Thursday, January 11, 2007

Word of Caution

Last evening, one of the City’s Code Enforcement Officers, Melvin Mitchell, was robbed at gunpoint as he entered his apartment building at 3205 Rhode Island Avenue. Among other items taken from Mr. Mitchell during the robbery were his City identification card and his official Code Enforcement badge.

Residents are advised to be cautious should they be approached by any individual identifying himself or herself as a City code enforcement officer. We have three CEOs employed by the City, Alex Brown, Melvin Mitchell and Michael Davis. While they are on duty, they will be in uniform and will identify themselves by use of a City issued identification card. Residents should never allow access to their property unless the CEO (or anyone else for that matter) presents proper identification. You should call the police department immediately (301-985-6565/6566) if someone comes to your door or onto your property claiming to be a Mount Rainier code enforcement officer and who does not produce proper identification.

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