Wednesday, September 30, 2015

PGC OEM Brief: Hurricane Joaquin - September 30th

Tropical Storm Joaquin has been updated to a Hurricane as of 0800 hours today, September 30th.

Currently there is variation in the models as to where and when Joaquin will make landfall. Some models place it coming onshore at the Eastern Shore of Maryland, while others take it farther up the coast or out into the ocean. The models are expected to converge over the next 24-36 hours, we will make sure to share this information with you as we receive it.

Regardless if Joaqiun makes landfall at the Eastern Shore or elsewhere along the East Coast, the NWS has high confidence that heavy rain and flooding is expected to BEGIN Thursday night and last through Monday for the entire state of Maryland. Rain totals across the state will be 5-10 inches over the weekend, with some places receiving higher amounts. Storm surge coastal flooding and freshwater flooding are also expected to occur.

Prince George's County Office of Emergency Management will continue to monitor the situation and develop situational awareness packages that will be shared with local governments. We will have more updates for you beginning tomorrow morning.  Please continue to monitor social media and your local news stations for updated weather information.

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