Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Crime Watch: Week of January 21

01/27/07 3300 block Chillum Rd: 1st degree assault
01/27/07 4300 block Kaywood Dr: Attempt stolen auto
01/26/07 4300 block 28th Pl: Theft of auto
01/26/07 4500 block 30th St: Vandalism to auto
01/25/07 3300 block Buchanan St: Theft from auto
01/25/07 4300 block 28th St: Attempt armed robbery
01/25/07 3400 block Rhode Island Av: Check fraud
01/25/07 3300 block Buchanan St: Theft from auto
01/25/07 4200 block Russell Av: Theft from auto
01/25/07 2400 block Arundel Rd: Vandalism to auto
01/24/07 28th Pl & Russell Av: Theft of auto
01/24/07 3100 block Upshur St: Residential burglary
01/23/07 3300 block Chillum Rd: Arrest for open warrant after traffic stop
01/23/07 4600 block 29th St: Arrest made after victim stabbed by spouse
01/23/07 4100 block Russell Av: Residential burglary
01/23/07 3100 block Queens Chapel Rd: Vandalism to auto
01/22/07 2400 block Chillum Rd: Open warrant served
01/22/07 3300 block Buchanan St: Home invasion by armed suspects
01/22/07 3600 block Oak St: Vandalism to auto
01/20/07 3300 block Chauncey Pl: Attempt stolen auto

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Crime Watch: Week of January 14

01/20/07 2500 block Queens Chapel Rd: Arrest for distribution of drugs
01/20/07 4000 block 31st St: Theft of auto
01/19/07 3800 block 30th St: Vandalism to auto
01/19/07 4000 block 31st St: Theft from auto
01/19/07 3100 block Upshur St: Victim reports identity fraud
01/18/07 2300 block Varnum St: Commercial armed robbery
01/17/07 29th & Arundel Rd: Shots fired by unknown suspects
01/17/07 3100 block Queens Chapel Rd: Citizen robbery
01/17/07 3300 block Buchanan St: Theft from auto
01/16/07 3200 block Varnum St: Citizen armed robbery
01/16/07 4100 block 29th St: Residential break and enter
01/16/07 3400 block Eastern Av: Residential break and enter
01/16/07 2500 block Queens Chapel Rd: Arrest made after open warrant check
01/16/07 3500 block Newton Pl: Arrest made for domestic disturbance
01/15/07 29th & Allison St: Driver arrested for driving drunk
01/14/07 3200 block Rhode Island Av: Citation for public drinking

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sounds of Shots

In response to several calls we’ve received here at the police station, I want to provide residents some information regarding shots being fired at about 1 AM Wednesday morning. At that time, officers from MRPD, Hyattsville PD, Prince George’s County PD and Bladensburg PD investigated the sound of shots in the area of 29th Street and Arundel Road in the Kaywood apartment complex. Officers on the scene heard approximately eight gunshots, and we received several reports from residents who heard them as well. The responding officers set up a perimeter around 29th and Arundel and thoroughly searched the area. We were not unable to locate any responsible individual(s), nor were we able to find any evidence of damage or injury, and no guns, shell casings or other ballistic evidence could be located.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

MRPD Deploys Laser Speed Technology

On January 14th the majority of MRPD officers became certified to operate our new laser speed-measuring device. Unlike traditional police radar, the laser uses infrared light pulses and is able to be lane and vehicle selective because of its small beam width. This makes the device very valuable in high traffic areas and narrow residential streets where parked vehicles and other natural obstructions make traditional radar less effective in accurately measuring the speed of individual vehicles. MRPD officers will utilize the laser speed device on all roadways within the City, and will focus particularly on those streets where there we have received the highest number of complaints of speeding drivers. We won’t say what streets those are, so your best bet is to obey the speed limit, drive carefully, and avoid “the beam!”

The attached pictures show Officers Crystal Goldring (top photo) and Robb Caplan using the new laser along Queens Chapel Road. Photos by Don Bell.

Crime Watch: Week of January 7

01/13/07 3100 block Perry St: Vandalism to auto
01/12/07 3300 block Chillum Rd: Vandalism to commercial property
01/12/07 3200 block Rhode Island Av: Arrest made in stolen vehicle
01/09/07 3600 block Rhode Island Av: Citizen armed robbery
01/09/07 3500 block Otis St: Theft from laundry room
01/09/07 3300 block Chillum Rd: Theft from auto
01/08/07 Chillum Rd. & Queens Chapel Rd: Arrest for DWI
01/08/07 3200 block Queenstown Dr: Vandalism to auto
01/08/07 4400 block 29th St: Theft of auto
01/08/07 3500 block Otis St: Citizen armed robbery

Friday, January 12, 2007

Robbery Suspects Arrested

On Monday January 10th, CPL Vic Kenworthy met with Brentwood residents that live in the 3400 block of Upshur Street. In that meeting, the residents expressed their concerns about suspicious individuals and vehicles near the alley on Upshur Street. Some of the residents suspected drug and prostitution activity associated with these individuals.

Last night, CPL Kenworthy began investigating the residents’ concerns. He, along with SGT Williams, and Officers Backhaus and Wilson, stopped two suspicious vehicles and identified and arrested one individual who was wanted by Prince George’s County Police for two armed robberies.

Another individual known by MRPD officers for drug use and sales was searched and found to have a replica Desert Eagle handgun. PGPD robbery detectives were notified and responded to the scene. Further investigation revealed that this person was also responsible for a robbery in Hyattsville earlier in the day.

This was a prime example of how cooperation at all levels of law enforcement works to fight crime and take back our neighborhoods from criminals. The information from the residents was critical in establishing a focal point for CPL Kenworthy and the other MRPD officers and the timely involvement of the Prince George’s County robbery detectives allowed our focused enforcement efforts to solve a crime across our borders in Hyattsville.

Hopefully, the arrest of these three individuals will help to curb the recent rash of robberies in our area.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Word of Caution

Last evening, one of the City’s Code Enforcement Officers, Melvin Mitchell, was robbed at gunpoint as he entered his apartment building at 3205 Rhode Island Avenue. Among other items taken from Mr. Mitchell during the robbery were his City identification card and his official Code Enforcement badge.

Residents are advised to be cautious should they be approached by any individual identifying himself or herself as a City code enforcement officer. We have three CEOs employed by the City, Alex Brown, Melvin Mitchell and Michael Davis. While they are on duty, they will be in uniform and will identify themselves by use of a City issued identification card. Residents should never allow access to their property unless the CEO (or anyone else for that matter) presents proper identification. You should call the police department immediately (301-985-6565/6566) if someone comes to your door or onto your property claiming to be a Mount Rainier code enforcement officer and who does not produce proper identification.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Search & Seizure Warrant

I posted this to the Yahoo Group last weekend, but thought it should be posted here as well.

On Friday January 5th at approximately 7:30 PM members of the Mount Rainier Police Department, Metropolitan Police Department, Bladensburg Police Department, United States Secret Service, and the Prince George's County Sheriff's Department's Swat team served a search and seizure warrant in the 3300 block of Chauncey Place in Brentwood.

The warrant was obtained as the result of a joint fraud/identity theft investigation between the Mount Rainier Police Department and MPD. During the search, information and evidence was recovered that will enable MPD to obtain arrest warrants and close a major identity theft case. In addition, the occupants of the apartment were found to be engaged in prostitution. The names of the individuals involved will turned over to PGPD and MPD Vice Units for further investigation and prosecution. In preparation for the search, MRPD made sure to have a representative from Edgewood Management present, and that representative issued barring notices to non residents and an eviction notice will be going out on Monday January 8th.

I was very pleased with the dedication and professionalism exhibited by all officers involved, and by how efficiently the diverse agencies worked together to ensure a safe and successful operation. This is also an excellent example of the cooperative benefit of our Liveable Communities Grant MOU with the Town ofBrentwood.

Crime Watch: Week of December 31

01/06/07 2700 block Queens Chapel Rd: Theft of auto
01/06/07 3200 block Otis St: Warrant service for possession crack cocaine
01/05/07 3100 block Arundel Rd: Arrested for possession of Marijuana
01/05/07 3300 block Rhode Island Av: Attempt auto theft
01/05/07 2900 block Allison St: Citizen armed robbery
01/05/07 4000 block 35th St: Destruction of property
01/05/07 4000 block 33rd St: Theft of auto
01/05/07 4500 block 32nd St: Theft of auto
01/04/07 3400 block Newton St: Vandalism to auto
01/04/07 4100 block 30th St: Attempt auto theft
01/04/07 3400 block Newton St: Residential break and enter
01/03/07 4000 block 30th St: Emergency petition to hospitalize for drug use
01/01/07 4000 block 34th St: Arrest for shots fired & CDS
12/31/06 4200 block 34th St: Arrest for possession of a weapon
12/31/06 29th & Allison Sts: Citizen armed robbery
12/31/06 3200 block Queens Chapel Rd: Citizen robbery
12/31/06 2500 block Arundel Rd: Citizen armed robbery

Crime Watch: Week of December 24

12/30/06 4200 block Kaywood Dr: Homicide victim shot
12/29/06 3400 block Taylor St: Arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia
12/29/06 3100 block Queens Chapel Rd: Theft from auto
12/28/06 3600 block Eastern Av: Arrest for drug possession
12/27/06 4000 block 30th St: Arrest for Open Warrant
12/27/06 4200 block 30th St: Theft of auto
12/26/06 3200 block Buchanan St: Armed carjacking
12/26/06 4500 block 31st St: Attempted theft of auto
12/26/06 4700 block 31st: Attempt theft of auto
12/25/06 4200 block Kaywood Dr: Vandalism to auto
12/25/06 3300 block Chillum Rd: Theft of auto
12/24/06 3300 block Rhode Island Av: Arrest for Open Warrant

Crime Watch: Week of December 17

12/23/06 3300 block Chillum Rd: 2nd Degree assault on police officer
12/23/06 4000 block 36th St: Theft of auto
12/23/06 3700 block 36th St: Attempt auto theft
12/22/06 3200 Rhode Island Av: Arrest for smoking marijuana
12/22/06 4200 block Rainier Av: Vandalism to property
12/21/06 28th & Taylor St: Citizen robbery w/shots fired
12/21/06 4200 block Russell Av: Arrestees charged with carjacking
12/21/06 3200 block Queenstown Dr: Vandalism to property
12/21/06 3700 block 36th St: Citation issued for public drinking
12/20/06 3800 block 30th St: Attempted theft of auto
12/20/06 3200 block Queenstown Dr: Assault during domestic dispute
12/20/06 4200 block Rainier Av: Theft of auto
12/20/06 4100 block Russell Av: Theft of auto
12/17/06 3000 block Upshur St: Theft of auto
12/17/06 3700 block 37th St: Vandalism to auto
12/17/06 3800 block 33rd St: Attempted theft of auto
12/17/06 2700 block Allison St: Vandalism to auto
12/17/06 3300 block Rhode Island Av: Arrestee charged driving impaired