Friday, January 12, 2007

Robbery Suspects Arrested

On Monday January 10th, CPL Vic Kenworthy met with Brentwood residents that live in the 3400 block of Upshur Street. In that meeting, the residents expressed their concerns about suspicious individuals and vehicles near the alley on Upshur Street. Some of the residents suspected drug and prostitution activity associated with these individuals.

Last night, CPL Kenworthy began investigating the residents’ concerns. He, along with SGT Williams, and Officers Backhaus and Wilson, stopped two suspicious vehicles and identified and arrested one individual who was wanted by Prince George’s County Police for two armed robberies.

Another individual known by MRPD officers for drug use and sales was searched and found to have a replica Desert Eagle handgun. PGPD robbery detectives were notified and responded to the scene. Further investigation revealed that this person was also responsible for a robbery in Hyattsville earlier in the day.

This was a prime example of how cooperation at all levels of law enforcement works to fight crime and take back our neighborhoods from criminals. The information from the residents was critical in establishing a focal point for CPL Kenworthy and the other MRPD officers and the timely involvement of the Prince George’s County robbery detectives allowed our focused enforcement efforts to solve a crime across our borders in Hyattsville.

Hopefully, the arrest of these three individuals will help to curb the recent rash of robberies in our area.

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