Monday, July 17, 2006

Scam Alert!

This morning, a citizen called A/LT Stoots and advised him that she had received a call from a telephone solicitor who stated that he was raising money for the Mount Rainier Police injured officers fund.

Both the Mount Rainier Police Department and the Mount Rainier Fraternal Order of Police were unaware that such a solicitation was being conducted, and neither the Department nor the FOP has authorized any company or organization to solicit contributions for any purpose.

Should you receive a call from anyone asking for contributions to this bogus charity, please do not pledge them any money or give them your credit card or other personal information.

Please pass this information along to your neighbors and any City mailing list to which you subscribe.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Chief's Remarks

Below is the text of my remarks on the occasion of my swearing in as your Chief of Police:

For the last four of my 31 years in law enforcement I have served the Mt. Rainier Police Department in a variety of positions, both civilian and sworn. In all the positions I’ve held, from accounts payable, to Records Manager, First Sergeant and Lieutenant, I have been successful in engaging the loyalty and respect of the men and women of the Department. As a police commander, I have always demanded a high level of professionalism and service to the community, and have worked diligently to ingrain a strong community policing philosophy into our operations. These two qualities, professionalism and community service are the foundation of effective relationships with all those, both within and outside our community, who have a stake in ensuring the safety and quality of life of our residents.

As your newly sworn police chief, I look forward to improving the department’s sense of “community” as it goes about its daily task of providing public safety services. I look forward to refining the Department’s working partnership with Mayor Miles, our individual Council members, Ms. Wallace, Mr. Booth, Mr. Smith, our Code Enforcement officers, and our Public Works staff. I look forward to developing and refining those critical relationships with our residents, business owners, and faith based groups that will enable us to continue to improve the quality of life for all of us here in Mt. Rainier. All of us have a role in ensuring public safety by caring for our community.

When I submitted my resume in application for the Chief’s position, I wrote to Ms. Wallace that it would be my privilege to serve the City of Mt. Rainier as its Chief of Police. I am deeply grateful that Ms. Wallace appointed me to this job, and honored that the Mayor & Council unanimously approved her decision. It is indeed a privilege to be your Chief, and I commit to you that I will do my best each and every day to earn the trust you have placed in me. It is without question that on my watch, we will maintain an efficient, well managed, honest and ethical police department.

I would like to take the time to thank the men and women of the MRPD for the work they do every day, and especially thank them for their support. Since I first came to be employed by the Mt. Rainier Police Department, back in the summer of 2002, many officers have encouraged me to seek the position to which I have now been appointed. I remember clearly the first time this suggestion came up. It was during a conversation with former SGT Eddie Murphy that first summer right outside the old police station. My advice to SGT Murphy then, and to others since: “Be careful what you wish for!”

Thank you.