Monday, November 07, 2011

Police Report: October 30 - November 5

October 30th:

4000 block of 29th Street: Vandalism to auto – 9:55 am. The owner of a 2011 VW Jetta told officers that she came out to her vehicle this morning and noticed a dent on the very bottom of the rear passenger driver’s side door. The damage did not appear to have been caused from contact with another motor vehicle, and the cause remains unknown.

3100 block of Queens Chapel Road: Theft – 1:20 pm. The manager of the business told officers that while counting a sales register he discovered approximately $300 in cash missing. The manager and the officers reviewed the store’s security tapes and discovered that a suspect went behind the sales counter and removed the cash from the register while the clerk was assisting another customer. The suspect was not identifiable because he held an umbrella over his face during the theft. The security video was seized for follow-up investigation purposes and the investigation is continuing.

October 31st:

3700 block of 34th Street: Warrant service – 10:10 pm. Officers stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation. Further investigation revealed that the driver had an open arrest warrant for failing to appear in court on a charge of driving on a suspended license. He was issued several traffic citations, arrested on the warrant and delivered to the custody of DOC in Hyattsville.

3700 block of Rhode Island Avenue: CDS arrest – 10:45 pm. Officers stopped a 2000 Chevy S10 truck for an equipment violation. Further investigation revealed that a juvenile passenger in the vehicle was in possession of marijuana. He was arrested, charged via a juvenile petition and released to the custody of his parents. The driver was issued several traffic citations and sent on his way.

November 1st:

3200 block of Shepherd Street: Attempted burglary – 2:10 am. Officers responded to the report of a burglary in progress. Upon arrival officers spoke to the resident who stated that he heard and saw what appeared to be three black males wearing dark clothing trying to gain entry to his residence through a window. The suspects fled on foot prior to officer’s arrival. There were no signs of damage or entry into the residence.

3300 block of Buchanan Street: Vehicle impound – 9:50 am. Officers impounded a 1996 Toyota Camry for improper tags.

3800 block of 33rd Street: Theft under $500 – 3:55 pm. Officers responded for the report of a theft of keys. The victim stated that on October 31st around 4 pm he set a bag down outside his residence while he was carrying other items into his home. The bag contained personal items along with a set of keys belonging to his employer. When he returned for the bag a short time later he discovered that it had been stolen.

Queens Chapel Road and Chillum Road: DWI/DUI arrest – 9 pm. Officers responded to investigate a three-car motor vehicle collision. Their investigation revealed that an intoxicated driver rear ended a stopped vehicle at the red light causing the chain reaction collision. The driver was arrested for DUI, issued several citations and delivered to the custody of DOC in Hyattsville.

November 2nd:

3200 block of Varnum Street: Returned missing person – 1:15 pm. Officers responded to follow up on a previously reported missing person. They found that the individual had returned home voluntarily and was uninjured and in good health.

November 3rd:

4500 block of Eastern Avenue: Theft from auto – 8:15 am. The victim told officers that while she was pumping gas at the BP Station the suspect entered the driver’s side of her vehicle and stole several items of her personal property from inside. She said the black male (NFD) suspect got into a light green Nissan Altima with another black male and fled the scene.

4100 block of 31st Street: Juvenile arrest – 9 am. Officers stopped a juvenile male for a field interview. During the interview the juvenile gave the officers a fake name in order to conceal his identity. Further investigation revealed that the juvenile was wanted by DC juvenile services on an open custody warrant. He was arrested on the warrant and transported to MRPD. He was released into the custody of officers from the DC Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services.

3200 block of Queenstown Drive: Child abuse – 9 pm. Officers responded for the report of a child screaming in pain from a beating. Upon arrival the officers interviewed both the child and his mother and observed fresh bruises on both of the child’s arms from shoulder to forearms. Neither the child or his mother would tell the officers how the child came by the bruises. Officers contacted Child Protective Services and they were able to find safe accommodations for the child. CPS is conducting a follow-up investigation to determine what criminal charges, if any are warranted

November 4th:

3300 block of Chillum Road: 2nd degree assault – 10:20 am. Officers responded for the report of unknown trouble at the Family Dollar Store. Upon arrival the officers learned that an employee was involved in a domestic assault with her boyfriend in front of the 7-11 on Chillum Road. The victim sustained a large scratch to her neck but refused medical attention. During the assault the suspect took the victim’s phone. Officers were able to retrieve the victim’s property and the victim said she would be seeking assault charges on the suspect via a District Court Commissioner.

3100 block of Shepherd Street: Theft from auto – 11:45 am. The owner of a 2000 Buick Century told officers that sometime between 4 pm on November 4th and the time he called police someone stole all four of the center hubcaps off his vehicle.

November 5th:

4500 block of Eastern Avenue (BP station): Theft from auto – 12:25 pm. The victim told officers that while she was putting air in her car’s tires someone stole her purse and a mini camcorder from inside the vehicle. The victim was unable to provide any suspect information other than she saw a white vehicle fleeing the scene.

3100 block of Queens Chapel Road (Advanced Auto Parts): Commercial armed robbery – 1:40 pm. Officers responded for the report of an armed robbery that had just occurred. Upon arrival they learned that three black males entered the store, one of whom acted as a lookout while the other two displayed semi automatic handguns and proceeded to have the cashiers open the registers. The suspects took an undetermined amount of cash before fleeing the store on foot. A canvass of the area for the suspects was negative. PG County Robbery Detectives arrived on scene to handle the investigation.

3500 block of Newton Place: Hit and run collision – 5:15 pm. The owner of a 2010 Honda CRV reported that sometime between 3 pm and the time she called police a second, unidentified vehicle hit her vehicle’s rear bumper and fled the scene.

3600 block of Bunker Hill Road: Vehicle impound – 11:40 pm. Officers received a report of a 2003 Honda Civic blocking a residential driveway. Officers were unable to identify and/or contact the vehicle’s owner. The vehicle was issued a parking violation notice and impounded.

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