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Police Report: May 31 - June 6

The Mount Rainier Police Department’s weekly report is not intended to be a listing of every incident or call for service handled by the police department, but merely a general summary of incidents that may be of interest to the community. Some reports may be outside the date parameters due to extended investigations or other circumstances. Some cases are not included at all due to ongoing investigations.

June 6th:

3200 block of Bunker Hill Road: Landlord/tenant dispute – 10:35am. Officers met with the property owner who wanted to report several tenants who had broken two kitchen cabinets and have not paid any rent. The landlord was advised to file for evictions and to seek civil reimbursement for the damage caused by his tenants.  

3200 block of Perry Street: Theft from auto – 6:10pm. The owner of a 2010 Toyota reported that he came out to his vehicle and discovered the rear driver’s side passenger window smashed out and his computer bag missing.

June 5th:

4600 block of 27th Street: Domestic – 12:25pm. Officers responded for the report of a domestic dispute. When they arrived they interviewed both parties and observed that both had injuries from a physical altercation. Both parties were advised of their options with the District Court Commissioner.

June 4th:

4100 block of 28th Street: Theft from auto – 7:50am. The owner of a 2011 Nissan Altima told officers that he came out to his vehicle this morning and discovered that someone had broken into the vehicle through the passenger side rear window and stole a radio from inside.

3200 block of Varnum Street: Theft from auto – 8:40am. The owner of a 2007 Honda told officers that she came out to her vehicle this morning and discovered that someone had broken into the vehicle through the passenger side window and stole an empty handbag from inside.

4200 block of 28th Street: MIR – 3:30pm. Officers responded to a vacant house for the report of a possible shallow grave discovered by a cleaning crew that was preparing the house for sale. PGPD homicide detectives responded to assist. Due to weather conditions a complete investigation was delayed until Friday May 4th when a cadaver search K-9 team checked the area and the interior of the house with negative results. Additional investigation led officers to conclude that the area of concern was a memorial the former residents constructed to honor deceased relatives.

2800 block of Shepherd Street: Missing juvenile – 9:20pm. The mother of a 16 year old male told officers that her sixteen year son had not come home. She said that he has been absent from home since May 30th but has been seen in the neighborhood. Officers and the child’s mother checked with all possible friends and the child’s hang outs with negative results.

3200 block of Taylor Street: Recovered stolen vehicle – 8pm. The owner of a 1999 Suzuki who reported his vehicle stolen on May 26th called to report that his vehicle had been returned to him. He declined to give any further information.

June 3rd:

Citizen Robbery Update: The Prince George’s County Police District I Robbery Suppression Team arrested Michael Antonio Davis of the 2500 block of 14th Street, NE and charged his as one of two men who robbed a man in the 4200 block of 30th Street on May 27th; and robbed two men in the 4600 block of 29th Street on May 23rd.  Davis is currently incarcerated in DC awaiting extradition to face charges in Prince George’s County.

4000 block of 34th Street: Lost property – 1:40pm. A man came into the police station to report a lost passport. The man could not advise when or where he lost the document but needed a police report to submit with his paperwork for a duplicate passport from the passport office.

2700 block of Queens Chapel Road: Found child – 4:10pm. The daycare worker told officers that a toddler had been brought in to the center by a couple who found him wandering in traffic. Officers were able to locate the boy’s mother who said that he was in the care of his grandmother. He apparently unlocked the door while the grandmother was cleaning the apartment and escaped. The child was not injured and was returned to his mother.

4000 block of 35th Street: MIR – 7:15pm. The victim told officers that earlier he got into a physical altercation with a man near the alley at Cedar Lane and Shepherd Street. When the altercation ended he went home. Later he heard banding on his front door and came out to find that his potted flowers and vehicle had been damaged by the person with whom he had had the altercation. The suspect left and was last seen going towards Shepherd Street.

3400 block of Bunker Hill Road: Open door – 8:25pm. Officers responded for the report of an open door at a vacant house. The house was checked and no one was found inside and nothing appeared to have been vandalized or stolen. Officers secured the door as best they could and attempts to contact the realtor will continue to be made.

June 2nd:

3700 block of 35th Street: Recovered property – 7:35am. Officers recovered a gun in the driveway of a private residence. The gun was severely rusted and covered in mud and officers could not determine if it was real or a toy or find any identifying marks.

3300 block of Chillum Road: Vehicle impound – 8:30am. Officers impounded a 1999 Nissan for displaying DC tags that expired on April 13th of this year.

4200 block of 28th Street: Open door – 6:05pm. Officers were dispatched to a complaint of an open door at a vacant house and found that a door had been forced open. They contacted the property’s sales agent who said that contractors had been hired to remove items from the house. Officers were unable to determine if the damage was caused by the contractor or someone attempting to gain unlawful entry.

3200 block of Arundel Road: Vandalism to auto – 10:50pm. The owner of a 1998 Mitsubishi told officers that he came out to his vehicle and discovered that someone had slashed Both rear tires and the tire on the front passenger side.

June 1st:

3400 block of Rhode Island Avenue: Theft – 10:10am. A store clerk told officers that a black male about 6’ tall weighing 200 lbs., wearing black pants and no shirt came into the store, took several items and left without paying for them. The clerk ran after suspect and when he caught up with him the suspect struck him in the face with a closed fist. The suspect fled in an unknown direction. The victim refused medical attention and the store’s video surveillance system is being examined to try and identify the suspect.

3200 block of Queens Chapel Road: Traffic – 1pm. Officers stopped a 1991 Nissan for a traffic violation. Further investigation revealed that the vehicle had a suspended New Jersey registration and was uninsured. The driver was issued several traffic citations and the vehicle was impounded.

3400 block of Rhode Island Avenue: Criminal citation – 1:40pm. Officers issued a man a criminal citation for drinking in public.

3100 block of Arundel Road: Citizen robbery – 11:20pm. Four victims were interviewed by officers and said that while walking along the foot path they were approached from behind by two block males. One of the suspects displayed a silver handgun and demanded the victims’ property. Three of the victims complied (the fourth had nothing of value in his possession) and both suspects then fled the scene. The victims described the suspects as 1) a dark skin black male; 6’2”; medium build; wearing black clothing, a face mask; armed with a silver handgun; 2) a medium complexioned black male; heavy build; wearing black clothing and a face mask. PGPD robbery detectives were notified and assumed the follow-up investigation.

May 31st:

4300 block of Russell Avenue: Child custody dispute – 11:15am. The parents of an infant were not able to come to an agreement on custody and the father took custody of the child. The mother of the child was informed of her options and was transported to the Commissioner’s Office by officers to file the necessary paperwork.

3800 block of Eastern Avenue: EPS – 7:15pm. Officers assisted fire/rescue personnel with a man down. Further investigation revealed that the man was intoxicated and despondent over personal domestic issues and threatened to kill his wife. He was transported to Washington Adventist Hospital for an emergency psychiatric evaluation.

Citizens are reminded to PLEASE call and report suspicious activity. Even if you choose not to provide your name or other personal information, we still need your help as extra eyes and ears in the community.

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