Thursday, April 15, 2010

Police Report: April 12-14

April 12th:

2700 block of Allison Street: At about 1:00 pm an individual came into the police station to report a fraud. The victim further stated that he received information from the IRS that he owed back taxes from 2008. Upon further investigation it was determined that someone else used the victim’s social security number to file a false return.

3100 block of Webster Street: At about 1:00 pm officers took a report of a theft. The victim told the officers that he was working on an aluminum door and had it on saw horses in front of his residence. He left his residence for about an hour and when he returned he discovered that someone had stolen the door. No evidence/witnesses were located.

3300 block of Chillum Road: At about 5:45 pm officers took a report of a theft. The victim told the officers that someone used her credit card to make withdrawals from an ATM machine. The victim reported that over $1,000 was withdrawn from her account without her authorization. No evidence existed at the time of the report to identify the person(s) responsible.

3500 block of Windom Road: At about 8:30 pm officers conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for a minor traffic violation. Further investigation revealed that the driver had an open arrest warrant through Prince George’s County for driving without a license. He was arrested on the warrant and delivered to the custody of DOC in Hyattsville. His vehicle was impounded.

April 13th:

Nothing significant to report.

April 14th:

3700 block of 36th Street: At about 6 pm officers responded for a disturbance involving an intoxicated male. The man became agitated when he discovered that money was allegedly taken from him and began to threaten the neighbors and children that were mingling outside. At one point the man grabbed a three year old child by the throat and threw him to the ground. He was arrested, charged with 2nd degree assault and delivered to the custody of DOC in Hyattsville. The child did not sustain any serious injury.

3100 block of Queens Chapel Road: At about 4 pm maintenance workers at the Queenstown Apartments discovered an unresponsive man in a vacant apartment. Fire/rescue personnel responded and pronounced the man dead. There were no signs of trauma or foul play and it appeared to investigators that he had been in the apartment for about 24 hours before being discovered. The man, who remains unidentified, was apparently homeless and wandered into the unlocked, vacant apartment. He had been recently treated at a local hospital and his hospital band listed his name as John Doe. Prince George’s County Police homicide detectives responded to the scene to initiate a follow up investigation. The State Medical Examiner also responded to take charge of the man’s remains for post mortem examination.

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