Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Letters: A grandmother grieves, seeks justice - and prayers

I discovered this poignant editorial in the June 17th issue of the Philadelphia Daily News. I know Ms. White’s feelings are shared by those who have lost loved ones to violence here in Mount Rainier and in our surrounding communities.

“It has been almost 14 months since my 32-year-old grandson, Michael Isaac White, was killed. This letter is for everyone who has lost a loved one like myself and my family. These words are also for anyone who saw the crime in progress and still holds that information in his head or heart. Put yourself in my place.

Michael was my first-born grandchild. He has a loving mate, who is now raising their two children without him. His grandparents and family help as much possible, but no one can replace their dad.

I want these dangerous people off the streets before they shoot or hurt someone else. I don't cry every day, but I do think of my grandson every day the Lord sends my way.

I want justice for those killers. If they are ever arrested and found guilty, at least their family can see them during visits to prison - where the killers should be kept for the rest of their evil lives.

I pray that our policemen and women are safe each day as they try to keep our city safe for us. Mayor Nutter and Police Chief Ramsey also need our prayers.

Here's hoping our city will reach out to others who suffer the senseless loss of a family member or friend.

Charlotte White, Philadelphia”

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