Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Assault on an MRPD Police Officer

On February 7th at about 10 pm Mount Rainier Police Corporal A.J. Ortiz initiated a traffic stop at Chillum Road and Queens Chapel Road. The driver of the vehicle stopped in the parking lot of the RAI Care Center located in the 2400 block of Chillum Road. CPL Ortiz approached the driver of the vehicle and attempted to obtain his information. Shortly thereafter the driver placed the vehicle in reverse while turning the wheel. The vehicle struck CPL Ortiz causing him to lose his balance. The driver then placed the vehicle in drive and struck CPL Ortiz a second time causing him to roll over the driver’s side hood and windshield and fall to the pavement. As the vehicle fled the parking lot onto Chillum Road the driver’s side rear tire rolled over CPL Ortiz’s left ankle. CPL Ortiz was able to broadcasted a lookout for the vehicle over his police radio and a search for the vehicle was initiated by officers from MRPD, Prince George’s County, Hyattsville City and MPD. CPL Ortiz was assisted at the scene by two off duty DC firefighters before he was transported by PG fire/rescue to MedStar for treatment.

After the vehicle fled the parking lot Communications personnel discovered that it had been previously reported stolen from an address in DC. Sometime later witnesses reported seeing several individuals getting out of the vehicle in the 500 block of Greenlawn Drive in Hyattsville. Witnesses said at one individual got back into the vehicle and left the area. PGPD patrol officers located and stopped the vehicle at 14th Avenue and 14th Place and arrested the driver. Further investigation revealed that the driver was not the one responsible for striking CPL Ortiz. PGPD detectives took over primary and follow-up investigation of the crime.

CPL Ortiz was treated at MedStar for injuries to his head, neck, back and legs. He did not suffer any broken bones or serious internal injury. He was released from the hospital early this morning and is presently recuperating at home.

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