Friday, August 26, 2011

Storm Update

Beginning at 6 pm tomorrow night the police department will go on Tactical Alert in response to Hurricane Irene. All officers will be on duty and we will have the City’s command center set up here at the police station.


You can assist the Department by making your necessary emergency preparations over the next 24 hours so you will be prepared to weather (no pun intended) the storm as safely as possible. Please see my posts from yesterday that outline precautions you should take. I encourage you to check on your neighbors and let us know if there are any residents, such as the elderly, who may need special assistance in case their home becomes uninhabitable.


As a reminder, the emergency number to police our police communications center is 301-985-6565/6566. The non-emergency number here at the police station is 301-985-6580/6590. If the power goes out at the police station you will not be able to call into the 301-985-6580/6590 number. If you get no answer at the non-emergency number please call my cell at 240-508-7687 or Captain Stoots’ cell at 240-417-7516. If those fail you can e-mail me at or at


I will be tweeting about the conditions in the City and other necessary information starting at 6 pm tomorrow. You can get my Twitter updates by following @MRPDChief.


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