Monday, February 23, 2009

Police Report: February 20-22

Friday February 20:

3200 block of Arundel Road: At about 8 am officers responded for the report of an attempted abduction. When the officers arrived they interviewed two juveniles who told them that they were walking to school when a suspicious dark skinned black male wearing a black coat, black hat, and light blue jeans walked beside them on the way to school. They also said that the man made no verbal comment or statement to the juveniles. The officers determined that no attempt abduction had taken place. The officers made periodic checks of the area with negative results.

4300 block of 40th Street (Brentwood): At about 3:30 pm an individual came into MRPD to report an identity theft. She told the officers that sometime within this past year person(s) used her social security number and that she received a W-2 in her name that was not hers. The officers completed a report to document the incident and also advised her to report the incident to the main credit reporting agencies.

4500 block of 34th Street: At about 3:15 pm officers investigated the report of a 5 YOA special needs child that could not be dropped off by the school bus driver at his assigned bus stop. The bus driver, acting under school policy could not drop off the child because there was no parent, legal guardian or other responsible adult there to take custody of the child. After approximately two hours the officers were able to locate and s[peak with the child’s mother. The mother told the officers that the child’s grandmother was supposed to be at the bus stop as she has always in the past, but for some unknown reason did not arrive to meet bus driver at drop off point. The situation was rectified and the child returned home safe and sound.

Saturday February 21:

4100 block of Russell Avenue: At about 7:45 am officers responded for the report of a citizen armed robbery. The officers’ investigation revealed that two victims were walking in the area when they were approached by two individuals armed with handguns. One suspect targeted one victim while the other suspect targeted the second victim. Both victims were robbed of their personal belongings at gunpoint. Both suspects fled into an awaiting vehicle driven by a third suspect (driver). Neither victim sustained any injury during the crime. PGPD detectives were notified of the incident and will handle the follow-up investigation. MRPD officers assisted by Bladensburg PD and PGPD units canvassed the area for the suspects and their vehicle with negative results. A lookout was broadcast to other area police agencies for officer safety and apprehension. The three suspects were described as follows:

Suspect 1: Black male, 20-25 YOA, 5’6” tall, 150 lbs, dark skin, black hair, grey wool jacket, blue jeans, dark sunglasses, armed with a silver handgun.
Suspect 2: Black male, 20-25 YOA, 5’5” tall, 130 lbs, medium skin, black hair, black hooded jacket, black hat, black pants, dark sunglasses, armed with a black handgun.
Suspect 3: Black male, 30-39 YOA, wearing dark sunglasses.
Suspect vehicle: Unknown model Nissan, 4-door, dark maroon in color, with unknown MD registration plates and dark windows.

4300 block of 28th Street: At about 7:50 am officers responded for a second citizen armed robbery involving the same suspects and suspect vehicle that robbed the victims minutes earlier on Russell Avenue. As in the first robbery the suspects approached the victim, displayed handguns and robbed the victim of his personal property. After the robbery they fled the area in the suspect vehicle.

4200 block of Russell Avenue: At about 9:30 am officers responded for the report of a vandalism to auto. The victim told the officers that he parked his undamaged car by his residence at about 5:30 pm on February 20th. When he returned to his car he discovered that person(s) unknown had tampered with the driver’s door lock damaging the lock. No entry was made to the interior of vehicle. A check of area for witnesses/evidence was negative.

2900 block of Arundel Road: At about 1:50 pm officers responded for a lost property report. The reporting person told the officers that her Jamaican passport was missing. She said that the last time she remembered seeing the passport was on her dresser on February 19th. She had looked everywhere for it to no avail and needed a police report in order to have new passport issued.

Sunday February 22:

3200 block of Chillum Road: At about 4 am officers received information that a possible sexual assault had occurred somewhere in the Queenstown community complex. The on duty supervisor contacted the PGPD Sexual Assault Unit and learned that PGPD officers did in fact investigate a rape that occurred in the 3200 block of Chillum Road on February 20th between the hours of 1 and 3 pm. MRPD obtained a copy of PGPD’s original report for our records. In that report the victim told PGPD investigators that on February 20th at about 1 pm she answered a knock at her door and was confronted by a man armed with a silver handgun. The man forced her into a rear bedroom where he forcibly raped her. Further investigation revealed that the victim had an advertisement on “Craig’s List” offering sexual favors for money that also listed her address and phone number. She told investigators that the suspect contacted her by phone prior to the rape, and destroyed her cell phone prior to fleeing the scene. The victim was taken to the Prince George’s Hospital Center for a check up and a sexual assault examination. PGPD’s Evidence Unit processed the crime scene for latent evidence.

3700 block of 36th Street: At about 7 am officers responded for the report of a theft from auto. The victim told the officers that sometime during the previous evening/morning person(s) unknown entered his vehicle and stole several hundred dollars worth of electronic equipment. The officers found no evidence of forced entry into the vehicle; and their investigation led them to believe that the doors had been mistakenly left unlocked. A check of area for witnesses/evidence was negative.

4500 block of Eastern Avenue (BP station): At about 8 pm officers responded for an armed carjacking that had just occurred. The officers spoke to the victim who told them that he pulled into the BP station to get gas in his silver 2007 Dodge Charger. As he pulled up to the gas pumps he noticed a suspicious green colored Mazda with its hood up and occupied by two individuals. As the victim walked to the cashier’s window to pay for his fuel one of the individuals in the Mazda (suspect #1) approached him and displayed a black colored handgun. The victim took a step back out of the suspect’s way whereupon the suspect grabbed the victim’s car keys out of his hand and ran towards his car. About this time a third suspect who had been inside the gas station ran out and together with suspect #1 got into the victim’s car and fled the lot towards Queens Chapel Road. Officers broadcast a lookout for the Dodge Charger and the two suspects to all surrounding police jurisdictions. At about 9:30 pm MPD Communications contacted MRPD and told us that their officers found the vehicle on Mississippi Avenue at Wayne Place in SE; and, MPD officers made one arrest and recovered a handgun from inside the vehicle.

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