Wednesday, January 17, 2007

MRPD Deploys Laser Speed Technology

On January 14th the majority of MRPD officers became certified to operate our new laser speed-measuring device. Unlike traditional police radar, the laser uses infrared light pulses and is able to be lane and vehicle selective because of its small beam width. This makes the device very valuable in high traffic areas and narrow residential streets where parked vehicles and other natural obstructions make traditional radar less effective in accurately measuring the speed of individual vehicles. MRPD officers will utilize the laser speed device on all roadways within the City, and will focus particularly on those streets where there we have received the highest number of complaints of speeding drivers. We won’t say what streets those are, so your best bet is to obey the speed limit, drive carefully, and avoid “the beam!”

The attached pictures show Officers Crystal Goldring (top photo) and Robb Caplan using the new laser along Queens Chapel Road. Photos by Don Bell.

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