Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Police Report: November 20-22

November 20th:

2700 block of Upshur Street: At about 2:25 am officers stopped a suspicious person for a field interview. During the interview the officers discovered that he had two open arrest warrants for possession of crack cocaine. He was arrested on the warrants and delivered to the custody of DOC in Hyattsville.

3200 block of Rhode Island Avenue: At about 11:25 pm a Mount Rainier Police Officer was issuing parking tickets when an irate black male approached him from behind and struck him in the back. The officer then turned around and advised the subject he was under arrest. The subject, who appeared to be under the influence of PCP, did not comply with the officer’s repeated verbal commands and charged at the officer attempting to further assaulted him. The officer was able to call for assistance and deploy a TASER. After a brief struggle officers were able to take the subject into custody. He was transported to the Prince George’s County Hospital Center for treatment. He was released and processed into the Prince George’s County Department of Corrections. After his arrest the subject was found to be in possession of more PCP.

November 21st:

4500 block of Eastern Avenue (BP station): At about 12:15 pm officers took a report of a theft from auto. When the officers arrived they were unable to locate the victim. They later learned that a woman left her purse on the seat of her vehicle while pumping gas. When she returned to her vehicle after paying for the gas she discovered that her purse had been stolen.

3700 block of Jackson Street, Brentwood: At about 3:20 pm MRPD officers assisted officers from the Bladensburg Police Department in locating and apprehending a wanted subject. The subject had multiple felony warrants for theft, forgery and false documents. The subject was located at his residence, arrested on the warrants and delivered to the custody of DOC in Hyattsville.

November 22nd:

4500 block of Eastern Avenue (BP station): At about 5:25 pm officers responded for the report of a disorderly subject. When the officers arrived they observed a man screaming obscenities and throwing canned goods and beverages at customers. He was incoherent and failed to obey the officers’ commands to stop throwing items and get down on the ground. The officers were forced to deploy a department issued Taser to get the man under control. With the assistance of officers from Hyattsville PD the man was taken into custody. A search of the man subsequent to his arrest revealed that he was in possession of a clear baggie containing 61 smaller baggies of crack cocaine (8.3 grams). He was charged with numerous crimes and transported to the Washington Adventist Hospital for an emergency psychological evaluation. He also told the officers that prior to the incident he smoked cigarettes laced with PCP.

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