Monday, October 29, 2012

City of Mount Rainier Storm Operations

From the City Manager:

The City of Mount Rainier is open today and will remain open the remainder of the day. Please note that this City of Mount Rainier and the City of Seat Pleasant are the only local governments open to our knowledge in Prince George’s County as of this communication. All Federal and DC Government Offices are closed as well as Metro Bus and Rail service. The State of Maryland is also closed and Governor O’Malley has issued warning for people to stay indoors. I elected along with ACM Jackson to keep the offices open today since the height of storm with severe wind gusts is not expected until 5pm this evening through all day tomorrow. We will notify both Fox 5 and WUSA 9 of the City of Mount Rainier closure tomorrow. We have already been experiencing limited cell phone usage and disruption in the alarm service at City Hall.

Today, all public works and public safety personnel are on duty as well as civilian, administrative and management staff. Tomorrow the schedule is as follows:

1. Essential personnel will be on duty: this includes all public safety personnel including civilian staff. All public safety personnel will be on duty around the clock (i.e., 24 HOURS) beginning with today. Public Works will be on duty as well the management team.

2. The police station will be open 24 hours. All persons needing assistant or that have questions should call the police station at 301-985-6980 or 6590.

3. All emergencies should be called into 911.

4. The police station has enough fuel should there be a power outage to last for three (3) days.

5. The nearest shelter is at Ritchie Coliseum on the campus of the University of Maryland, College Park. There has been no notification of the Northwestern HS shelter on Adelphi, Road Hyattsville, MD as all schools are currently closed. There are cases of water at both City Hall and the Police Station.

6. Everyone should ensure that their residence has at a minimum a three day supply of non-perishable food items, water, bleach, and wipes.

Please note that wind gusts are expected up to 70-90 MPH. During heavy wind and rain, the Public Works Department staff will be unable to remove or cut tree limbs until safe to do so. PEPCO will also not send out crews to repair downed power lines during heavy wind gusts.

On Wednesday, we hopefully will be back to full operation should the severe weather improve. Please contact us should you have any questions.

Please take every precaution to be safe.

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