Wednesday, December 20, 2006

January's Chat with the Chief

Since the first Monday in January falls on the New Year's Day holiday, the monthly Chat with the Chief will be re-scheduled to Monday January 8th from 7-9 PM at Artmosphere cafe.

FBI Reports Violent Crime Up Nationwide

Yesterday, the FBI released its Uniform Crime Report data for the first half of 2006. The data shows violent crime, particularly robberies and assaults, continuing an alarming upswing that began in 2005. An article in today's Washington Post article quotes criminal justice experts as saying, "Many communities, particularly those in urbanized areas, may be headed into a period of sustained crime increases ..." Not encouraging news, but not unexpected considering the significant increases we have experienced here in Mount Rainier over the past 12 months.

As to the causes, the Bush Administration's cutbacks in aid to local law enforcement to help fund anti-terrorism activities and the war in Iraq, more than $2 Billion since 2002, is right at the top. James Alan Fox, a criminologist at Northeastern University in Boston, was quoted as saying: "It's robbing Peter, and maybe even murdering Peter, to pay Paul."

I could not agree more.

Hopefully, our new Congress, new Governor and new State legislators will begin to restore desperately needs funds to assist local agencies in combating violent crime, preventing and suppressing gang violence and influence, and establishing youth initiatives that keep kids from becoming involved in criminal activity. Like politics, public safety is local, and it is critical that resources filter down to the local (municipal) level.

You can read the entire Post article here:

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Crime watch: Week of December 10

12/16/06 4000 block 35th St: Citizen armed robbery
12/16/06 3700 block 35th St: Citizen armed robbery
12/16/06 3100 block Queens Chapel Rd: Simple assault on victim
12/16/06 3200 block Rhode Island Av: Arrestee driving while impaired by alcohol
12/16/06 2900 block Allison St: Citation issued for public drinking
12/16/06 4200 block 28th St: Theft from auto
12/15/06 3400 Ceder Lane Alley: Suspects arrested for drug possession
12/15/06 2400 block Arundel Rd: Residential break and enter
12/15/06 4000 block 29th St: Break and enter commercial business
12/14/06 3300 block Rhode Island Av: Citation issued for urinating in public
12/14/06 2300 block Varnum St: Commercial armed robbery
12/14/06 3700 block Quincy St: Traffic stop, driver arrested for possessing drugs and a loaded handgun
12/14/06 3800 block Eastern Av: Break and enter commercial business
12/14/06 3700 block Quincy St: Traffic stop, individual arrested on an open warrant
12/14/06 4200 block 31st St: Vandalism to residence
12/14/06 2900 block Arundel Rd: Theft from auto
12/14/06 4200 block Eastern Av: Individual arrested for disorderly conduct
12/13/06 3300 block Perry St: Stolen handgun recovered
12/13/06 3200 block Varnum St: Suspect taken into custody after barricade
12/12/06 3700 block 36th St: Citation issued for drinking alcohol in public
12/12/06 4000 block 29th St: Theft from auto
12/1/06 3300 block Chauncey Pl: Residential unlawful entry
12/12/06 3300 block Buchanan St: Suspects arrested for stolen vehicle
12/12/06 4200 block Russell Av: Residential breaking and entering
12/12/06 3700 block 37th St: Theft of auto
12/12/06 2900 block Allison St: Assault caused by teens fighting
12/11/06 2300 block Arundel Rd: Vandalism to commercial property
12/11/06 4200 block Kaywood Dr: Attempt theft of auto
12/11/06 2400 block Arundel Rd: Breaking and entering
12/11/06 4300 block 28th Pl: Attempted breaking and entering - apartment
12/11/06 3800 block 34th St: Warrant Service/vehicle impound
12/10/06 3000 block Arundel Rd: Simple assault on victim
12/10/06 3200 block Queenstown Dr: Domestic dispute between roommates

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Barricade Incident

The police activity residents witnessed this morning was MRPD and PGPD Emergency Services officers responding to a barricade situation in the 3200 block of Varnum Street. At about 6:30 AM, MRPD officers were attempting to serve an arrest warrant on an individual who barricaded himself in the basement of a private residence. This individual implied that he had a weapon and threatened to kill police if they came in after him. At this point our officers left the residence, set up a security perimeter, and called the Prince George’s County Police Emergency Services Team for assistance. PGPD EST responded and took command of the scene. EST attempted to negotiate with the individual for his peaceful surrender, but was unsuccessful. EST’s use of tear gas also failed to entice him out of the residence. EST officers then made entry into the house and were able to subdue and apprehend him without injury.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Holiday Safety Tips

Christmas Trees

When purchasing an artificial tree, look for the label “Fire Resistant.” Although this label is not a guarantee that the tree won’t catch fire, it does indicate that the tree will resist burning and should extinguish quickly.

When purchasing a live tree, check for freshness. A fresh tree is green, needles are hard to pull from branches when bent between your fingers, and needles do not break. The cut base of the tree’s trunk is sticky with resin, and when tapped on the ground, the fresh tree should not lose many needles. Wholesale Christmas tree growers generally harvest their mass-market trees in mid to late October. If you buy a tree from your local garden center (Lowe’s, Home Depot), nursery store, high volume discount store or from a lot operated by a service club, you are most likely getting a tree that can be as much as two months old before it gets to your home. You should ask the seller when his/her trees were cut and shop around for the freshest cut tree possible. Older cut trees are dryer and are more susceptible to catching fire than a fresh cut tree. They will also leave fewer needles in your carpet to be vacuumed up after the holidays!

When setting up a tree at home, place it at least three feet away from fireplaces, radiators, space heaters, heating vents and other sources of heat. Be sure to keep the stand filled with water. Make sure your tree stand holds at least 1 gallon of water. As a general rule, stands should provide 1 quart of water per inch of stem diameter. The average 6-foot tree has a 4-inch diameter trunk and can consume as much as 4 quarts or 1 gallon of water per day. Clean water is all that is needed to keep the tree fresh. Do not use additives in the water, such as floral preservatives, molasses, sugar, bleach, soft drinks, aspirin. When selecting a location for the tree, try to avoid heavy traffic areas and do not block doorways. HINT: before bringing the tree into the house, cut ½” to 1” off the bottom of the trunk before putting it in its stand, then use hot water when to fill the stand for the first time. The hot water will help dissolve any sealing pitch open up restrictions so the tree can better “drink” water and transpire that water to its leaves.

Decorative Lighting

Indoors or outdoors, use only those lights that have been tested for safety and are UL approved. Check each set of lights, old or new, for broken or cracked sockets, frayed or loose connections, and throw out damaged sets.

Use no more than three standard-size sets of lights per single extension cord. Never use electric lights on a metallic tree. The tree can become charged with electricity from faulty lights and a person could be electrocuted by touching a branch.

Fasten outdoor lights securely to trees, house walls, or other firm supports. Do not use staples or nails to hang strings of lights. Use hooks or clips designed for hanging light strings.

Turn off lights when you leave the house or go to bed.

For added electric shock protection, plug outdoor electric lights and decorations to a protected ground fault circuit (GFCIs). Portable outdoor GFCIs can be purchased where electrical supplies are sold.

Never use lighted candles on a tree or near evergreens. Always place candles where they will not be knocked down or where small children can reach them.


If you have small children, take special care to avoid decorations that are breakable. Keep trimmings with small removable parts out of the reach of pets and small children to prevent them from swallowing or inhaling them. Avoid tree trimmings that resemble food that may tempt a child or your pets.

Use only non-combustible or flame resistant materials to trim a tree. Choose tinsel or artificial icicles of plastic or non-leaded metals. Leaded materials are hazardous if ingested.

Follow container directions carefully when using snow sprays to avoid lung irritation.

Wear gloves to avoid eye and skin irritation while decorating with spun glass.
Do not burn wrapping papers in the fireplace. A flash fire could result as wrapping paper burns suddenly and intensely. If you plan to hang stockings over your fireplace, do not use the fireplace for fires.

Safe Shopping Tips

These tips will be coming to you in the December/January iss ue of The Message, but I thought it would be useful to post them here as well. Although these tips are particularly useful during the holiday season, you should be mindful of them all year long.

Since crime peaks during the holiday season, it’s important that you learn how to keep yourselves and your loved ones out of harm’s way. Criminals look for the easiest opportunity when deciding where and when to commit a crime. Shoppers, particularly women, can be vulnerable to crimes such as theft, robbery and assault. The following crime prevention tips and recommendations will help you make your holiday shopping a safe and happy experience.

· Be alert and aware of your surroundings at all times. Knowing what is around you can keep you from being surprised, and it also allows you time to react if something appears suspicious.

· Display confidence. Criminals tend to choose a victim who looks like an easy target. That choice is partially based on their perception about your ability to react to an attack. If you walk with purpose, scan the area around you, and make casual eye contact with others around you, you are displaying confidence.

· Trust your instincts. Your body will tell you when someone or some thing is suspicious. If you have an intuitive feeling that something is wrong, do not second-guess yourself. React immediately and take action to reduce your risk.

· Keep a close eye on your children while shopping. Teach your children to go to a store clerk or security guard if they ever get separated from you in a store or mall. Make sure they know their first and last name so they can tell someone who they are. It's best to keep children under four in a stroller. Children in shopping carts should be properly belted and seated in the child carrier area at all times —never let your child stand in or push a shopping cart. If possible, leave your children with a baby-sitter while you are shopping. For holiday shopping, consider making arrangements with family or friends/neighbors, and take turns baby-sitting.

· Carry only what you need. Extra cash, credit cards, checks, jewelry and other items should be left at home. If it is necessary to carry a purse, keep it in front of you and close to your body. Men should keep wallets out of back pockets where they can be easily stolen. Carry wallets in a front coat or pants pocket, or use a money clip as an alternative.

· Don’t be overburdened with packages. Carrying several shopping bags makes you look vulnerable. Request a store to hold your merchandise until you’re finished shopping. If the store does not offer that service, put excess packages in the trunk of your car before you continue shopping.

· Shop with others. The chance of being victimized drops off dramatically when with you are with a companion. If there are three or more people together, the chance of being targeted for crime is 90% less than when you’re alone.

· Ask for an escort. Most retailers and shopping malls have private security personnel on duty, especially during the holidays. Ask them for an escort to your vehicle if you are uncomfortable venturing into the parking lot alone.

· Be prepared. Have your keys in hand when walking to your vehicle. The keys can be used as a defensive weapon and you will not waste time trying to find them while standing outside your vehicle. Carry a whistle or a personal alarm. These devices can alert security personnel and other persons around you that something is wrong.

· Plan ahead. Choose parking areas where lighting is good and activity is high. Keep valuables inside your car out of view, preferably in the trunk or other secure compartment. Make sure you lock your car, and use a Club or other anti-theft device. Most thefts from auto occur on cars that are left unlocked.

Crime Watch: Week of December 3

12/09/06 3200 block Queenstown Dr: Suspect(s) stole auto
12/09/06 2900 block Arundel Rd: Non-aggravated assault arrest
12/09/06 2700 block Allison: Destruction of property
12/09/06 3400 block Newton St: Theft from auto
12/09/06 2700 block Allison St: Suspect(s) stole auto
12/08/06 4200 block 28th St: Suspect(s) stole auto
12/07/06 3200 block Queens Chapel Rd: Theft from business
12/06/06 4000 block 29th St: Theft from auto
12/06/06 4100 block Russell Av: Theft from auto
12/06/06 3800 block 32nd St: Theft from auto
12/05/06 4300 block 28th Pl: Suspect(s) stole auto
12/04/06 3400 block Rhode Island Av: Vandalism to property
12/04/06 4300 block 28th Pl: Theft from auto
12/04/06 3200 block Chillum Rd: Suspects tried to rob victim
12/04/06 2700 block Arundel Rd: Vandalism to auto
12/03/06 3500 block Bunker Hill Rd: Auto fire
12/03/06 3800 block 33rd St: Burglary and CDS arrest
12/03/06 4200 block Russell Av: Warrant Service during vehicle check
12/03/06 4000 block 34th St: Vandalism to auto

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Safety Video

The following safety video was produced by the Broward County Sheriff's Department (Florida) and provides important safety information to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft.

Crime Watch: Week of November 26

12/02/06 4200 block Rainier Ave: Vandalism to auto
12/02/06 4100 block 30th St: Vandalism to auto
12/01/06 3300 block Chauncey Pl: Open warrant served after loitering stop
12/01/06 2300 block Varnum St: Suspects attempt commercial robbery
12/01/06 3400 block Rhode Island Av: Suspect cited for drinking in pubic
11/29/06 3100 block Queens Chapel Rd: Suspect arrested after citizen robbery
11/29/06 4200 Russell Av: Vandalism to auto
11/28/06 4200 block Rainier Av: Theft from auto
11/28/06 3300 block Chillum Rd: Vandalism to commercial business
11/28/06 3200 block Perry St: Theft from residential home
11/28/06 4100 block 34th St: House fire
11/27/06 3300 block Rhode Island Av: Suspect cited for drinking in public
11/26/06 4700 block 27th St: Theft from residential apartment
11/26/06 4400 block 28th St: Theft from auto
11/26/06 4000 block 33rd St: Theft of auto

Friday, December 01, 2006

Fraud Alert

I received this information via e-mail this morning. This is why I like to get holiday gift cards from my bank.

Crooks have found a way to rob you of your gift card balance. If you buy gift cards from a display rack that has various store cards, you may become a victim of theft. Crooks jot down the card numbers in the store and then wait a few days and call to see how much of a balance they have on the card. Once they find the card is "activated", they go online and start shopping. You may want to purchase your card(s) from the store's customer service window where the gift cards are not viewable by the public.

For more information on this scam, check out the information on

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Crime Watch: Week of November 19

11/24/06 3200 block Varnum St: Suspect arrested and served with warrant
11/24/06 3800 block 31st St: Theft from auto
11/24/06 3300 block Chillum Rd: Petty theft from business
11/24/06 3800 block34th St: Commercial armed robbery
11/23/06 28th & Taylor Sts: Theft from auto
11/23/06 4500 block 30th St: Unknown suspects rob victim
11/23/06 3700 block 36th St: Unknown suspects rob delivery person
11/22/06 4200 block Kaywood Dr: Theft from auto
11/22/06 4200 block 28th St: Theft from auto
11/22/06 4100 block Russell Av: Unknown suspect(s) stole auto
11/22/06 2300 block Varnum St: Commercial armed robbery
11/22/06 2800 block Taylor St: Vandalism to auto
11/20/06 3400 Rhode Island Av: Carjacking by gunpoint

Monday, November 20, 2006

Crime Watch: Week of November 12

11/18/06 3700 block 35th St: 2nd Degree assault by three suspects
11/18/06 4300 block Russell Av: Citizen strong-arm robbery
11/18/06 3500 block 34th St: Stolen auto
11/18/06 3300 block Otis St: Vandalism to auto
11/18/06 2300 block Varnum Rd: Theft from auto
11/18/06 3400 block Rhode Island Av: Defendant arrested for possession crack cocaine
11/17/06 3600 block Perry St: Theft from a tow truck driver
11/17/06 3400 block Rhode Island Av: Citizen robbery by 4 suspects
11/16/06 3200 block Chillum Rd: Attempt 2nd degree rape
11/16/06 4300 block Russell Av: Theft from auto
11/16/06 3400 block Shepherd St: Suspect(s) broke into victim’s home, laptop stolen
11/14/06 4200 block 30th St: Victim bitten by dog - no serious injury
11/12/06 2900 block Arundel Rd: Three males cited for alcohol in public
11/12/06 3700 block 36th St: Property damaged by suspect(s)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Have You Seen This Guy?

The Mount Rainier Police Department would like your help in locating the individual pictured below. He is identified as Eric Xavier Teachey, an African American male with black hair, brown eyes, about 5'10" tall and 145 lbs. We have an open arrest warrant charging him in two commercial burglaries of a business on Rhode Island Avenue, and we believe he may be responsible in at least four others on RI Avenue and 34th Street.

If you know Mr. Teachey's whereabouts or if you see him on the street, please call Mount Rainier Police Communications at 301-985-6565 or 6566. Please do not attempt to stop or confront him, just call us immediately and let us know where you last saw him and as much of a description of him as possible. Please be detailed with clothing descriptions, and if he is in a vehicle, the make model, color, license plate number and last direction of travel.

Chat With The Chief

Beginning Monday December 4th, residents and other interested individuals will have a monthly opportunity to meet with me to discuss issues affecting public safety, police and other City services, or any other matter you feel the need to get off your chest. I have arranged with Dyrell Madison to use the Artmosphere Cafe on the first Monday of each month betwen 7 and 9 PM for these meetings. So come on out, bring your thoughts and ideas, and have a chat with the Chief.

New Police Cruiser In Service

Our new police cruiser, purchased with monies received from the County Executive's Livable Communities Grant, is now on the road! This new vehicle is assigned to Corporal Vic Kenworthy as he patrols both Mount Rainier and the Town of Brentwood. It is a visible symbol of our cooperative relationship with the residents and businesses of Brentwood as "Partners In Community Policing."

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

E-mail Us Your Crime Tips

Remember this e-mail address:

The police department and the City's code enforcement officers need your help! We have established the above e-mail address so that residents can confidentially e-mail us information they may have about crime suspects, suspicious persons, suspected criminal activity or the existence of nuisances and other code enforcement concerns. Please let us know anything that you think will help solve an ongoing problem or prevent a future one. Even if you think your suspicions or information would not amount to much - you never know. The infamous Son of Sam was identified from a parking ticket.

Remember, details are important: names, detailed descriptions of people and motor vehicles (tag numbers!), locations, times - as much as you know, or think you know.

This e-mail account will be monitored daily by the Chief and our Operations Commander, LT Jimmy Stoots. The origin of any information will not be divulged to anyone outside the police department, so your identity will always be protected.

Crime Watch: Week of November 5

11/10/06 4500 block 31st St: 2nd degree arson to auto
11/10/06 3100 block Taylor St: Vandalism to auto
11/10/06 3800 block 34th St: Commercial burglary
11/10/06 35th & Rhode Island Av: Armed suspects assault and rob victim
11/10/06 Buchanan St & Chillum Rd: Suspect cited for drug paraphernalia
11/10/06 3510 Rhode Island Av: Unknown suspect(s) break into church
11/10/06 4300 block Kaywood Dr: Arrest for domestic assault
11/09/06 Police Headquarters: Open warrant served
11/08/06 4200 block 31st St: Vandalism to auto
11/08/06 4300 block 28th Pl: Vandalism to auto
11/07/06 4200 block 28th St: Vandalism to auto
11/08/06 One Municipal Pl: Citation issued for alcohol in public
11/08/06 3200 block Arundel Rd: Traffic stop, citations issued for open alcohol
11/07/06 2700 block Arundel Rd: Ten teens removed from vacant apartment
11/07/06 3200 block Varnum St: Theft of auto
11/07/06 4300 block 31St: Domestic call, recovered handgun for safekeeping
11/06/06 3200 block Perry St: Unknown suspect(s) damage auto
11/06/06 4200 block 28th St: Theft from auto
11/06/06 3400 block Rhode Island Av: Juvenile advised against entering business
11/06/06 3800 block 37th St: Property loss during residential break and enter
11/06/06 4200 block Russell Av: Domestic call, open warrant served
11/05/06 3300 block Rhode Island Av: Commercial burglary
11/05/06 2700 block Webster St: Unknown suspect(s) slash auto tires
11/05/06 3800 block 34th St: Unknown suspects break into church
11/05/06 4100 block 32nd St: Unknown suspect(s) damage auto

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Crime Watch: Week of October 29

11/04/06 3600 block 34th St: Attempted traffic stop, suspect caught by DC K-9 unit
11/03/06 4200 block 28th St: Unknown suspects attempt to steal vehicle
11/03/06 2500 block Queens Chapel Rd: Physical fight between family members
11/02/06 3300 block Chauncey Pl: Unknown suspects cause damage to auto
11/01/06 3200 block Rhode Island Av: Arrestee was causing a disturbance
10/31/06 4200 block Russell Av: Destruction to property
10/31/06 3400 block Rhode Island Av: Arrestee charged after brandishing knife in public
10/31/06 4000 block 34th St: Vandalism to auto
10/31/06 3300 block Chauncy Pl: Two suspects issued citations for alcohol in public
10/31/06 3700 block 34th St: Theft from auto
10/30/06 3400 block Rhode Island Av: Unknown suspect(s) break and enter business
10/29/06 3300 block Buchanan St: Attempt theft of auto
10/29/06 3100 block Queens Chapel Rd: Vandalism to auto
10/29/06 3200 block Rhode Island Av: Vandalism to auto
10/29/06 2700 block Allison St: Theft of auto

Monday, October 30, 2006

Crime Watch: Week of October 22nd

10/28/06 3300 block Chillum Rd: Suspect questioned after stating he had weapon
10/28/06 4100 Russell Av: Unknown suspect(s) break and enter victim’s apartment
10/27/06 3100 block Queens Chapel Rd: Subject cited for sleeping in vacant apartment
10/27/06 3500 Bunker Hill Rd: Emergency petition for transport to hospital
10/27/06 3500 block Rhode Island Av: Arrestee cited for open alcohol
10/26/06 3800 block 34th St: Stolen vehicle report
10/25/06 3300 block Rhode Island Av: Vandalism to auto
10/24/06 4300 block 28th Pl: Theft of property by breaking and entering
10/23/06 4200 block 28th St: Suspect robs victim of money and property
10/23/06 3100 block Webster St: Unknown suspect(s) damaged vehicle
10/22/06 2700 block Queens Chapel Rd: Strong-arm robbery by carjacking suspect

Monday, October 23, 2006

Vehicle Lookout

On October 14th at about 11 a.m. a black Honda Accord was taken in a carjacking from the Cypress Creek apartment complex. After the carjacking a silver 4-door Dodge Stratus was seeing fleeing the area with the black Honda Accord.

Since October 14th, both of these vehicle have been involved in several persons crimes in the District I area, including Mount Rainier, the latest occurring this afternoon.

The black Honda Accord is displaying Maryland registration plates MPH 085, and the Dodge Stratus is displaying DC tags BL 3715.

Anyone observing either of these vehicles is encouraged to immediately call police at 301-985-6565/6566.

Crime Watch - Week of October 15

10/21/06 2900 block Allison St: Assault 1st degree after suspect displayed handgun
10/20/06 3100 block Queens Chapel Rd: Theft from auto
10/20/06 3500 block 37th St: Theft – pocket book snatch
10/20/06 4000 block 30th St: Vandalism to auto
10/19/06 3600 block Oak Lane: Abduction/rape
10/19/06 36th & Perry St: Citizen robbed by unknown suspect(s)
10/19/06 3800 block 34th St: Strong-arm robbery by carjacking suspect
10/17/06 3200 block Rhode Island Av: Assault on a police officer by public drinking suspect
10/17/06 4300 block Kaywood Dr: Theft from auto
10/16/06 3400 block Rhode Island Av: Breaking and entering commercial business
10/16/06 3400 block Rhode Island Av: Strong-arm robbery by unknown suspect(s)
10/16/06 3200 block Queens Chapel Rd: Theft of vehicle
10/15/06 3500 block Rhode Island Av: Suspect(s) broke into home to steal property
10/15/06 3200 block Chillum Rd: Theft of vehicle
10/15/06 4100 block 30th St: Suspect robbed victim with handgun
10/15/06 4300 block 28th Pl: Subject taken in custody after driving stolen vehicle
10/15/06 4300 block Rhode Island Av: After stop arrestee found to have warrant
10/15/06 3300 block Arundel Rd: Vandalism to auto
10/15/06 3400 block Rhode Island Av: Car impounded because of suspended license

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Crime Watch: Week of October 8

10/14/06 4105 block Russell Av: Theft of auto
10/14/06 4500 30th St: Theft of bike
10/14/06 3300 Chauncey Pl: Arrestee found to have open warrant
10/14/06 4200 block Russell Av: Unknown suspect(s) steal auto
10/14/06 3400 Rhode Island Av: Subject attempted to cash fraudulent check
10/13/06 2900 block Allison St: Theft from auto
10/13/06 3100 block Queens Chapel Rd: Arrestee found to have crack cocaine
10/13/06 3200 Chillum Rd: Juvenile missing report filed
10/11/06 3300 block Chauncey Rd: Unknown suspect(s) broke into coin machine
10/10/06 2200 block Varnum St: Subject arrested on open warrant
10/10/06 4200 block Russell Av: Theft from auto
10/09/06 3300 block Chauncey Pl: Arrestees were trespassing in vacant apt
10/09/06 3700 block 35th St: Call to fight- subject arrested on open warrant
10/09/06 1 Municipal Pl: Subject cited for drinking in public
10/09/06 3000 block Arundel: Unknown suspects steal auto and rob victim
10/08/06 4300 block 28th Pl: Citizen armed robbery

Friday, October 13, 2006

Crime Watch: Week of October 1

10/07/06 3700 block 37th St: Victim reported residential breaking and entering
10/07/06 2200 block Varnum Rd: Armed carjacking at gunpoint
10/07/06 3200 Perry St: Suspects attempt fight with victim on property
10/06/06 4100 block Russell Av: Suspects rob victim after entering car
10/06/06 3300 block Chauncey Pl: Individual arrested for trespassing after warning to vacate
10/06/06 3900 block Perry St: Vehicle towed because driver’s license suspended
10/06/06 3400 block Rhode Island Av: 2nd break in attempt at commercial business
10/05/06 4100 block Utah (Brentwood): Arrest for open warrant after suspicious vehicle stop
10/05/06 3200 block Rhode Island Av: Attempt break in at commercial business
10/05/06 3400 block Rhode Island Av: Unknown suspect(s) break into business
10/05/06 2900 block Allison St: Unknown suspect(s) threw stone through window
10/05/06 4000 block 34th St: Unknown suspect removed window to business
10/05/06 3310 Chillum Rd: Suspect stole food from 7-11
10/04/06 Oak Lane & Otis St: Towed abandoned vehicle with heavy damage
10/03/06 4200 block Rainier Av: Victim assaulted while parking car in front of home
10/03/06 4200 block 30th St: Theft from auto
10/02/06 3700 block Wells Av: City computer property recovered
10/02/06 3400 block Rhode Island Av: Suspect arrested for drinking in public
10/01/06 3300 block Chauncey Pl: Intoxicated suspect arrested for disturbance
10/01/06 4700 25th St: Police called for domestic standby
10/01/06 3400 block Rhode Island Av: Theft of bicycle
10/01/06 25th & Queens Chapel Rd: Vehicle towed since driver’s license suspended

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Chief Scott Interview On Fox 5

I was interviewed by Fox 5's Karen Gray Houston last week regarding our proactive checks of sex offenders who live in the City. It was aired on the 5 o'clock edition but not at 10. If you missed it, here is a link to the full story on Fox 5's web site. Warning, you will have to watch a short advertising video before the story begins.

Chief's Report To Mayor & Council - October 2006


The yearly totals that now include the month of September 2006 showed an overall increase of 7.83% over the same period last year. This increase in our overall crime rate is still being driven by increases in robberies (up 139%) and aggravated assaults (up 37%). These are preliminary numbers compiled for this report only, and may be revised as we review crime data for our September UCR submission. Final figures should be available after October 7th.


As of the date of this report, we have filled four of our six vacancies. We have two applicants for the two remaining vacancies, and we are moving along with their background investigation process.

OFC Mike Halterlein is in his last week of field training, and I anticipate that he will be released to independent patrol as of Friday October 6th. OFC Crystal Goldring has completed her firearms training with the Prince George’s Municipal police academy. We are still awaiting a return from the FBI on her criminal background check. This is the only remaining obstacle to her being certified by the Maryland Police Training Commission and assigned to field training. OFC Kirk Banton has received his certification from the MPTC and has been assigned to field training under the supervision of SGT Williams and PFC Herriott. OFC Aaron Wilson has been assigned to assist CPL Kenworthy in our Brentwood Community Policing project until he reaches the age of 21 later this month.

We have hired Ms. Devonna Reddick as a police officer candidate effective October 2nd. Ms. Reddick is scheduled to enter the Prince George’s Municipal police academy on October 25th to begin her basic entrance level training. Until that date, she will serve as a parking enforcement officer for the City.

Our focused enforcement efforts in the Perry/Otis Street sector (which includes the City Hall Plaza) were successful in reducing the number of complaints and the reduction of robberies during the busy weekend crime times. As of September 30th, we will discontinue this CSAFE overtime detail and refocus our efforts in the 3300 block of Chillum Road and the Kaywood apartment complex. These areas have seen an increase in citizen robberies (3300 block of Chillum Road) and vandalism (Kaywood) over the past month.

We have revised our Team Policing assignments to reflect our staffing changes, and we have added a new Team Policing area, Team 3, which encompasses the Town of Brentwood. CPL Kenworthy is, of course, the team leader for Brentwood and he’s temporarily assisted by OFC Wilson. SGT Malley retains his assignment as problem oriented policing coordinator.

Effective Monday October 10th, our full time parking enforcement officer, Mike Davis, will become one of the City’s new Code Enforcement officers. The City Manager and I have agreed that Mr. Davis will continue to work parking enforcement, primarily on weekends, and also be responsible for collecting coins from all the City’s parking meters on Wednesdays. We will move to advertise and hire a new full time parking enforcement officer in the very near future. We are also finalizing the background investigation on a candidate for the administrative aide position. This position should be filled within the next two weeks.

As I reported to the Mayor & Council last month, we continue to operate at minimum staffing levels and will continue to do so at least through the fall. We will maintain scheduling with one supervisor and two officers on nights and one officer on days.

Vehicle Fleet/Budget Issues:

At the September 5th Council meeting, the Mayor & Council authorized a resolution to dispose of four police vehicles that are no longer serviceable for police patrol operations. These four vehicles were auctioned by Colonial Auction on September 23rd, and were sold for a combined $878. At the end of the first quarter of FY07 we are approximately 31% spent in our vehicle maintenance and repair line item.

After a wait of over six months, we anticipate taking possession of our 2007 Chevy Trailblazer by Friday October 6th. This vehicle was purchased with FY06 funds and will replace the department’s 1988 Jeep Cherokee. Once the Trailblazer is finally delivered, the Jeep will be used as a parking enforcement vehicle. We still anticipate delivery of the two FY07 funded police vehicles by the end of November.


Beginning in the month of September, the Chief’s Blog will now run a weekly listing of crime and arrest activities. This info will be posted by Tuesday of each week and will include incidents that occurred during the previous week (Sunday through Saturday). I have also begun to include my monthly report to the Mayor & Council and my monthly Message article on the Blog as well. I will be sending the final monthly crime statistics to our Webmaster for inclusion on the City’s web site.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Crime Watch: Week of September 24

10/02/06 3400 block Rhode Island Ave: Citation issued for drinking in public
10/01/06 25th & Queens Chapel Rd: Traffic violation caused vehicle impound
10/01/06 3400 block Rhode Island Ave: Suspect stole bike while victim shopped
10/01/06 4700 block 25th St: Domestic dispute requiring police assistance
10/1/06 3200 block Rhode Island Ave: Unknown suspect(s) stole tools from vehicle
10/01/06 3300 block Chauncy Pl: Suspect arrested for intoxication in public
09/29/06 2700 block Allison St: Suspect ran up to victim and snatched purse
09/29/06 3400 block Rhode Island Ave: Suspect cited for urinating in public
09/28/06 31St & Upshur St: Suspect arrested driving stolen vehicle
09/28/06 4200 block 28th St: Vandalism and theft from auto
09/28/06 3100 block Perry St: Victim reports threat from acquaintance
09/27/06 3300 block Chauncy Pl: Juvenile arrested and released to parent
09/26/06 3400 block Newton Pl: Citizen armed robbery by two males
09/26/06 3100 block Queens Chapel R: Suspect arrested for crack cocaine
09/26/06 3300 block Chillum Rd: Arrest for violation of a protection order
09/26/06 3700 block 37th St: Theft from work vehicle overnight
09/26/06 2200 block Varnum St: Suspect accused of theft of forged checks
09/24/06 3200 block Rhode Island Ave: Arrest for disorderly conduct in public
09/24/06 3200 Queenstown Dr: Co-worker steals property during overnight stay
09/24/06 3600 block Oak Lane: Victim chases and recovers stolen vehicle

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Crime Watch: Week of September 17th

9/23/06 4300 block Russell Ave: Vandalism to auto by unknown persons
9/23/06 33rd St & Perry St: Suspect arrested for alcohol and disorderly conduct
9/22/06 3300 Rhode Island Ave: Traffic stop, driver arrested driving stolen car/no license
9/21/06 3600 block Perry St: Victim assaulted by juveniles during encounter
9/21/06 2310 Varnum S: Suspect snatched and ran with chips from 7-11 store
9/21/06 3210 Chillum Rd: Subject checked for suspicious activity in parking lot
9/21/06 3100 Queenstown Dr: Unknown suspect(s) rob and ransack apartment
9/21/06 3000 Queens Chapel Rd: Unknown suspect(s) steal vehicle overnight
9/20/06 3300 block Buchanan St: Victim reports suspect breaking into auto
9/20/06 4200 Kaywood Dr: Victim reports vehicle stolen – arrest made in DC
9/20/06 Buchanan St: Two individuals issued citations for drinking beer in public
9/19/06 3210 Queens Chapel Rd: Citizen robbed while walking from 7-11 store at 3 am
9/19/06 3300 block Buchanan St: Suspect(s) steal items and cause damage to auto
9/19/06 Taylor St.: Mutual aid/warrant service – suspect arrested for B&E
9/17/06 4400 block 28th Pl: Unknown suspect(s) broke into residence stole property
9/17/06 4000 block 34th St: Suspect(s) smash window of commercial business
9/17/06 37th & Perry St: Suspicious person report filed by neighbors
9/16/06 3400 block Eastern Ave: Individual arrested after domestic dispute
9/16/06 4000 block 34th St: Complaint of juveniles on power scooters
9/16/06 3700 block Wells Ave: Person arrested for possession of a controlled substance

Monday, September 18, 2006

Crime Watch: August 1st - September 16th

08/01/06 Allison & 30th St: Unknown suspect(s) stole bike from residence

08/01/06 30th & Shepherd St: Attempt theft of vehicle in front of residence

08/02/06 4000 block 32nd St: Stolen property from residence

08/02/06 Buchanan St & Queens Town Dr: Victim assaulted crossing field 8:30pm

08/04/06 3000 block Taylor St: Residential break in – stolen bicycle

08/04/06 3400 block Newton St: Carjacking at approximately 1:30 am

08/04/06 4300 block 28th Place: Burglary by unknown suspect(s)

08/04/06 3600 Eastern Ave: Suspect was found to be in possession of heroin

08/04/06 4205 Eastern Ave: Suspect arrested for disorderly conduct at 9:30 pm

08/05/06 3300 block Chauncey Pl: Strong-arm robbery by suspect on bike

08/05/06 3100 block Upshur St: Unknown suspect(s) vandalized auto at 5:30 am

2400 block Chillum Rd: Warrant served on suspect who fled from police

08/05/06 4000 block 33rd St: Vehicle stolen from in front of residence at 9:30 pm

08/06/06 4400 block of 30th St: Unknown suspect(s) vandalized truck at 7:30 pm

08/07/06 4700 block of 31st St: Unknown suspect(s) stole vehicle overnight

08/07/06 Rear of 3100 Queens Chapel Rd: Destruction of property overnight

08/09/06 Allison St & 34th: Strong-arm robbery by group of males at 8:35 pm

08/09/06 4200 block 28th St: Unknown suspect(s) stole vehicle overnight

08/10/06 4100 block 31st : Two suspects found removing scrap metal from building

08/11/06 3200 Queenstown Dr: Two suspects arrested for driving stolen auto

08/11/06 3200 block Rhode Island Ave: Two suspects attempted to sell air conditioning unit

08/11/06 4400 block 28th Pl: Unknown suspect(s) stole vehicle overnight

08/12/06 3100 Queens Chapel Rd: Unknown suspect(s) steal property from commercial store

08/11/06 29th & Allison St: Two suspects cause 2nd degree assault on victim

08/13/06 4100 block 31st : Four or five suspects vandalize vehicle at 4:30 am

08/13/06 2500 block Arundel Rd: Vehicle stolen overnight

08/13/06 3500 block Newton Pl: Armed carjacking at 1:12 am

08/14/06 4600 block 29th St: Unknown suspect slashed two tires on auto at 6:45pm

08/21/06 4200 block 34th St: Unknown suspect(s) damaged vehicle at 7:00 pm

08/24/06 Rear of 4600 29th St: Unknown suspect(s) vandalized vehicle overnight

3200 block Queenstown Dr: Unknown suspect(s) stole vehicle at 10:54pm

08/28/06 4200 block Kaywood Dr: Unknown suspect(s) vandalize vehicle 5:26 am

08/28/06 3200 Bunker Hill Rd: Armed robbery of pizza driver at 9:30 pm

08/29/06 3400 Rhode Island Ave: Strong armed robbery by two suspects at 4:30 pm

08/29/06 4300 block 28th Pl: Armed robbery by suspect at 9:03 pm

08/30/06 4300 28th Pl: Suspect arrested for false imprisonment/assault at 11:46 pm

08/30/06 3300 Chillum Rd: Theft at 7/11 store by four unknown males at 03:04 am

08/30/06 2700 Allison St: Unknown suspect(s) stole vehicle overnight

08/30/06 3200 Rhode Island Ave: Arrest made for open warrant served at 2:13 pm

08/31/06 Upshur & 28th Pl: Armed robbery by suspect at 6:22 am

4400 block 28th Pl: Armed robbery by suspect at 6:36 am

08/31/06 3200 block Chillum Rd: Residential burglary by two suspects of abandoned apartment

09/01/06 2700 block Webster St: Unknown suspect(s) vandalize auto at 08:05 am

09/01/06 4300 block 28th St: Unknown suspect(s) vandalize auto at 1100 pm

09/01/06 3400 Rhode Island Ave: Unknown suspect(s) broke window to commercial office

09/02/06 3800 block 31st: Four suspects break into victims Jeep at 4:55 pm

09/03/06 4200 block Russell Ave: Unknown suspects attempt to steal vehicle at 10:00 pm

09/03/06 3400 block Otis St: Unknown suspect(s) carjack vehicle with weapon at 12:03 am

09/05/06 3200 Otis St: Unknown suspect(s) break window in commercial establishment around 5:35 am

09/05/06 4604 29th St: Unknown suspect(s) vandalize vehicle overnight

09/06/06 3500 Newton Pl: 1st degree assault by unknown suspect armed with gun 10:30 pm

09/06/06 3300 Rhode Island Ave: Suspect arrested for attempted theft at commercial store at 7:18 pm

09/06/06 34th & Rhode Island Ave: Citizen robbery by five suspects at 3:14 am

09/07/06 3300 Chillum Rd: Suspect arrested on open warrant at 2:43 am

09/07/06 4000 32nd St: Unknown suspect(s) vandalize vehicle overnight

09/07/06 4300 28th Pl: Attempted stolen vehicle recovered at 2:26 am

09/08/06 3400 block Rhode Island Ave: Suspect cited for drinking and urinating in public

09/08/06 3400 block Rhode Island Ave: Citizen robbery by six to eight suspects at 8:58 pm

09/08/06 2900 block Allison St: Vehicle stolen from apartment parking lot at 7:16 pm

09/08/06 3500 Rhode Island Ave: Unknown suspect(s) steal equipment from truck around 11:17 pm

09/09/06 4200 Eastern Ave: Victim’s front door broken and items stolen overnight

09/09/06 3500 Newton St: Suspect(s) attempt to steal vehicle – two juveniles arrested at 11:29 pm

09/09/06 4200 block 28th St: Vehicle broken into and tools and papers taken

09/09/06 3400 Newton St: Carjacking 1st degree assault at 6:56 pm

09/10/06 4200 31St: Two bicycles were taken from an enclosed porch overnight

09/11/06 34th & Rainier Ave: Three suspects show knife and rob victim at 3:00 pm

09/13/06 3300 block Buchanan St: Vehicle broken into – stolen radio

09/13/06 3300 block Chillum Rd: Suspect stopped for warrant service

09/14/06 4205 30th St: Vehicle broken into – valuables over $500

09/14/06 Rear of 3302 Otis St: Unknown suspect(s) broke victim’s window

09/14/06 3116 Varnum St: Juveniles followed girls home from bus stop to fight

09/16/06 3400 block Eastern Ave: Person arrested after domestic dispute

09/16/06 4000 block 34th St: Complaint of juveniles on power scooters

09/16/06 3700 block Wells Ave: Person arrested for controlled substance

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Report To Mayor & Council - September 2006


In my June report to Mayor & Council I talked about the status of vacancies in the police department. At that time we had six vacancies and I had anticipated filling at least four of those by August 1st. Regrettably, I did not achieve this goal. As of the date of this report, we have filled only three of our six vacancies. We have three applicants for the remaining vacancies, all of whom are recent graduates of the Prince George’s County Municipal Police Academy. We are moving along with their background investigation process.

Two of the three officers we have just hired will be sworn in at the September 5th Council meeting – Officers Crystal Goldring and Kirk Banton. Our third new officer, Aaron Wilson is scheduled to start on September 5th. He cannot be sworn in until the November Council meeting because he will not reach the age of 21 until October 25th and is therefore ineligible for police officer status until after that date.

Officer Michael Halterlein will also be sworn in on September 5th. Officer Halterlein has completed his comparative compliance training and is now certified by the State and has started field training. Because of his prior experience with the Kansas City, Missouri police, I am confident that he will be able to successfully complete his FTO period in the minimum time required.

Although we have cut our vacancy level in half, we continue to operate at minimum staffing levels and will continue to do so at least through the fall. Due to the increased number of complaints in the Perry/Otis Street sector (which includes the City Hall Plaza) we are using CSAFE Community Policing overtime funds to put two officers on focused enforcement in the area on Friday and Saturday nights between 8 PM and 1 AM. We will do this at least through the end of September when we will reassess the need to continue this overtime assignment.

We have discontinued using temporary employees to fill our administrative position in Records. We have two applicants for this vacant position, both of whom are bilingual (English/Spanish). Once the necessary background checks are completed, we will move to hire one of the applicants to fill the administrative position.

Vehicle Fleet/Budget Issues:

At the September 5th Council meeting, the Mayor & Council will be asked to authorize a resolution to dispose of four police vehicles that are no longer serviceable for police patrol operations. Our fleet is now at its lowest level in many years, and our remaining vehicles are now requiring an increased level of maintenance and repair. The average age of the marked fleet is 8.6 years, with an average mileage approaching 80,000. We have already spent in more than 20% of our FY07 maintenance budget as of September 1st. When we finally get to the point of being fully staffed this fall, we will be two vehicles short of being able to assign one vehicle per patrol officer.

We have ordered the new police vehicles approved in the FY07 budget, and we are expecting them to be delivered in 60 to 90 days. Although the FY07 budget allowed for two new marked vehicles, the dollar amount allocated ($10,000) was insufficient to fund the purchase. In order to accomplish the goal, I consulted with the City Manager and the Treasurer and reallocated $4,500 from CIP monies approved for the purchase of a laser speed-measuring device. Funds for the laser will now have to come out of our ITF drug funds.

These two vehicles will not result in an overall net increase in our marked patrol fleet. Two of the vehicles being disposed of are unmarked administrative vehicles, and we are not authorized to replace either of these unmarked vehicles this fiscal year. LT Stoots therefore will have to remain assigned to a marked vehicle although his command position has historically rated an unmarked vehicle. It is my most urgent request that any additional funds that may come available be earmarked for police vehicle acquisition.


The yearly totals that now include the month of July 2006 showed an overall decrease of 1.62% over the same period last year. In my last written report, at the end of June, we were up 6.1%. Our major crime concerns continue to be robberies and aggravated assaults. Considering our reduced staffing level, I am pleased with our officers’ efforts in working to reduce overall crime in the City. We have made several arrests involving individuals who we believe have committed a large number of street/citizen robberies both in Mt. Rainier and in surrounding jurisdictions. We are in the process of working with Prince George’s County Police detectives to tie these individuals to additional victims.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Scam Alert!

This morning, a citizen called A/LT Stoots and advised him that she had received a call from a telephone solicitor who stated that he was raising money for the Mount Rainier Police injured officers fund.

Both the Mount Rainier Police Department and the Mount Rainier Fraternal Order of Police were unaware that such a solicitation was being conducted, and neither the Department nor the FOP has authorized any company or organization to solicit contributions for any purpose.

Should you receive a call from anyone asking for contributions to this bogus charity, please do not pledge them any money or give them your credit card or other personal information.

Please pass this information along to your neighbors and any City mailing list to which you subscribe.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Chief's Remarks

Below is the text of my remarks on the occasion of my swearing in as your Chief of Police:

For the last four of my 31 years in law enforcement I have served the Mt. Rainier Police Department in a variety of positions, both civilian and sworn. In all the positions I’ve held, from accounts payable, to Records Manager, First Sergeant and Lieutenant, I have been successful in engaging the loyalty and respect of the men and women of the Department. As a police commander, I have always demanded a high level of professionalism and service to the community, and have worked diligently to ingrain a strong community policing philosophy into our operations. These two qualities, professionalism and community service are the foundation of effective relationships with all those, both within and outside our community, who have a stake in ensuring the safety and quality of life of our residents.

As your newly sworn police chief, I look forward to improving the department’s sense of “community” as it goes about its daily task of providing public safety services. I look forward to refining the Department’s working partnership with Mayor Miles, our individual Council members, Ms. Wallace, Mr. Booth, Mr. Smith, our Code Enforcement officers, and our Public Works staff. I look forward to developing and refining those critical relationships with our residents, business owners, and faith based groups that will enable us to continue to improve the quality of life for all of us here in Mt. Rainier. All of us have a role in ensuring public safety by caring for our community.

When I submitted my resume in application for the Chief’s position, I wrote to Ms. Wallace that it would be my privilege to serve the City of Mt. Rainier as its Chief of Police. I am deeply grateful that Ms. Wallace appointed me to this job, and honored that the Mayor & Council unanimously approved her decision. It is indeed a privilege to be your Chief, and I commit to you that I will do my best each and every day to earn the trust you have placed in me. It is without question that on my watch, we will maintain an efficient, well managed, honest and ethical police department.

I would like to take the time to thank the men and women of the MRPD for the work they do every day, and especially thank them for their support. Since I first came to be employed by the Mt. Rainier Police Department, back in the summer of 2002, many officers have encouraged me to seek the position to which I have now been appointed. I remember clearly the first time this suggestion came up. It was during a conversation with former SGT Eddie Murphy that first summer right outside the old police station. My advice to SGT Murphy then, and to others since: “Be careful what you wish for!”

Thank you.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Vigilance Really Does Work

This is how it's supposed to work:

Last Thursday at about 10 AM, I was patrolling in the neighborhood of 29th and Taylor Streets when Communications dispatched a call for a suspicious looking individual walking up and down 29th Street. The caller was concerned that he was possibly "casing" the neighborhood for an opportunity to break into a house or a parked vehicle. The person who called in the complaint did not give their name, only that they lived on 29th Street.

The caller gave a good description of the individual, and when Communications broadcast the lookout, I realized that I had just passed him on the street not two minutes before. I immediately drove around the block and saw the individual walking down 29th towards Webster. After a short period of disagreement on his part as to whether or not he should stop and talk with me, I was finally able to get his identification and call in a wanted check. Several minutes passed, and as we waited, he tried to convince me that he was just in the area to visit relatives, although he could not remember exactly where they lived, and came up with a few equally dubious reasons for being on 29th Street that morning. I was not terribly suprised when Communications notified me that he was wanted in Prince William County Virginia on an oustanding, extraditable warrant for auto theft! The man was arrested and processed, and is on his way back to Virginia to face his outstanding auto theft charges.

Thanks are due to the resident who called and notified us of this suspicious individual. His/her vigilence may have saved a neighbor from coming home to find their home burglarized or their vehicle stolen, and helped us get one more wanted person off the streets of Mt. Rainier.
The best crime prevention tool is a good neighbor!

Friday, June 09, 2006

New Mt. Rainier Chief of Police Appointed

June 9, 2006

Michael E. Scott appointed Chief of Police

Chief Michael Scott has served with the Mount Rainier Police since August of 2002. After serving as the Acting Chief since January 2006, City Manager Jeannelle Wallace appointed him as the Chief with the full support of the Mayor and Council. Prior to coming to Mt. Rainier, Chief Scott served with the Maryland-National Capital Park Police, Montgomery County Division, from 1975 until his retirement as Support Services Branch Commander in 1997. After his retirement from active duty, he continued to serve with the Park Police as their computer operations and network manager before coming to MRPD in 2002.

With over 30 years in police work, Chief Scott has acquired extensive supervisory and command experience, along with advanced training in liability management through the Local Government Insurance Trust, police ethics and community policing. He participated in the development of “Leadership ‘96,” an award-winning leadership program that received the Washington-Metropolitan Area Council of Governments “Training Program of the Year” award in 1997, and is also a graduate of that program. Chief Scott is a 2005 graduate of the FBI’s Law Enforcement Executive Development Program.

Chief Scott was born in Washington, DC and grew up on Eastern Avenue in Takoma Park. He currently resides in Mitchellville with his 8-year-old son Matthew.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Veterans Personal Information Stolen

In May 2006, The Department of veterans Affairs (VA) discovered that personal information for over 26 million veterans and their spouses was stolen during a robbery at the home of a VA data analyst. The stolen information includes names, social security numbers, disability ratings and dates of birth of veterans who have retired since 1972. Because the stolen information could support large scale identity theft, the VA will send letters to those veterans and their families whose information was stolen. The VA is advising that anyone receiving a notification letter should consider placing a fraud alert on their credit files. This will alert creditors to verify applicant information before opening or changing any accounts. Additionally, the VA has established a dedicated toll free telephone number, 1-800-333-4636, in order to answer victim's questions. Possible victims should also be advised to contact the affected financial institutions and to file a report with the Federal Trade Commission at or by calling 1-877-438-4338.

Friday, June 02, 2006

UPDATE - Suspicious Person

Over the past week or so the police department has been receiving reports of a suspicious person knocking on doors late in the evening. This individual has apparently tried to talk his way into homes, and although purporting to sell home alarm systems, did not identify himself as an authorized salesperson for any alarm company.

Our investigation into these incidents revealed that there is one individual who is a legitimate salesperson for Honeywell home security systems who has been operating in the residential areas of the City. He has been identified as Mr. Jared Arcus, and as of May 31st, the City has issued him a Solicitor’s Permit. His permit is valid through December 31st, 2006.

Now, just because we have identified this one individual as being a legitimate solicitor, a word of caution is in order. Residents must still be wary when individuals come to their door whom they do not know and whom they do not expect. Never let anyone into your home unless they produce valid identification (examine it before letting them in!) and you are confident that the person is who they say they are. If you are in any way uncomfortable, refuse to allow the person into your home, call our Communications center (301-985-6565/6566) and request that an officer respond.

Be cautious, be vigilant and watch out for yourselves and for your neighbors!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Significant Incident - Homicide

This evening at approximately 5 PM MRPD officers responded to the 3700 block of Eastern Avenue for a homicide which took place between 4:30 and 4:45. Upon arrival our officers were met by detectives from the DC Homicide Unit and were told that the homicide occurred in the District.

What we know at this point is that the victim allegedly stole the suspect's motor scooter several days ago. The two encountered each other this afternoon along Eastern Avenue and the suspect confronted the victim about the theft. During the confrontation, the suspect produced a large edged weapon and stabbed the victim several times in the upper body. The victim ran to a private residence on Monroe Street and called DC Fire/Rescue for help. He then left the residence and collapsed on the sidewalk outside. He was transported to MedStar where he was pronounced dead at 5:05 PM.

While at the scene, A/LT Stoots and CEO Nichol received credible information through an informant who is a City resident (and known to us) about the identity of the suspect. This information was relayed to the lead investigator for DC. This informant also told us that the stolen motor scooter could possibly be found at a residence in the 3700 block of 35th Street. Our officers along with numerous DC Homicide assets responded to that residence, located the motor scooter, and seized it for evidence.

MRPD officers will continue to assist DC Homicide in the investigation.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Anti-Gun Program

Prince George’s County has an anti-crime gun program designed to help recover illegal guns and guns used in a crime. Anyone who knows the whereabouts of a gun used in a crime or a gun that someone possesses illegally can call 866-643-2369. Tipsters may be eligible for a $1,000 reward.

Mt. Rainier residents who own firearms that they would like to turn in may call the police department at 301-985-6580. You can make arrangements to bring the gun to the department or we'll send an officer to pick it up. If you bring any firearm to the department, please call ahead of time and make sure it is unloaded and in a case or other packaging.

Oh, and please, do not just walk into the station with a gun in plain view. It makes the staff nervous.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

122 Police Officers Killed in 2005

According to preliminary FBI statistics released Monday, 122 police officers were killed in the line of duty in 2005. Of those, fifty (50) officers were shot to death. In all, 55 officers were killed intentionally, two fewer than in 2004. according to preliminary FBI statistics released Monday. Vehicles were used in five deaths, the bureau said.

At the time they were killed, 34 officers were wearing body armor, but the FBI did not say whether bullets penetrated the armor in any of those deaths. Handguns were used to kill 42 officers, while five were shot with shotguns and three with a rifle. Six officers were killed with their own weapons. The bureau said that authorities solved all the killings.

Twenty-eight officers were killed in the South, 10 in the Midwest, 10 in the West, and five in the Northeast. Two officers were killed in Puerto Rico. There were 67 accidential deaths of officers in 2005, 15 fewer than a year earlier. There was no description of how those deaths occurred.

The preliminary numbers come from information submitted by more than 10,000 state, local and tribal law enforcement agencies. The FBI will publish its final numbers in the fall.

National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza: Implementation Plan

On May 3, 2006, President Bush announced the release of the National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza: Inplementation Plan. Building on the national strategy he announced November 1, 2005, this plan ensures that resources will be utilized in a coordinated manner to respond to the threat of pandemic influenza. Major areas covered in the plan include: protecting human health, international efforts, law enforcement, and federal response. Over 300 critical actions are described in the document, many of which have already been initiated.

For more information go to the following web site:

To download the document go to:

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A Piece of Our Heritage

This picture was taken last Friday in front of the police station. Standing with me is retired CPL Kal Parker of the Charles County Sheriff's Department. Kal and I were classmates in the Prince George's County Police Academy, Session 14, in October of 1975.

I did not know this, but during his visit Kal was very proud to tell me, that prior to his service with Charles County, he was the first black police officer to serve the City of Mt. Rainier.

Airline Safeguards Against Pandemic

Federal officials concerned about avian influenza want airlines to collect personal information about domestic and international passengers to help track a potential epidemic. Dr. Marty Cetron, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's Director of Global Migration and Quarantine, said, "What we're asking for is the authority to collect the information in the context of modern travel on airlines. There are just a number of cases where acting quickly with electronic access to passenger information is going to make a lot of difference." The CDC wants to be able to easily find, notify and recommend treatment to airline passengers who have been exposed to avian influenza as well as such diseases as plague, dengue fever or SARS.

The CDC plan calls for airlines to obtain the following passenger information: name, address, emergency contact numbers and flight information. Airlines would have to keep the data for 60 days and transmit to CDC within 12 hours, if asked.

(Assocoated Press)

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Maryland Warned of Hurricane Threat

The federal government's top hurricane forecaster and Director of the National Hurricane center, Max Mayfield, came to Maryland's annual severe-storm awareness conference on April 17th to convince attendees to be vigilant this hurricane season. Hurricane forecaster William Gray of Colorado State University claims there is a 64% chance that a Category 3 or higher storm will hit the East Coast this year. The previous average was 31 percent.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is in the process of assigning disaster coordinators to 13 states, including Maryland. R. David Paulison, President Bush's nominee to lead FEMA, said, "We're going to lean further forward than ever before. Instead of waiting for [the storm] to come across, we're going to move into your state." He assured the audience that even with the agency's proactive efforts, "Response is still a local issue."

(The Baltimore Sun)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Concerns of Police Survivors Petition

The Concerns of Police Survivors (COPS) has just posted a petition asking for support for HR 4424.

H.R. 4424 would allow law enforcement surviving spouses and dependent children affordable health care coverage by participating in the Federal Employees Health Care Plan. Monthly savings could be as much as 80% of what they are now paying for health care. Concerns of Police Survivors, Inc. (COPS) is requesting help in assuring passage of this legislation.Please go to the below listed web site and sign the petition.

COPS will be gathering signatures to the petition before and during National Police Week, and will take it to Congress after Police Week events.