Thursday, May 06, 2010

Police Report: May 4-6

May 4th:

4100 block of Russell Avenue: At about 7:10 am officers took a report of a theft from auto. The victim/owner showed the officers where someone was able to get into her 1994 Honda Accord and steal the car’s stereo. The officers found no clear point of entry into the car and no additional evidence or witnesses could be found.

3249 Rhode Island Avenue: At about 10 am an individual came into the police station to surrender on an open arrest warrant issued by the DC court system. The warrant was confirmed through DC and he was delivered to the custody of DOC in Hyattsville without incident.

May 5th:

4100 block of Russell Avenue: At about 12:20 am officers responded for the report of a citizen robbery. The female victim told the officers that she and her boyfriend were robbed at gunpoint while standing outside talking with one another. She said that the suspect made both of them put their hands on a parked car as he went through her boyfriend’s pockets stealing several items of his personal property. The suspect then stole several items of her personal property that she had previously placed on the hood of the vehicle. She said that there was about a 15 minute delay from the time the suspect fled the scene until she was able to report the incident to the police. The male victim had left the scene prior to the officers’ arrival and was unable to be contacted. PGPD detectives responded to the scene to assume a follow-up investigation.

4600 block of 29th Street: At about 11:55 am officers received a call for a vandalism to auto. The reporting person told the officers that he saw an Hispanic male driving a blue Ford Explorer (Maryland tag 55X229) smash the window out of a parked vehicle. He said that when the driver saw him he immediately fled the area. A canvass of the area was conducted but the vehicle was not located. A follow-up investigation will be conducted to determine if the Explorer’s tag number leads to the suspect.

May 6th (early morning):

3200 block of Queenstown Drive: At about 1 am officers responded to an apartment in the Queenstown Apartments complex for a domestic dispute. When the officers arrived they discovered that a home invasion had just occurred. The officers were able to get inside the apartment where they discovered that an unconscious man had been severely beaten by two other men who had forced their way into his apartment. The two men who had forced their way into the apartment and assaulted the victim were still inside the apartment and were immediately taken into custody. The victim sustained multiple lacerations to his head and a possible skull fracture from being struck repeatedly with a metal pipe. Fire/rescue personnel responded and transported the victim to the Med Star trauma center for treatment of his injuries. PGPD detectives responded to the scene to assist MRPD with the search and recovery of evidence. The two men arrested were transported to DOC in Hyattsville where they were charged with attempted 1st degree murder, 1st degree burglary and several additional charges.

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