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Police Report: August 11-17

The Mount Rainier Police Department’s weekly report is not intended to be a listing of every incident or call for service handled by the police department, but merely a general summary of incidents that may be of interest to the community. Some reports may be outside the date parameters due to extended investigations or other circumstances. Some cases are not included at all due to ongoing investigations.

August 17th:

2900 block of Bunker Hill Road: Theft from auto – 10:10am. The owner of a 2008 Jeep told officers that she parked and locked her vehicle on August 17th at about 2am. When she returned to the vehicle this morning she discovered that someone had broken into the vehicle by shattering the rear passenger window. Those responsible stole a small grill from the trunk and miscellaneous coins and the owner’s driver’s license from inside the passenger compartment.

4000 block of 29th Street: Vehicle impound – 10:25am. Officers impounded a 2004 Mercedes that had been previously marked for 48-hour towing.

4000 block of 29th Street: Theft from auto – 10:25am. The owner of a 1990 Toyota Camry told officers that he parked and secured his vehicle at about 3pm on August 9th. He returned to the vehicle this morning to discovered that his tools and work boots had been stolen from inside. There were no signs of forced entry into the vehicle and no evidence was recovered.

August 16th:

3600 block of Rhode Island Avenue: Criminal citation – 12:25pm. Officers issued a man a criminal citation for drinking an alcoholic beverage in a public place.

3400 block of Rhode Island Avenue: Disorderly conduct – 12:45pm. Officers on patrol observed a man sitting at the bus stop with an open container of an alcoholic beverage. When the officers stopped to issue the man a criminal citation he became disorderly and refused to cooperate with the officers. He was eventually arrested, charged with disorderly conduct and the alcohol violation and delivered to the custody of DOC in Hyattsville.

4200 block of 30th Street: Burglary – 5:25pm. The complainant told officers that he and his crew were working to renovate the unoccupied house. They left the property at about 12pm securing the front door as they left. When they returned at about 4pm they discovered several of their tools missing. There was no forced entry into the house and officers discovered several open ground floor windows.

August 15th:

4000 block of 34th Street (Glut): Commercial robbery – 12:40pm. The store clerk told officers that a black male, described only as agitated, came into the store. The man approached the sales counter, lifted the front of his shirt and displayed a black handgun and ordered the clerk to open the cash register. She did so and the man pulled out the register’s drawer, took the cash from inside and immediately fled the store and was last seen running on foot towards Bunker Hill Road. The robbery was captured on the store’s security cameras. PGPD detectives responded to the scene to take over the investigation. Preliminary investigation indicates that this robbery was likely committed by the same person who has robbed several other establishments in N.E. DC and Hyattsville, including the Hyattsville post office.

August 14th:

3800 block of 34th Street: Child custody dispute - 4:35pm. Officers took a report of a child custody incident. The children's' mother picked them up for a hair appointment instead of taking them shopping for school supplies. The father, who has full custody of the children, wanted the incident documented by the police.

August 13th:

34th and Otis Streets: Vandalism - 1:45am. Officers responded fort the report of a man pouring gasoline on several parked vehicles. When the officers arrived they could smell the gasoline but could not locate the suspect. MRPD officers along with PGPD officers and a U.S. Park Police helicopter canvassed the area for over an hour with no results. Roughly 35 minutes later MRPD officers received a return call thst the suspect was back in the area. This time the officers were able to locate and arrest him. He was charged with vandalism and delivered to the custody of DOC in Hyattsville.

3700 block of 36th Street: Vandalism to auto - 9:45pm. The owner of a 2002 Mitsubishi told officers that sometime between 7pm and the time he called police someone damaged all the windows of his vehicle. Nothing of value was taken from the vehicle. A canvass of the area for evidence/witnesses was negative.

August 12th:

3400 block of Eastern Avenue: Vehicle impound - 12:05am. Officers on patrol observed a 2002 Cadillac DTS unoccupied vehicle with the windows down. Further investigation revealed that the registration plates expired in January of 2012 and that the tags were issued to another vehicle.  The tags were seized for return to MVA and the vehicle was impounded.

3100 block of Arundel Road: Attempt stolen auto - 7:05am. The owner of a 2006 Chrysler minivan told officers that she came out to her vehicle this morning to discover damage to the vehicle's ignition. The damage was consistent with someone having attempted to steal the vehicle. A canvass of the neighborhood for evidence/witnesses was conducted with negative results.

3100 block of Perry Street: Animal complaint - 7:35am. The complainant told officers that she was walking her dog when one of two other dogs running loose attacked and bit her dog. She said that the bite did not break her dog's skin. A witness assisted in corralling both dogs until their owner arrived to properly secure them at his home. The owner of the attacking dog was cooperative and told officers he would wait for animal control officers to arrive to handle the incident further.

3200 block of Chillum Road: Domestic assault - 3:20pm. The victim told officers that she and the father of her son got into a verbal argument over the proper discipline of their son. The argument became physical and the father grabbed the victim and threw her to the floor. He choked her before finally releasing her and fleeing the residence. The suspect could not be located and charges for 2nd degree domestic assault are pending.

3200 block of Chillum Road: Attempt stolen auto - 5:45pm. The owner of a 2001 Dodge Caravan told officers that sometime between 11:30pm on the 11th and the time he called police someone damaged the driver's door lock and ignition on his vehicle. The damage was consistent with someone having attempted to steal the vehicle. A canvass of the neighborhood for evidence/witnesses was conducted with negative results.

August 11th:

3800 block of 37th Street: Stolen auto (recovered) -1am. Officers were notified by the Washington DC Metro Police Department that their officers recovered the victim’s 2006 Ford truck in the 5000 block of Eastern Avenue, NE. The vehicle had ignition damage and was in drivable condition with both tags attached. The vehicle was impounded for safe keeping and the owner notified. 

4000 block of 33rd Street: 4th degree sex assault (supplement) - 7:25pm. Officers monitoring the one of the City’s Yahoo Groups noticed a post about a citizen's encounter with the victim of an assault. Officers contacted the individual and obtained a statement as to their involvement and observations with the victim. Officers documented the information and forwarded it to the Prince George’s County Police detectives handling the follow-up investigation.

Citizens are reminded to PLEASE call and report suspicious activity. Even if you choose not to provide your name or other personal information, we still need your help as extra eyes and ears in the community.

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