Monday, October 30, 2006

Crime Watch: Week of October 22nd

10/28/06 3300 block Chillum Rd: Suspect questioned after stating he had weapon
10/28/06 4100 Russell Av: Unknown suspect(s) break and enter victim’s apartment
10/27/06 3100 block Queens Chapel Rd: Subject cited for sleeping in vacant apartment
10/27/06 3500 Bunker Hill Rd: Emergency petition for transport to hospital
10/27/06 3500 block Rhode Island Av: Arrestee cited for open alcohol
10/26/06 3800 block 34th St: Stolen vehicle report
10/25/06 3300 block Rhode Island Av: Vandalism to auto
10/24/06 4300 block 28th Pl: Theft of property by breaking and entering
10/23/06 4200 block 28th St: Suspect robs victim of money and property
10/23/06 3100 block Webster St: Unknown suspect(s) damaged vehicle
10/22/06 2700 block Queens Chapel Rd: Strong-arm robbery by carjacking suspect

Monday, October 23, 2006

Vehicle Lookout

On October 14th at about 11 a.m. a black Honda Accord was taken in a carjacking from the Cypress Creek apartment complex. After the carjacking a silver 4-door Dodge Stratus was seeing fleeing the area with the black Honda Accord.

Since October 14th, both of these vehicle have been involved in several persons crimes in the District I area, including Mount Rainier, the latest occurring this afternoon.

The black Honda Accord is displaying Maryland registration plates MPH 085, and the Dodge Stratus is displaying DC tags BL 3715.

Anyone observing either of these vehicles is encouraged to immediately call police at 301-985-6565/6566.

Crime Watch - Week of October 15

10/21/06 2900 block Allison St: Assault 1st degree after suspect displayed handgun
10/20/06 3100 block Queens Chapel Rd: Theft from auto
10/20/06 3500 block 37th St: Theft – pocket book snatch
10/20/06 4000 block 30th St: Vandalism to auto
10/19/06 3600 block Oak Lane: Abduction/rape
10/19/06 36th & Perry St: Citizen robbed by unknown suspect(s)
10/19/06 3800 block 34th St: Strong-arm robbery by carjacking suspect
10/17/06 3200 block Rhode Island Av: Assault on a police officer by public drinking suspect
10/17/06 4300 block Kaywood Dr: Theft from auto
10/16/06 3400 block Rhode Island Av: Breaking and entering commercial business
10/16/06 3400 block Rhode Island Av: Strong-arm robbery by unknown suspect(s)
10/16/06 3200 block Queens Chapel Rd: Theft of vehicle
10/15/06 3500 block Rhode Island Av: Suspect(s) broke into home to steal property
10/15/06 3200 block Chillum Rd: Theft of vehicle
10/15/06 4100 block 30th St: Suspect robbed victim with handgun
10/15/06 4300 block 28th Pl: Subject taken in custody after driving stolen vehicle
10/15/06 4300 block Rhode Island Av: After stop arrestee found to have warrant
10/15/06 3300 block Arundel Rd: Vandalism to auto
10/15/06 3400 block Rhode Island Av: Car impounded because of suspended license

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Crime Watch: Week of October 8

10/14/06 4105 block Russell Av: Theft of auto
10/14/06 4500 30th St: Theft of bike
10/14/06 3300 Chauncey Pl: Arrestee found to have open warrant
10/14/06 4200 block Russell Av: Unknown suspect(s) steal auto
10/14/06 3400 Rhode Island Av: Subject attempted to cash fraudulent check
10/13/06 2900 block Allison St: Theft from auto
10/13/06 3100 block Queens Chapel Rd: Arrestee found to have crack cocaine
10/13/06 3200 Chillum Rd: Juvenile missing report filed
10/11/06 3300 block Chauncey Rd: Unknown suspect(s) broke into coin machine
10/10/06 2200 block Varnum St: Subject arrested on open warrant
10/10/06 4200 block Russell Av: Theft from auto
10/09/06 3300 block Chauncey Pl: Arrestees were trespassing in vacant apt
10/09/06 3700 block 35th St: Call to fight- subject arrested on open warrant
10/09/06 1 Municipal Pl: Subject cited for drinking in public
10/09/06 3000 block Arundel: Unknown suspects steal auto and rob victim
10/08/06 4300 block 28th Pl: Citizen armed robbery

Friday, October 13, 2006

Crime Watch: Week of October 1

10/07/06 3700 block 37th St: Victim reported residential breaking and entering
10/07/06 2200 block Varnum Rd: Armed carjacking at gunpoint
10/07/06 3200 Perry St: Suspects attempt fight with victim on property
10/06/06 4100 block Russell Av: Suspects rob victim after entering car
10/06/06 3300 block Chauncey Pl: Individual arrested for trespassing after warning to vacate
10/06/06 3900 block Perry St: Vehicle towed because driver’s license suspended
10/06/06 3400 block Rhode Island Av: 2nd break in attempt at commercial business
10/05/06 4100 block Utah (Brentwood): Arrest for open warrant after suspicious vehicle stop
10/05/06 3200 block Rhode Island Av: Attempt break in at commercial business
10/05/06 3400 block Rhode Island Av: Unknown suspect(s) break into business
10/05/06 2900 block Allison St: Unknown suspect(s) threw stone through window
10/05/06 4000 block 34th St: Unknown suspect removed window to business
10/05/06 3310 Chillum Rd: Suspect stole food from 7-11
10/04/06 Oak Lane & Otis St: Towed abandoned vehicle with heavy damage
10/03/06 4200 block Rainier Av: Victim assaulted while parking car in front of home
10/03/06 4200 block 30th St: Theft from auto
10/02/06 3700 block Wells Av: City computer property recovered
10/02/06 3400 block Rhode Island Av: Suspect arrested for drinking in public
10/01/06 3300 block Chauncey Pl: Intoxicated suspect arrested for disturbance
10/01/06 4700 25th St: Police called for domestic standby
10/01/06 3400 block Rhode Island Av: Theft of bicycle
10/01/06 25th & Queens Chapel Rd: Vehicle towed since driver’s license suspended

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Chief Scott Interview On Fox 5

I was interviewed by Fox 5's Karen Gray Houston last week regarding our proactive checks of sex offenders who live in the City. It was aired on the 5 o'clock edition but not at 10. If you missed it, here is a link to the full story on Fox 5's web site. Warning, you will have to watch a short advertising video before the story begins.

Chief's Report To Mayor & Council - October 2006


The yearly totals that now include the month of September 2006 showed an overall increase of 7.83% over the same period last year. This increase in our overall crime rate is still being driven by increases in robberies (up 139%) and aggravated assaults (up 37%). These are preliminary numbers compiled for this report only, and may be revised as we review crime data for our September UCR submission. Final figures should be available after October 7th.


As of the date of this report, we have filled four of our six vacancies. We have two applicants for the two remaining vacancies, and we are moving along with their background investigation process.

OFC Mike Halterlein is in his last week of field training, and I anticipate that he will be released to independent patrol as of Friday October 6th. OFC Crystal Goldring has completed her firearms training with the Prince George’s Municipal police academy. We are still awaiting a return from the FBI on her criminal background check. This is the only remaining obstacle to her being certified by the Maryland Police Training Commission and assigned to field training. OFC Kirk Banton has received his certification from the MPTC and has been assigned to field training under the supervision of SGT Williams and PFC Herriott. OFC Aaron Wilson has been assigned to assist CPL Kenworthy in our Brentwood Community Policing project until he reaches the age of 21 later this month.

We have hired Ms. Devonna Reddick as a police officer candidate effective October 2nd. Ms. Reddick is scheduled to enter the Prince George’s Municipal police academy on October 25th to begin her basic entrance level training. Until that date, she will serve as a parking enforcement officer for the City.

Our focused enforcement efforts in the Perry/Otis Street sector (which includes the City Hall Plaza) were successful in reducing the number of complaints and the reduction of robberies during the busy weekend crime times. As of September 30th, we will discontinue this CSAFE overtime detail and refocus our efforts in the 3300 block of Chillum Road and the Kaywood apartment complex. These areas have seen an increase in citizen robberies (3300 block of Chillum Road) and vandalism (Kaywood) over the past month.

We have revised our Team Policing assignments to reflect our staffing changes, and we have added a new Team Policing area, Team 3, which encompasses the Town of Brentwood. CPL Kenworthy is, of course, the team leader for Brentwood and he’s temporarily assisted by OFC Wilson. SGT Malley retains his assignment as problem oriented policing coordinator.

Effective Monday October 10th, our full time parking enforcement officer, Mike Davis, will become one of the City’s new Code Enforcement officers. The City Manager and I have agreed that Mr. Davis will continue to work parking enforcement, primarily on weekends, and also be responsible for collecting coins from all the City’s parking meters on Wednesdays. We will move to advertise and hire a new full time parking enforcement officer in the very near future. We are also finalizing the background investigation on a candidate for the administrative aide position. This position should be filled within the next two weeks.

As I reported to the Mayor & Council last month, we continue to operate at minimum staffing levels and will continue to do so at least through the fall. We will maintain scheduling with one supervisor and two officers on nights and one officer on days.

Vehicle Fleet/Budget Issues:

At the September 5th Council meeting, the Mayor & Council authorized a resolution to dispose of four police vehicles that are no longer serviceable for police patrol operations. These four vehicles were auctioned by Colonial Auction on September 23rd, and were sold for a combined $878. At the end of the first quarter of FY07 we are approximately 31% spent in our vehicle maintenance and repair line item.

After a wait of over six months, we anticipate taking possession of our 2007 Chevy Trailblazer by Friday October 6th. This vehicle was purchased with FY06 funds and will replace the department’s 1988 Jeep Cherokee. Once the Trailblazer is finally delivered, the Jeep will be used as a parking enforcement vehicle. We still anticipate delivery of the two FY07 funded police vehicles by the end of November.


Beginning in the month of September, the Chief’s Blog will now run a weekly listing of crime and arrest activities. This info will be posted by Tuesday of each week and will include incidents that occurred during the previous week (Sunday through Saturday). I have also begun to include my monthly report to the Mayor & Council and my monthly Message article on the Blog as well. I will be sending the final monthly crime statistics to our Webmaster for inclusion on the City’s web site.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Crime Watch: Week of September 24

10/02/06 3400 block Rhode Island Ave: Citation issued for drinking in public
10/01/06 25th & Queens Chapel Rd: Traffic violation caused vehicle impound
10/01/06 3400 block Rhode Island Ave: Suspect stole bike while victim shopped
10/01/06 4700 block 25th St: Domestic dispute requiring police assistance
10/1/06 3200 block Rhode Island Ave: Unknown suspect(s) stole tools from vehicle
10/01/06 3300 block Chauncy Pl: Suspect arrested for intoxication in public
09/29/06 2700 block Allison St: Suspect ran up to victim and snatched purse
09/29/06 3400 block Rhode Island Ave: Suspect cited for urinating in public
09/28/06 31St & Upshur St: Suspect arrested driving stolen vehicle
09/28/06 4200 block 28th St: Vandalism and theft from auto
09/28/06 3100 block Perry St: Victim reports threat from acquaintance
09/27/06 3300 block Chauncy Pl: Juvenile arrested and released to parent
09/26/06 3400 block Newton Pl: Citizen armed robbery by two males
09/26/06 3100 block Queens Chapel R: Suspect arrested for crack cocaine
09/26/06 3300 block Chillum Rd: Arrest for violation of a protection order
09/26/06 3700 block 37th St: Theft from work vehicle overnight
09/26/06 2200 block Varnum St: Suspect accused of theft of forged checks
09/24/06 3200 block Rhode Island Ave: Arrest for disorderly conduct in public
09/24/06 3200 Queenstown Dr: Co-worker steals property during overnight stay
09/24/06 3600 block Oak Lane: Victim chases and recovers stolen vehicle