Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Crime watch: Week of December 23

12/29/07 3300 block Buchanan St: Theft of auto
12/29/07 29th St & Upshur St: Citizen armed robbery
12/28/07 2500 block Arundel Rd: Theft of auto
12/28/07 3200 block Perry St: Theft from auto
12/27/07 2700 block Arundel Rd: Break and enter burglary
12/27/07 Bunker Hill Rd & 37th St: Open warrant served after field observation
12/27/07 Rhode Island Av & Eastern Av: Citation issued for CDS transaction
12/26/07 3600 block Eastern Av: Citizen armed robbery
12/26/07 2700 block Webster St: Arrest for destruction of property
12/25/07 3700 block Jackson Av: Arrest for non-aggravated assault
12/25/07 Rainier Av & 34th St: Attempt theft of auto
12/24/07 4200 block 31st St: Theft of auto
12/24/07 3800 block Bunker Hill Rd: Arrest for CDS after field observation
12/24/07 3200 block Shepherd St: Attempt theft of auto
12/24/07 3200 block Queens Chapel Rd: Theft of auto
12/23/07 4500 block 29th St: Theft under $500


maria said...

Hello Chief Scott,
Something big was happening the night of 12/23 in the 4100 block of 31st. There were numerous emergency vehicles of all kinds here and it looked like someone was apprehended. We were hoping to find out more in one of your crime reports...we aren't trying to be nosy, just concerned that something warranting that much attention happened on our block and we haven't heard of it since. If you could shed some light on this incident we'd very much appreciate it.

Chief Michael E. Scott said...

On Sunday evening December 23rd in the 4100 block of 31st Street officers responded to a call for a subject who took an unknown type and quantity of pills then turned on the gas in the home, apparently in an attempt to commit suicide. As soon as our officers arrived on the scene they smelled the natural gas odor and immediately summoned the fire department.

When the subject opened the door and saw the officers he fled through the house and jumped out a window. He then assaulted one officer who deployed his Taser in order to subdue him. The subject was transported to Prince george's Hospital for an emergency psychological evaluation. The house was aired out and secured once the subject was in custody.

maria said...

thank you very much for this update. relieved to hear that this was not a crime, although very sorry to hear about our neighbor and we hope he recovers. thank you for your hard work.