Tuesday, November 01, 2016

FW: Maryland Winter Weather Outlook

NOAA has released a nationwide winter outlook package. The following are a few key points from this outlook, and the projected impacts on Maryland.

  • NOAA predicts a "La-Nina" developing sometime this winter, but they predict if it does develop, it will be weak and short lived. 
  • Maryland is projected to have an equal chance of a wetter or drier than normal winter. 
  • Maryland is projected to have equal chances of cooler or warmer than normal temperatures. 
  • No drought conditions have been forecast for Maryland. 
  • NOAA wants to remind everyone their outlook does not predict storms, their locations, or potential impacts, but did want to point out that La Nina winters tend to lead to drier conditions in the Mid- Atlantic. 


For more information, see the web link below for the full NOAA report.