Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Crime Watch: Week of September 17th

9/23/06 4300 block Russell Ave: Vandalism to auto by unknown persons
9/23/06 33rd St & Perry St: Suspect arrested for alcohol and disorderly conduct
9/22/06 3300 Rhode Island Ave: Traffic stop, driver arrested driving stolen car/no license
9/21/06 3600 block Perry St: Victim assaulted by juveniles during encounter
9/21/06 2310 Varnum S: Suspect snatched and ran with chips from 7-11 store
9/21/06 3210 Chillum Rd: Subject checked for suspicious activity in parking lot
9/21/06 3100 Queenstown Dr: Unknown suspect(s) rob and ransack apartment
9/21/06 3000 Queens Chapel Rd: Unknown suspect(s) steal vehicle overnight
9/20/06 3300 block Buchanan St: Victim reports suspect breaking into auto
9/20/06 4200 Kaywood Dr: Victim reports vehicle stolen – arrest made in DC
9/20/06 Buchanan St: Two individuals issued citations for drinking beer in public
9/19/06 3210 Queens Chapel Rd: Citizen robbed while walking from 7-11 store at 3 am
9/19/06 3300 block Buchanan St: Suspect(s) steal items and cause damage to auto
9/19/06 Taylor St.: Mutual aid/warrant service – suspect arrested for B&E
9/17/06 4400 block 28th Pl: Unknown suspect(s) broke into residence stole property
9/17/06 4000 block 34th St: Suspect(s) smash window of commercial business
9/17/06 37th & Perry St: Suspicious person report filed by neighbors
9/16/06 3400 block Eastern Ave: Individual arrested after domestic dispute
9/16/06 4000 block 34th St: Complaint of juveniles on power scooters
9/16/06 3700 block Wells Ave: Person arrested for possession of a controlled substance

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