Monday, June 20, 2011

Suspicious Van

This was a story posted on WTOP:

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - There are reports of a white van approaching local children three times Thursday, and police are trying to find out if the cases are linked.

One case involves a nine-year-old boy who was outside his home on Robin Hood Hill in the Sherwood Forest area of Annapolis.

"The child was approached by a white van, apparently possibly a white male subject inside of the van asked him to enter the van so he could take pictures," says Anne Arundel County Police spokesman Justin Mulcahy.

It reportedly happened around noon. The child did not get in the van. The boy's grandmother says she saw the van leaving the area. She says it had dark lettering on the side that mentioned a carpet business.

A similar white van was also spotted near Shipley's Choice Elementary School in Millersville Thursday evening. That's where a witness says a van pulled up to his 12-year-old son, but no words were exchanged.

The boy says the van had tinted rear windows, and someone slightly put down the passenger side window as it drove past him. The boy describes the driver as either a white or Hispanic male with short to medium-length hair.

A third child says something similar happened to him.

"Certainly it's an opportunity for parents to just remind their children what to do in these 'Stranger Danger' type of situations," Mulcahy says. "Have an action plan, if you will. It's always good to remind your children not to enter the vehicle of a stranger, to give out any personal information to a stranger, also, don't let a stranger in your home."

"If something doesn't feel right, get away from the area and report it to a trusted adult whether that's a parent, a teacher or someone in the police department," Mulcahy adds.

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