Tuesday, April 24, 2012

PEPCO Utility Pole Replacements

PEPCO has advised the City that they will be working for the next 6-8 months on replacing old and rotten utility poles on every street in the southern region of the City (i.e., Bunker Hill Road to Arundel Road). This project is being undertaken due to what PEPCO describes as poor feeder performance (an unacceptable 2%) and because of numerous power outages during inclement weather events. Residents will be notified 12-48 hours prior to any scheduled disruption in service. 

The work is scheduled for 12 hour shifts Monday-Wednesday, 1/2 day on Thursday, and no work is scheduled on Friday.

Affected residents with concerns or complaints should contact either the City Manager or the Assistant City Manager who will in turn contact our PEPCO representatives.

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