Friday, February 23, 2007

Cancel Lookout

The lookout for the Ford F150 truck listed below is cancelled. Further investigation has revealed that it is not involved in our recent burglaries. Thanks to all who responded!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


The Mount Rainier Police Department is currently interested in questioning the operator of a white Ford pickup truck possibly involved in a rash of burglaries that have occurred in the City since the beginning of December 2006. The pickup truck is described as having tool boxes installed in the bed. The following two pictures give a general idea of the color and style of the truck and how the tool boxes would look.

Anyone seeing this type of vehicle driving or parked in the City is asked to call the MRPD Communications Center at 301-985-6565 or 6566.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

WANTED: For Burglary

Wright, Walter Lewis
B/M; 5'4"; 120 lbs.
Tattoo: Firecracker and "TNT" on left neck
Last Known Address: 3800 Block of 37th Place Brentwood, MD

Anyone having information concerning the whereabouts of Mr. Wright should call the Mount Rainier Police Department Communications Center at 301-985-6565 or 6566.

Crime Watch: Week of February 11

02/17/07 4100 block Russell Av: Citizen robbery
02/17/07 34th & Rhode Island Av: Citizen robbery
02/15/07 3200 block Chillum Rd: Residential burglary
02/15/07 Allison St & 29th St: Theft from auto
02/15/07 3400 block Rhode Island Av: Commercial Shoplifting
02/14/07 4100 block Rainer Av: Residential burglary
02/13/07 3200 block Taylor St: Residential burglary
02/13/07 3800 block 34th St: Citizen robbery
02/13/07 3700 block Wells Av: Theft from auto
02/13/07 4100 block 33rd St: Residential burglary
02/13/07 3700 block 37th St: Vandalism to auto
02/13/07 3100 block Upshur St: Unknown suspect broke victim’s window
02/12/07 3100 block Perry St: Theft from auto
02/11/07 34th & Rhode Island Av: Subject arrested for DWI
02/11/07 4200 block 34th St: Theft from auto
02/11/07 3100 block Upshur St: Vandalism to auto
02/11/07 4300 block Kaywood Dr: Theft of auto
02/11/07 4300 block Kaywood Dr: Theft from auto
02/11/07 4000 block 35th St: Theft from auto
02/11/07 4100 block 34th St: Subject arrested for possession of a weapon
02/11/07 3100 block Webster St: Residential burglary

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Neighborhood Watch Meeting CANCELLED

The neighborhood watch meeting scheduled for tomorrow night (2/15) has been cancelled. In fact, it really never was. The meeting I thought was for NW is really a meeting of the Mount Rainier Day Committee. The NW meeting will be rescheduled for sometime in the near future. My apologies for the confusion.

I’m certain though, that the MR Day Committee can use all the help it can get in preparing for this year’s festivities. If you can help in any way, please come out and volunteer your services.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Crime Watch: Week of February 4th

02/10/07 3300 block Buchanan St: Subject arrested on an open warrant
02/10/07 4100 block 28th St: Residential burglary
02/10/07 4200 block 34th St: Theft from auto
02/09/07 Eastern Av & Rhode Island Av: Vehicle impounded for illegal tags
02/09/07 3100 block Queens Chapel Rd: Suspect arrested for shoplifting
02/09/07 3200 block Chillum Rd: Suspect issued citation for trespass on private property
02/08/07 4600 block 27th St: Theft from auto
02/07/07 3500 block Bunker Hill Rd: Residential burglary
02/07/07 4100 block of 31st Street: Residential burglary
02/06/07 2800 block Shepherd St: Residential burglary
02/06/07 2700 block Arundel Rd: Theft under $500
02/05/07 3300 block Chillum Rd: Theft of tags
02/05/07 4200 block Eastern Av: Subject arrested on an open warrant
02/04/07 4200 block Eastern Av: Suspect arrested for shooting out a window
02/04/07 2900 block Arundel Rd: Vandalism to auto

Monday, February 12, 2007

Neighborhood Watch Meeting

Reminder: Our next Neighborhood Watch meeting will be held this Thursday evening starting at 6:30 PM at the police station. Please come out and pledge to participate in and support your Neighborhood Watch program. For more information, please contact our NW president, Ophelia Baxter at 301-240-393-1187.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Crime Watch: Week of January 28

02/03/07 4300 block Russell Av: Theft from auto
02/03/07 2400 block Chillum Rd: Vehicle tags seized after traffic stop for pickup order
02/02/07 3100 block Queens Chapel Rd: Theft from auto
02/02/07 4100 block 31st St: Residential burglary
02/02/07 30th & Upshur Sts: Vehicle tags seized after traffic stop for pickup order
02/01/07 2700 block Upshur St: Residential theft of property
01/31/07 4100 block 29th St: Unknown suspects attempted break in
01/30/07 3800 block 34th St: Citation for urinating in public
01/29/07 3200 block Chillum Rd: Attempt break and enter apartment
01/29/07 4200 block 31st St: Residential theft of property
01/29/06 3300 block Rhode Island Av: Vandalism to parking meter
01/28/07 3100 block Queens Chapel Rd: Commercial armed robbery
01/28/07 3200 block Rhode Island Av: Theft of auto
01/28/07 3700 block 35th St: Arrest for domestic violence