Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A few holiday travel tips

Before you leave:

• Place interior/outdoor lights, televisions and radios on timers. Make sure your lights are timed for appropriate hours.

• Unplug your garage door opener and lock the rails from the inside.

• Inspect your home prior to departure and make sure all windows and doors are locked and secure. This should also include storage areas.

• Make sure you secure outdoor items such as bicycles, toys, outdoor grill, etc.

• Unplug all appliances to include TV, stereos, computers, toasters, and microwave ovens to prevent damage in case of an electrical storm or power outage.

• Make sure the last person out of the house locks the door. Then make a check of the outside to make sure everything is secure.

When you return:

• If you arrive early please notify the MRPD to cancel your house check. If you anticipate a longer trip or delay, call to extend your house check.

• Resume your mail, subscription and deliveries.

• Inspect your home both interior and exterior. Report any criminal acts to the MRPD immediately.

• Plug your garage door device in. Remember to remove the lock from the rail. Failure to do so may result in damage to the device and rails.

• Immediately inspect all billing statements upon arrival from your bank or credit card company. Report any suspicious activity immediately to the MRPD and your financial institution.

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