Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Parking Citation Collection Notices

As you read this entry, many of our residents may have received a collection notice regarding one or more unpaid parking citations. We have received at least a hundred telephone calls, and our Records staff is quite taxed sorting out those notices that were received in error, and those that are legitimate.

Just a few notes of caution that I’d like to pass along to help make things easier for all concerned. First, no member of the police department staff will void, cancel or otherwise dispose of a valid collection notice. We are also not authorized to make any payment arrangements or reduce the amount owed to the City. The staff at City Hall is under the same constraints. Persons who receive a collection notice and have concerns that it was issued in error should call the police department during regular business hours and our staff will research the citation. All payments are to be made either to the collection agency directly or at City Hall. The police department does not accept payment.

The next few weeks promise to be very busy as we deal with this first round of collection notices, and as subsequent rounds go out to violators. We are doing our best to deal with the large volume of inquiries and getting individual concerns settled as quickly as possible. Our staff will address each inquiry politely and professionally, and will attempt to resolve those notices that were issued in error as quickly as possible. We appreciate our residents' and other customers' patience as we work through what has become a hight volume of inquiries.

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