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Police Report: September 28 to October 4

The Mount Rainier Police Department’s weekly report is not intended to be a listing of every incident or call for service handled by the police department, but merely a general summary of incidents that may be of interest to the community. Some reports may be outside the date parameters due to extended investigations or other circumstances. Some cases are not included at all due to ongoing investigations.

October 4th:

4000 block of 32nd Street: Stolen vehicle/recovered – 7:40am. The owner of a 2014 Chevy Tahoe told officers that sometime between 3pm on the 3rd and 7am this morning someone stole his vehicle. The vehicle was equipped with OnStar and was located just across the DC line on Shepherd Street, NE. The vehicle was missing all four tires and wheels and had ignition damage. The vehicle was recovered by DC police and the owner was notified.

4300 block of Russell Avenue: Theft from auto – 8:45am. The owner of a 2001 Hyundai Elantra told officers that sometime between 9pm on the 3rd and the time he called police someone broke into his vehicle and stole the in-dash stereo and a flash drive.

October 3rd:

3400 block of Rhode Island Avenue: Criminal citation – 9:10am. Officers issued a man a criminal citation for drinking in public.

3100 block of Windom Road: Burglary – 9:15am. Officers responded for the report of a burglary in progress. When the officers arrived they met the resident outside who showed them that forced entry had been made into the home. Officers searched the residence and found a member of the victim’s family hiding in a closet. He was arrested, charged with burglary and delivered to the custody of DOC in Hyattsville.

2200 block of Varnum Street (7-11): Theft – 9:40am. A store employee told officers that a group of four females came into the store and stole hygiene products and a pregnancy test kit. The clerk said that the four women were entering a vehicle across the street. The officers were able to locate the vehicle and apprehend the suspects. Further investigation revealed that one of the suspects utilized the pregnancy test in the parking lot of the gas station across the street. All of the merchandise was recovered and returned to the store with the exception of the used test. All four women were charged with theft.

4500 block of 34th Street: Traffic – 2:30pm. Officers were patrolling the area around Thomas Stone Elementary School when they observed a 1999 Dodge Caravan exit an elementary school with the driver and multiple small children not restrained in a seat belt. Officers stopped the vehicle and discovered that the driver did not have a driver’s license and that none of the children were restrained. The driver was issued multiple traffic citations and the vehicle was impounded.

2400 block of Chillum Road: Traffic – 6pm. Officers patrolling with an ALPR were alerted to a 2014 Chevy Traverse with suspended registration with a pick up order on the tags. Upon officers stopped the vehicle and learned that the driver was driving on a suspended license. The tags were seized for return to MVA, the vehicle was impounded and the driver was issued several traffic citations.

October 2nd:

Russell Avenue and 28th Place: Theft from auto – 6:30am. The owner of a 2001 Toyota Camry told officers that sometime between midnight and the time he called police someone broke the vehicle’s passenger side window and stole several items of his personal property. No evidence/witnesses were identified.

4200 block of Kaywood Place: Vandalism – 10:30pm. The resident told officers that he was inside his apartment and heard the sound of glass breaking. He discovered that someone had broken out a window in the back of the apartment. Officers located a steering wheel locking device that was likely used to break the window. The victim said that he had family members who might have caused the damage but could not specify anyone in particular.

October 1st:

3800 block of 33rd Street: Vandalism to auto – 9:05am. The owner of a 1998 Honda Passport told officers that sometime between 9:30pm on the 30th and the time she called police someone broke out the back window of her vehicle. No witnesses/evidence was recovered.

3300 block of Otis Street: 4th degree sex offense – 3pm. The mother of a 13 year old girl told officers that a renter in her house inappropriately touched her daughter. Charges against the man are pending.

3300 block of Buchanan Street: Vehicle impound – 6:30pm. Officers impounded a 1996 Honda Accord found parked with the trunk open, keys in the trunk lock and ignition damage. The owner has an address in Hyattsville but was unable to be contacted. The vehicle was impounded for safekeeping pending further information from the owner.

September 30th:

2200 block of Varnum Street: Traffic – 1:30pm. Officers stopped a 2008 Honda Civic that was displaying tags that expired in May of this year. The driver said he knew the tags were expired and that the vehicle was uninsured. The driver was issued several traffic citations and the vehicle was impounded.

2300 block of Varnum Street: 2nd degree assault – 5:10pm. The store clerk told officers that a juvenile male came into the store, took several bags of chips and a brownie and left the store without paying for them. The clerk followed the juvenile out of the store and requested that he pay for the merchandise. The juvenile responded by coming back in the store and taking additional food items. The clerk stood near the exit door and the juvenile punched the clerk in the face five times and fled on foot. The clerk said he recognized the juvenile because he lives in the area and frequents the store. 

4200 block of 28th Street: Burglary – 8:50pm. The resident told officers that he left home at about 6am this morning. When he returned he discovered that someone had broken into his house by breaking out a bedroom window. Once inside the thieves stole two TVs before fleeing.

30th and Allison Streets: Citizen Robbery – 9:20pm. The victim told officers that he had just got off the metro bus in the 3100 block of Queens Chapel Road and saw three 18-20 year old males wearing all black and ski masks approach him from behind. One of the suspects tried speaking to him and called him by name but he felt like he was about to be robbed and didn’t respond and kept walking. When he got to the 2700 block of Queens Chapel Road the three suspects were waiting for him. One of them produced a handgun and demanded the victim’s property. The victim surrendered his phone, book bag, credit card and ID. The three suspects then fled the area on foot towards DC. PGPD robbery detectives responded to the scene to interview the victim and begin a follow up investigation. MRPD officers along with the detectives canvassed the area for the suspects with negative results.

September 29th:

4100 block of 34th Street: Traffic/CDS possession – 12:55am. Officers stopped a 2002 Toyota for several traffic violations. Further investigation revealed that the driver was under the influence of prescription pain killers and alcohol. Further investigation revealed that a passenger in the vehicle was in possession of cocaine and CDS paraphernalia. The driver was issued several traffic citations and released. The passenger was arrested, charged with CDS possession and delivered to the custody of DOC in Hyattsville. The vehicle was impounded for safekeeping.

3200 block of Buchanan Street: Vehicle impound – 10:45am. Officers impounded a 1995 Nissan maxima for displaying expired tags that belonged on another vehicle.

4600 block of 29th Street: Criminal citation – 2:15pm. Officers issued a man a criminal citation for possession of synthetic marijuana.

Buchanan Street and Queenstown Drive: Warrant service – 3:15pm. Officers stopped a suspicious individual for a field interview. Further investigation revesaled that he had two open arrest warrants through Prince Georges County for failing to appear in court on a theft and marijuana charges. He was arrested on the warrants and delivered to the custody of DOC in Hyattsville.

4200 block of Rainier Avenue: Burglary – 5:45pm. The resident returned home and discovered the rear door open and several boxes on the floor and realized her home had been burglarized. She further discovered that a TV and several items of her personal property had been stolen. Officers discovered that the victim had left multiple windows unsecured but none were obvious points of entry. The scene was processed for evidence with negative results. PGPD Detectives were contacted and received a copy of the report.

3200 block of Queenstown Drive: Criminal citation – 7:20pm. Officers issued a man a criminal citation for destruction of property. Officers determined that the subject had broken a window to an abandoned apartment.

4100 block of 31st Street: Vandalism to auto – 9pm. The owner of a 1997 Chevy Blazer told officers that sometime between 2pm and 8pm someone egged his vehicle. The victim believes that another tenant in the house is the one responsible in response to a verbal argument earlier in the day.

September 28th:

3200 block of Queenstown Drive: Stolen vehicle – 10:25am. The owner of a 2000 Dodge van told officers that sometime between 9:45 on the 27th and the time he called police someone stole his van. An initial canvass of the area failed to identify evidence or witnesses. About an hour later officers on patrol saw the van being driven in the 3600 block of Rhode Island Avenue and attempted to stop it. The van accelerated and fled into DC and the driver abandoned it in an alley and fled on foot. DC officers canvassed the area for the suspect with negative results. The vehicle was impounded and the owner was notified of the recovery.

3100 block of Varnum Street: Animal bite – 11:40am. The victim told officers that she was bitten by a stray cat as she tried to pet it. She was able to catch and detain the animal until PG Animal Control officers came and took custody of it. The victim was treated and released at Washington Adventist Hospital.

Citizens are reminded to PLEASE call and report suspicious activity. Even if you choose not to provide your name or other personal information, we still need your help as extra eyes and ears in the community.

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