Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Snow Emergency Information

When weather conditions warrant the declaration of a snow emergency the City of Mount Rainier follows the District of Columbia, not Maryland or Prince George’s County. Residents should be aware that when a winter weather advisory is announced the chances of a snow emergency being declared is a distinct possibility and you should tune in to news and weather reports for updated information. The Alert DC system is an excellent resource for obtaining emergency information including snow emergency declarations. By signing up for this service, you can receive emergency notifications in a variety of ways such as e-mail, cell phone text message, Blackberry or wireless PDA. You can sign up for the Alert DC service at the following web site:

The Mount Rainier Police Department will also notify residents of snow emergency declarations via our Nixle information network. Residents and business owners can sign up for Nixle notifications by visiting the Nixle web site at, or by clicking the Nixle information box on the right side of this screen.

The City has established the below listed streets as snow emergency routes. When a snow emergency is declared, parking along these streets is automatically prohibited for the duration of the snow emergency.

• 34th Street from Eastern Avenue to Arundel Road;
• Chillum Road from Arundel Road to the City boundary at Queens Chapel Road (MD Rt. 500);
• Rainier Avenue from 34th Street to Upshur Street;
• Upshur Street from Rainier Avenue to 28th Place;
• 28th Place from Upshur Street to Russell Avenue;
• Russell Avenue from 28th Place to Arundel Road;
• Varnum Street from Russell Avenue to Eastern Avenue;
• Arundel Road from Russell Avenue to 34th Street

Vehicles found parked on a snow emergency route after a snow emergency has been declared by the DC government are subject to a $100 fine (City Code §13A-107) and to being impounded at the owner’s risk and expense. Vehicles that become stalled on a snow emergency route, impede the flow of traffic, or interfere with snow removal operations are also subject to being impounded at the owner’s risk and expense.

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