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Police Report: November 23-29

The Mount Rainier Police Department’s weekly report is not intended to be a listing of every incident or call for service handled by the police department, but merely a general summary of incidents that may be of interest to the community. Some reports may be outside the date parameters due to extended investigations or other circumstances. Some cases are not included at all due to ongoing investigations.

November 29th:

3700 block of Wells Avenue: Burglary – 10:25am. The resident told officers that she was absent from her home from about 2pm on the 28th to about 12:45pm today. She said that when she returned she discovered that the rear door to the residence had been broken and that the house had been rummaged through. The victim does not believe that anything was missing as she is in the process of moving and that most of the house is boxed up.

3800 block of 35th Street: Vandalism to auto – 12:45pm. The owner of a 2008 Mazda told officers that he came out to move his vehicle and discovered a dent in the front fender. Officers observed the outline of a shoe print on the fender identifying how the dent was made.

Queens Chapel Road and Chillum Road: Hit and run collision – 1pm. The owner of a 2010 Dodge Charger told officers that she was in a left turn lane on Queens Chapel Road when the vehicle in front of her made an erratic move causing her to stop quickly. The vehicle behind her failed to stop and rear ended her. The driver of the striking vehicle fled the scene without exchanging information.

November 28th:

2400 block of Chillum Road: Warrant service – 9:30pm. Officers stopped a 2003 Dodge Caravan for a traffic violation. Further investigation revealed that the driver did not have a license and had an open arrest warrant through the Prince George’s County Sheriff’s Office for 2nd degree assault. She was issued several traffic citations, arrested on the warrant and delivered to the custody of DOC in Hyattsville. Her vehicle was impounded for safekeeping.

November 27th:

Nothing significant to report.

November 26th:

3100 block of Chillum Road (7-11): Assault/trespassing – 1:25am. Officers responded for the report of a man trespassing and causing a disturbance. When they arrived they spoke with the store clerk who said that the man had been in the store for an extended period and was harassing other customers. He was asked to leave by the clerk but refused. He cursed at the clerk and threw food at him. When the officers asked the man to leave he again refused. He was arrested, charged with simple assault and trespassing and delivered to the custody of DOC in Hyattsville.

4000 block of 34th Street: Concealed weapon – 2am. Officers observed a suspicious person wearing a ski mask walking in the middle of the street. The officers stopped him for a field interview and when they tried to pat him down for weapons he pushed away from them and tried to run away. After a brief struggle he was placed into custody and searched. The search revealed that he was in possession of a concealed, loaded .38 caliber revolver. He was transported to DOC in Hyattsville where he was charged with possession of a concealed deadly weapon and other charges. PGPD robbery detectives interviewed the man and assisted in taking his statement. MSP Troopers from the Maryland Gun center assisted with researching the man’s criminal history and advised MRPD officers of the appropriate criminal charges to place against him.

4300 block of 28th Place: Stolen vehicle – 3:15pm. The reporting person told officers that he dropped the owner of a 2013 Acura off at the airport at about 6:50am this morning. He drove the vehicle back home and parked it. When he came back for the vehicle this afternoon he discovered that it had been stolen.

4200 block of Russell Avenue: Burglary – 4:05pm. The resident told officers that he returned home to discover that his front door had been kicked in and several items of his personal property had been stolen from the living and bedroom areas. Neighbors told officers that they heard noises in the hallway but believed they were caused by maintenance personnel. No evidence was recovered.

3100 block of Queens Chapel Road (Family Dollar): Theft – 8:55am. The store manager told officers that he saw a black female come into the store and begin browsing in the undergarments section. The manager and two witnesses said they saw the woman place several items of merchandise into her purse. One of the witnesses approached the woman but was unable to stop her from leaving the store without paying for the items. She was observed leaving the area on foot towards 30th Street and Queens Chapel Road. A canvass of the area for the woman proved negative.

November 25th:

3100 block of Chillum Road (7-11): Theft – 1:20pm. The store clerk told officers that a black male came into the store, selected two sandwiches and put them in his coat pocket. He then left the store without paying for the items.

4200 block of Kaywood Drive: Vehicle impound – 2:20pm. Officers impounded a 1998 Ford Taurus that had a suspended registration and had been previously marked for 48-hour towing.

3100 block of Queens Chapel Road: CDS possession – 4:45pm. Officers responded to the Luskin’s Plaza are for a possible fight. While canvassing the area they stopped an individual for a field interview. The officers immediately smelled the odor of marijuana about his person and upon further investigation he was found to be in possession of marijuana and CDA paraphernalia. He was also found to be wearing a GPS monitoring device on his ankle. Juvenile Services was contacted about the monitoring device and they told the officers to deliver him to their custody. He was charged with possession of CDS and CDS paraphernalia and turned over to Juvenile Services at their facility in Cheltenham.

November 24th:

4100 block of Russell Avenue: Assault – 8:45am. The victim told officers that she and a male friend became involved in a verbal argument that turned physical. The man left the scene prior to the officers’ arrival. Officers completed a lethality assessment screen and documented the incident. The victim was advised of her options with a District Court Commissioner.

2400 block of Arundel Road: Vehicle impound – 4pm. Officers patrolling with an ALPR were alerted to a 2000 Mitsubishi with a suspended registration and a pick up order for the tags. The information was confirmed, the tags seized for return to MVA and the vehicle was impounded.

3700 block of Wells Avenue (Built Up Roofing): MIR – 9:20pm. The business owner told officers that he discovered an open door to the business and that he suspected someone was inside illegally. With the assistance of a K9 unit from Greenbelt PD the building was searched and discovered to be unoccupied. The owner advised that he did not notice anything missing and is unsure of how the door was left open.

3400 block of Rhode Island Avenue: Assault – 10:55pm. Officers responded for the report of an injured female. When they arrived they found a woman lying unconscious at the bottom of a stairwell. The female was given medical treatment and transported to a local hospital. Further investigation revealed that the female was in the stairwell speaking to a black male who was wearing dark colored clothing. The man struck the woman breaking her jaw and rendering her unconscious. The incident is still under investigation and PGPD detectives responded and are assisting.

November 23rd:

3100 block of Chillum Road: Warrant service – Officers responded for the report of a disorderly person. When the officers arrived the suspect had left the residence but was located nearby. A warrant check revealed that he had an open arrest warrant through Prince George’s County. He was arrested on the warrant and delivered to the custody of DOC in Hyattsville.

4000 block of 32nd Street: Attempt Burglary – 12:35pm. The homeowner told officers that as he arrived home he saw two black males between the ages of 15-17 YOA wearing dark color hats, grayish jackets and dark color pants walking down his drive way. When he went into the house he discovered shattered glass on the floor from the back door and the kitchen window screen pulled out and placed against the wall. Nothing was reported stolen from the house. The scene was processed for evidence with negative results. The two suspects could not be located.

2900 block of Allison Street: Disorderly – 4:50pm. Officers arrested a violently disorderly woman who refused to leave the premises after being served with a protective order. She was charged with disorderly conduct and other charges and delivered to the custody of DOC in Hyattsville.

3100 block of Queens Chapel Road: Vehicle impound – 7:45pm. Officers impounded the remains of a 2004 Nissan Altima that had been destroyed by fire. The owner told the officers that he parked the vehicle about 45 minutes before it was discovered burning. Fire/rescue personnel extinguished the fire but did not identify a possible cause.

Citizens are reminded to PLEASE call and report suspicious activity. Even if you choose not to provide your name or other personal information, we still need your help as extra eyes and ears in the community.

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