Friday, November 05, 2010

Police Report: November 4

4500 block of Eastern Avenue: At about 8:10 am officers took a theft from auto report. The victim told the officers that while inside paying for gas someone entered her unlocked vehicle and stole her purse. No evidence was recovered and no witnesses were identified.

3300 block of Buchanan Street: At about 8 am officers took an attempted burglary report. The resident told the officers that she left her apartment at about 6:30 am and when she returned she noticed that the weather stripping around the front door had been removed. The door was still locked and nothing was missing from inside. Queenstown Management was notified to fix the damage, and no evidence as to those responsible could be found.

4400 block of 28th Place: At about 8 pm officers responded for the report of an armed carjacking that had just occurred. The victim told the officers that he was sitting inside his vehicle while it was warming up when he was accosted by a man with a black handgun. A second man immediately came up to the victim and relieved him of his wallet and cell phone. The man with the gun then forced the victim out of his vehicle and the two suspects drove away in it towards Queens Chapel Road. The officers immediately broadcast a lookout for the two suspects and the stolen vehicle to surrounding police agencies and requested assistance from PGPD robbery detectives. While still interviewing the victim MRPD officers were notified by radio that a PGPD unmarked patrol car was following the vehicle, still occupied by the two suspects, at Chillum Road and Riggs Road. Two MRPD officers responded to the location, stopped the vehicle and apprehended both suspects. The victim was brought to the scene of the apprehension and positively identified both suspects as the ones who had robbed him. The property that was stolen from the victim was returned to him and his vehicle was impounded to be processed for evidence. Both suspects, aged 16 and 17, were charged as adults with armed carjacking and armed robbery and delivered to the custody of DOC in Hyattsville.

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call of duty said...

Very interesting blog featuring police reports. I find police work very exciting but a little too dangerous for me. I did a ride along with my brother-in-law and enjoyed it very much.

I like your blog. Good stories.