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Police Report: November 30 - December 6

The Mount Rainier Police Department’s weekly report is not intended to be a listing of every incident or call for service handled by the police department, but merely a general summary of incidents that may be of interest to the community. Some reports may be outside the date parameters due to extended investigations or other circumstances. Some cases are not included at all due to ongoing investigations.

December 6th:

3300 block of Chauncey Place: Domestic assault – 1am. Officers responded for the report of loud noise coming from an apartment. When the officers arrived they observed blood on the steps leading to the apartment. They spoke with the resident/victim who told them that she and her boyfriend/suspect got into an argument. The argument turned physical and the man grabbed her by her hair and shoved her into a wall. The victim locked herself in a bedroom to get away from the man and heard him breaking things before fleeing the apartment just before the police arrived. She said the blood was not hers and that it came from the suspect when he broke a mirror. The officers completed a domestic violence lethality assessment and advised the victim of her options with a District Court Commissioner.

2900 block of Upshur Street: Stolen auto – 6:05am. The owner of a 1999 Toyota told officers that sometime between 6:30pm on the 5th and the time he called police someone stole his vehicle.

3100 block of Varnum Street: Theft from auto – 11:30am. The owner of a 2000 Toyota told officers that came out to her vehicle this morning and discovered that someone had broken into her vehicle through a rear passenger side vent window and stole several items of her personal property from inside.

4300 block of 30th Street: Vandalism to auto – 1:15pm. The reporting person told officers that he left his mother’s 2012 Honda parked and secured at about 2am this morning. When he returned to the vehicle he discovered damage to a rear passenger window and the interior ransacked. There did not appear to be anything missing from the vehicle at the time of the report.

4200 block of 32nd Street: Theft from auto – 1:15pm. The owner of a 1998 Toyota told officers that he came out to his vehicle this afternoon and discovered that someone had broken into his vehicle through a rear passenger side vent window and stole several items of her personal property from inside.

December 5th:

3700 block of Rhode Island Avenue: Warrant service – 11:55pm. Officers stopped a 2004 Nissan for a traffic violation. Further investigation revealed that the vehicle’s tags were suspended for an emissions violations and the driver had an open warrant through Prince George’s County for failing to appear in court on a charge of driving without a license. The driver was issued several traffic citations, arrested on the warrant and delivered to the custody of DOC in Hyattsville. The vehicle was impounded.

December 4th:

4300 block of Russell Avenue: Traffic arrest – 8:40am. Officers stopped to investigate an illegally parked vehicle with music playing at an excessive level. Further investigation revealed that the driver’s license was suspended and had been suspended at least four times in the last year. As officers were attempting to issue the driver the appropriate citations he became very uncooperative and attempted to leave the scene multiple times. As a result he was arrested for the violations, charged accordingly and delivered to the custody of DOC in Hyattsville.

3200 block of Varnum Street: 2nd degree assault – 7:05pm. Officers responded for the report of a dispute. As they arrived they saw a woman push another female to the ground. The woman was found to be highly intoxicated, uncooperative and causing a disturbance within the household. Officers were also shown a cell phone video of the woman assaulting other members of the household just minutes prior to the officers’ arrival. The woman was arrested, charged with 2nd degree assault and delivered to the custody of DOC in Hyattsville.

December 3rd:

3800 block of 32nd Street: Theft – 9:40am. The resident told officers that sometime between 9:30pm on the 2nd and 7:30am this morning someone stole eight decorative garden bricks out of her yard.

2500 block of Allison Street: Assault – 5:40pm. A 15 year old girl told officers that at about 2pm this afternoon she was cleaning house when her father got upset at her for leaving dishes in the sink and kids toys on the floor. She said that her father grabbed her by the neck, squeezed her and threw her into a TV. The victim could not notify police at the time of the incident because she had no accesses to a phone. When her mother came home she called police. Officers assisted the victim and her mother with transportation to the Commissioner’s Office to apply for charges. Officers also contacted Child Protective services and advised them of the incident.

December 2nd:

Nothing significant to report.

December 1st:

3000 Bunker Hill Road: Theft from auto – 9am. The owner of a 2015 Honda told officers that sometime between 7pm on November 30th and the time she called police someone stole the Maryland temp tag (291077T) off her vehicle.

4400 block of 31st Street: Theft – 10:55am. The victim told officers that her son and his girlfriend were over for Thanksgiving. She said that she had her iPhone on charge in the bathroom and when she went to retrieve it, it was missing. She later discovered that her son and his girlfriend took the phone. She was advised of her options with a District Court Commissioner.

28th Place and Russell Avenue: Recovered stolen auto – 10:15pm. Officers on patrol observed a 1995 Honda traveling at a high rate of speed followed closely by a marked DC police vehicle. The MRPD officers lost sight of both vehicles and began to search the area. They located the Honda in the 4300 block of Kaywood Drive where it tried to intentionally collide with an MRPD police car. The DC cruiser again took up its chase and MRPD again lost sight of both vehicles.  MRPD officers finally located the Honda abandoned on the playground at 28th Place and Russell Avenue. The DC police cruiser could not be located. Witnesses told the officers that the Honda’s driver lost control and went off roadway, then fled on foot towards the 2900 block of Arundel Road. A call to DC police communications revealed that none of their officers notified them that they were in pursuit of a vehicle. A check of the Honda’s registration revealed it had been previously reported stolen from an address in Prince George’s County. The vehicle was impounded for safekeeping.

November 30th:

2700 block of Queens Chapel Road: Theft of services – 5:40am. A cab driver told officers that he picked up a fare in Hyattsville and drove her to the 2700 block of Queens Chapel Road. The woman got out of the cab and told the cabbie that she was going inside to get money. She never came back. The cabbie described her as a black female, 20-30 years of age, wearing a black coat and blue leans.

3100 block of Chillum Road: M/V collision – 6:40am. The owner of a 2008 Nissan Versa told officers that he parked his vehicle in the 7-11 parking lot and went inside the store. While he was in the store a 2005 Dodge pulled into the parking lot and struck the rear corner of the bumper of the Nissan. When the owner spoke to the driver of the striking vehicle he denied striking his vehicle. The driver of the striking vehicle then fled the scene. The owner got all of the suspect’s vehicle information and the investigation is continuing.

4300 block of 28th Place: Stolen auto (recovered) – 7am. Officers were notified that the 2013 Acura stolen from the 4300 block of 28th Place was recovered in the 7200 block of Adelphi Road at about 1:30am this morning. The person driving the vehicle at the time of recovery was arrested.

3700 block of Rhode Island Avenue: Theft from auto – 12:55pm. The owner of a 2007 Honda CRV told officers that sometime prior to his call to police someone entered the vehicle, ransacked it, and stole approximately $20 in change. With the help of a witness further investigation led officers to believe that two juveniles were going through the parking lot looking for unlocked cars. One of the juveniles entered the victim’s vehicle and took the change. Officers were able to locate the suspects several hours later. One of the suspects was found to be in possession of a large amount of change. The investigation is still ongoing at this time.

3700 block of Rhode Island Avenue: Criminal citation – 10:45pm. Officers stopped a 2014 Toyota Camry for driving without headlights. The driver was very uncooperative and refused to provide identification. Officers eventually issued the driver a criminal citation for refusing to obey a lawful order and charged him with the appropriate traffic citations. 

3100 block of Chillum Road: Assault – 10:45pm. Officers were called to the 7-11 to deal with two individuals involved in a confrontation. Further investigation revealed that there was an argument between the two over one of them disapproving of the other dating his sister. During the argument one of the men picked up a brick and threatened the other man. The other countered by displaying a knife and warning that he would defend himself. Neither subject physically touched the other. Due to different accounts of the story the incident was documented and both parties were instructed how to file charges through the Commissioner’s office. One of the men was transported to the Commissioner’s office so he could apply for a protective order.

Citizens are reminded to PLEASE call and report suspicious activity. Even if you choose not to provide your name or other personal information, we still need your help as extra eyes and ears in the community.

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