Thursday, January 12, 2012

10 Easy Steps to Keep Police Officers Safe on the Road

Here are 10 easy steps you can take to make our roadways safer for officers and others and to help decrease officer injuries and fatalities. Please remember these every time you're out on the road. Do your part to keep our officers safe!

1. Focus on driving. Do not talk on your cell phone, eat, hunt for items in your vehicle or engage in other distractions while driving. Know the laws on distracted driving in your jurisdiction - and follow them.

2. Give officers room on the roadway. When you see or hear a police or other emergency vehicle with its lights and siren activated, slow down, move to the right and stop if possible. Once the emergency vehicle passes, do not follow the vehicle too closely - give it plenty of room.

3. Move over. When see you a police or other emergency vehicle stopped on the side of the roadway, slow down and, if possible, safely move one additional lane away from the stop. Forty-seven states have now enacted so-called "Move Over" laws, and violators can be ticketed.

4. Never drive on the shoulder of a highway. This is not only illegal but also dangerous, as police and other emergency vehicles often use the shoulder to get to traffic crashes and other incidents.

5. Watch officers' hands as they direct traffic.

6. Only drive when sober.

7. Drive within the speed limit.

8. Keep the volume on your car radio at a reasonable level.

9. Don't wear headphones while you drive.

10. Report drunk drivers.

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