are working to restore power but the high winds make their work more difficult and are continuing to cause new outages. Trees that bring down power lines create hazardous conditions and Pepco urges customers to stay safe during these weather emergencies. Pepco urges customers to heed the following safety tips:
· All downed wires should be treated as if they are energized. Do not approach them or touch them. If you see a downed wire, report it to Pepco at 1-877-PEPCO-62
· Report power outages by calling 1-877-PEPCO-62
· Never attempt to remove trees or limbs from any utility line. Assume all objects touching a power line are energized.
· Keep away from flooded areas and stay indoors. Even wading in a shallow puddle or flooded basement that is exposed to an energized line could cause a harmful or fatal electrical contact.
· Keep children and pets inside and away from standing water.
· If your basement is flooded, DO NOT attempt to turn off power or operate circuit breakers while standing in water.
· Turn off all appliances, including your furnace, air conditioner, water heater and water pump. That way, you can avoid a circuit overload and another outage that may result when power is restored to all appliances at once
· Unplug sensitive electronics and turn off power to flood-prone basement appliances if you can safely do so.
· (NOTE: Do not turn off power to sump pumps.)
· Leave on one lamp so you'll know when the power is restored.
· If you use a portable generator, always operate it outside, away from doors and windows, to avoid deadly carbon monoxide.
· For your safety and the safety of Pepco employees working to restore power, do not connect your generator directly into your home's main fuse box or circuit panel. Improperly connected generators can feed electricity back into the electrical system, endangering field personnel working to restore your power. Consult a qualified electrical contractor if a permanent generator installation is desired.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Crime Watch: Week of April 1

04/07/07 2400 block Queens Chapel Rd: Arrestee had open warrant
04/06/07 Queens Chapel Rd & Chillum Rd: Arrestee charged DUI
04/06/07 4300 block Russell Av: Theft from auto
04/06/07 3200 block Queens Chapel Rd: Arrestee had open warrant
04/05/07 3300 block Chillum Rd: Arrestee had open warrant
04/05/07 3200 block Chillum Rd: Arrestee involved in 1st degree assault
04/04/07 4100 block Russell Av: Theft under $500
04/04/07 3200 block Varnum St: Open warrant served
04/03/07 4400 block 29th St: Vandalism to auto
04/03/07 3600 block Rhode Island Av: Domestic dispute and assault
04/03/07 3200 block Queenstown Dr: Vandalism to auto
04/02/07 3200 block Queenstown Dr: Vandalism to auto
04/02/07 4600 block 27th St: Theft of auto
04/02/07 4100 block Russell Av: Theft of auto
04/02/07 3200 block Perry St: Arrestee had open warrant
04/02/07 4600 block 27th St: Theft of auto
04/01/07 3500 block Otis St: Vandalism to auto
04/01/07 3400 block 34th St: Citizen robbery
04/01/07 3200 block Queenstown Dr: Vandalism to auto

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Crime Watch: Week of March 25

03/31/07 3100 block Queens Chapel Rd: Theft under $500
03/31/07 3200 block Perry St: Citation issued for CDS paraphernalia
03/30/07 3600 block Rhode Island Ave: Theft of auto
03/29/07 3200 block Shepherd St: Arrest for possession of CDS
03/28/07 3400 block Rhode Island Ave: Citation issued for public drinking
03/28/07 4200 block Rainier Ave: Theft over $500
03/28/07 3800 block 30th St: Theft from auto
03/28/07 3300 block Rhode Island Ave: Victim suffered gunshot wound to leg
03/28/07 4000 block 34th St: Attempt burglary of commercial business
03/27/07 4000 block 34th St: Burglary of commercial business
03/27/07 3300 block Chauncey Pl: Individual arrested for disorderly conduct
03/26/07 3100 block Queens Chapel Rd: Individual arrested on an open warrant
03/26/07 3100 block Queens Chapel Rd: 2nd degree assault citation for fighting
03/26/07 3100 block Webster St: 1st degree assault with handgun by suspect
03/26/07 3300 block Rhode Island Ave: Theft under $500