Monday, September 30, 2013

Summary of New Laws for 2013

SB 281 Firearm Safety Act of 2013: The Governor's firearms law that dramatically alters how firearms are purchased and used.

HB 1101 Medical Marijuana: Allows academic medical centers to perform research on the medicinal affects of marijuana on a limited basis.

SB 87 Seat Belts and Child Safety Seats: Requires seat belts to be used by passengers using a rear seat in a motor vehicle. A violation is a secondary offense.

HB 753 Prohibition of Handheld Wireless Communication Device While Driving: Makes using a cell phone while driving a primary offense.

SB 276 Death Penalty Repeal: Although legislation was passed a few years ago to increase the degree of certainty for conviction in death penalty cases, the Governor continued a moratorium on the death penalty. This law removes future cases from resulting in the death penalty.

SB 19 Aiming Laser Pointer at Aircraft: Prohibits knowingly and willfully shining, pointing, or focusing the beam of a laser pointer on an individual operating an aircraft.

HB 56 State Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists - Criminal History Records: Requiring a criminal background check on applicants for a license or certificate from the State Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists.

SB 72 Damage to Highways from Overweight or Oversized Vehicles: Clarifies that a person who drives or moves overweight vehicle loads on a municipal highway is liable for damage caused to the highway.

SB 224 State Employee and Retiree Health and Welfare Benefits Program Wellness Program: Requires a wellness program to be included in the state employee and retiree health and welfare benefits program.

HB 311 Requirement to Report Death or Disappearance of Minor: Requires the reporting of a disappearance of an individual under the age of 13 within 24 hours and the reporting of a death of an individual under the age of 13 within 5 hours.

SB 360 Aggravated Animal Cruelty - Baiting: Prohibits the use or allowing a dog to be used for "baiting," which is the use of a dog to train another dog in fighting or to test another dog's fighting or killing instinct.

HB 396 Misuse of Interactive Computer Service (Grace's Law): Prohibits the use of an interactive computer service to maliciously engage in a course of conduct that inflicts serious emotional distress on a minor or places a minor in reasonable fear of death or serious bodily injury.

HB 364 Automated External Defibrillator Programs: Requires an external defibrillator program to be implemented at public pools.

SB 610 Overdose Response Program: Establishes an Overdose Response Program overseen by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene that will help combat the increase in drug-overdose related deaths.

HB 767 Spay/Neuter Fund: Establishes a Spay/Neuter Fund that will be funded by a fee on commercial feed prepared and distributed for consumption by dogs or cats.

SB 841 Higher Education Fair Share Act: Requires public institutions of higher education to allow for collective bargaining with an employee organization.

HB 942 Identity Fraud - Health Information and Health Care Records: Prohibits a person from knowingly and willfully possessing, obtaining, or helping another to possess or obtain personal identifying information with fraudulent intent to access health information or health care.

SB 1029 Maryland Agricultural Certainty Program: Establishes a voluntary Agricultural Certainty Program that would allow farmers to accelerate the implementation of agricultural best management practices to meet State agricultural nitrogen, phosphorus and sediment reduction goals. In return, farmers would receive a certification, valid for 10 years, if the operation remains in compliance.

HB 1062 Hospitals - Notice to Patients - Outpatient Status and Billing Implications: Requires a hospital to provide notice to a patient of the patient's outpatient status and the billing implications of the outpatient status.

HB 1148 Shark Fins - Restriction on Possession or Distribution: Prohibits a person from possessing, selling, offering for sale, trading, or distributing a shark fin.

HB 1211 Slayer's Statute (Ann Sue Metz Law): Clarifies that a person who feloniously and intentionally kills, conspires to kill, or procures the killing of the decedent is disqualified from inheriting, taking, enjoying, receiving, or otherwise benefiting from the death, probate estate, or non-probate property of the decedent, or from receiving a general or special power of appointment conferred by the will or trust of the decedent, or from serving as a personal representative, guardian, or trustee of a trust created by the decedent.



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