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Police Report: September 29 - October 5

The Mount Rainier Police Department’s weekly report is not intended to be a listing of every incident or call for service handled by the police department, but merely a general summary of incidents that may be of interest to the community. Some reports may be outside the date parameters due to extended investigations or other circumstances. Some cases are not included at all due to ongoing investigations.

October 5th:

4700 block of 25th Street: Missing person (juvenile) – 9:30am. The parents of a 14 year old girl told officers that their daughter left for school at about 8:30am on October 4th and had not returned home. The officers learned that the girl is a habitual runaway and usually stays with friends until she decides to come home. Officers entered the girl’s information into NCIC missing persons files.

4100 block of 31st Street: Property damage – 4:30pm. Officers responded for the report of a possible burglary. When they arrived they met with the resident who told them that he left home locked and secure at about 4pm on October 2nd. When he returned this afternoon he discovered that there were some cracks in the raised panels on his wooden front door. The door had not been defeated and there were no signs anyone had entered the residence. Officers were unable to tell what or who caused the damage.

3400 block of Rhode Island Avenue: Loitering warning – 8:50pm. Officers patrolling the area encountered an intoxicated man sitting on the steps. Officers recognized the man as one they had previously warned about loitering and drinking in the area. He was issued a loitering warning notice barring him from the area for a period of 30 days..

October 4th:

3800 block of 35th Street: Criminal citation – 2:40pm. Officers issued a man a criminal citation for drinking in public.

3700 block of 36th Street: Burglary – 7:15pm. The resident told officers that he locked and secured his residence before leaving home at about 6:45am. When he returned this evening he discovered that someone had broken in and ransacked his house. Officers determined that those responsible broke in through the basement door but were unable to get from the basement to the main floor. They then removed a main level window air conditioner to get in. The resident said that nothing appeared to have been stolen.

October 3rd:

4300 block of 31st Street: Missing person (located) – 11:30am. The juvenile reported missing from home detention by his grandmother on October 1st was located. He was arrested for the armed robbery that occurred on October 2nd in the 3800 block of 34th Street. His information was removed from NCIC missing persons files and his grandparents were apprised of the situation. Officers also notified parole and probation of his arrest.

4300 block of 28th Place: Theft from auto – 2:05pm. The owner of a 2006 Nissan Altima told officers that sometime prior to his call to police someone stole the front tag off his vehicle. No evidence or witnesses were identified.

4500 block of 29th Street: Suspicious person – 3:15pm. The complainant called to report that a man who was one of her foster children about 12 years ago had been sending her harassing text messages and was presently on her property. Officers detained the man and determined that he was not wanted and was possibly suffering from mental problems. He was escorted off the property and warned that he would be arrested for trespassing should he return. The complainant was advised of her options with the District Court Commissioner.

October 2nd:

3400 Rhode Island Avenue: Loitering warning – 12:25pm. Officers issued a man a loitering warning barring him from the 3400 block of Rhode Island Avenue for a period of 30 days. The man was issued the notice due to his repeated arrests for open alcohol container and drinking in public.

3800 block of 34th Street: Armed robbery – 9:40pm. Officers responded for the report of an armed robbery in progress. When the officers arrived they were told by the store owner that he had just been robbed by a black male armed with a handgun and a Hispanic male armed with a knife. The two initially demanded money from the owner and when he refused they stole several items off the store shelves before fleeing the store on foot on Bunker Hill Road towards Brentwood. Several witnesses told the officers that the two suspects were last seen on 35th Street running towards Rhode Island Avenue. Officers chased the suspects on foot and apprehended both at 37th Street and Rhode Island Avenue. The store owner responded and positively identified the two as the ones who robbed him. He also identified property recovered from each of them as property stolen during the robbery.  No handgun was recovered from either arrestee. A PGPD K-9 unit responded and conducted an article search along the path the arrestees ran. The K-9 did not recover a hand gun but did locate other articles taken from the store. PGPD robbery detectives and a forensics team responded to assume a follow-up investigation and process the scene for evidence. Both arrestees were identified as juveniles but are charged as adults with felony armed robbery.

October 1st:

3400 block of Rhode Island Avenue: Criminal citation – 9am. Officers issued a man a criminal citation for drinking in public.

3400 block of Rhode Island AvenueTraffic/disorderly conduct – 10:45am. Officers stopped a 2005 Chevy Impala for a traffic violation. Further investigation revealed that the driver did not have a license and was in possession of an open alcoholic beverage. He was issued multiple traffic citations and his vehicle was impounded. During the encounter with the driver he became quite disorderly yelling profanities and disturbing passersby. The officers’ efforts to get the man to calm down and leave the scene were not successful. He was arrested, charged with disorderly conduct and delivered to the custody of DOC in Hyattsville.

3600 block of Rhode Island Avenue: Assault – 3:05pm. Officers responded to the Prince George’s Hospital to interview a man who was the victim of an assault on Rhode Island Avenue. The victim told the officers that he had been assaulted by three black males back on September 29th and the injuries he exhibited were consistent with being physically assaulted. PGPD detectives also responded to the hospital to interview the victim and assist with a follow-up investigation.

4300 block of 31st Street: Missing person – 4:55pm. A woman came into the police station to report her grandson missing. She said that he was on court-ordered home detention and broke his ankle monitor and left home. The juvenile’s information was entered into NCIC missing persons files and officers notified parole and probation that he had gone missing.

September 30th:

3300 block of Chillum Road: Vehicle impound – 8:45am. Officers impounded a 1999 Nissan Maxima for displaying expired registration plates.

3200 block of Shepherd Street: House fire – 10:40am. Officers responded to assist fire/rescue personnel and PGPD with a house fire. The fire was contained to a single home and one person sustained burns to his legs. He was transported to Medstar for treatment of his injuries. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

4300 block of Russell Avenue: Stolen vehicle – 11:05am. The owner of a 1994 Honda Accord told officers that he parked his vehicle by his residence last evening. When he returned for it this morning he discovered that it had been stolen. No evidence was recovered at the scene and no witnesses were identified.

2300 block of Varnum Street: Lost credit card – 11pm. Officers were flagged down by a citizen who wanted to report a lost credit card. He told the officers that within two hours of losing his card someone used it to purchase food items from a local store. He said that he had already cancelled his card but needed a police report to dispute the recent charges.

September 29st:

3700 block of Rhode Island Avenue: Warrant service – 11am. Officers stopped a man riding a motor scooter because he was no wearing a helmet. Further investigation revealed that he did not hace a license to operate the scooter and he had an open arrest warrant through Prince George’s County for possession of CDS. He was issued four traffic citations, arrested on the warrant and delivered to the custody of DOC in Hyattsville. The scooter was impounded for safekeeping.

3500 block of Otis Street: Stolen vehicle – 11:45am. The reporting person told officers that he parked a 1997 Honda Accord by his residence at about 9:30pm on the 28th. When he returned for it this morning he discovered it had been stolen. The vehicle is owned by the reporting person’s brother who is out of town on business. A witness told officers that at about 8:30am this morning she heard an argument outside and saw several men standing around the vehicle but assumed the owner was involved. No evidence was recovered at the scene.

4500 block of Eastern Avenue (BP station): Theft from auto – 12:45pm. The owner of a 2011 Honda CRV told officers that after she had finished pumping gas she discovered her purse and several other items missing from inside the car. She did not see anyone enter the vehicle while she was pumping gas. She said she saw a white Cadillac with a blue vinyl top driven by an older black male leaving the parking lot about the time she discovered her belongings missing.

Citizens are reminded to PLEASE call and report suspicious activity. Even if you choose not to provide your name or other personal information, we still need your help as extra eyes and ears in the community.

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