Thursday, October 11, 2012

DNA Database Leads Police to Mt. Rainier Murder Suspect

Police make arrest in seven-year-old Mount Rainier murder case with help of FBI database.
Michael Theis, Hyattsville Patch
A routine search of an FBI DNA database led police to the arrest of a suspect in the murder of a Mount Rainier man which happened seven years ago.

Back in May 17, 2005, 49-year-old Reginald Taborn was found stabbed to death is in his home on the 3300 block of Buchanan Street in Mount Rainier.

At the time, investigators working the case collected a number of items found at the scene for DNA testing.

The case went cold for seven years until recently, when a routine search of the FBI Laboratory Federal Convicted Offender DNA Database produced a match. The hit led police to 41 year-old Marcus Levi Brown, of the 1200 block of 7th Street. Brown, an acquaintance of Taborn, was arrested yesterday and stands charged with second degree murder.

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