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Police Report: March 22-28

The Mount Rainier Police Department’s weekly report is not intended to be a listing of every incident or call for service handled by the police department, but merely a general summary of incidents that may be of interest to the community. Some reports may be outside the date parameters due to extended investigations or other circumstances. Some cases are not included at all due to ongoing investigations.

March 28th:

3300 block of Buchanan Street: Stolen vehicle (recovered) 2:45am. Officers were notified by MPDC that a 2002 Dodge Caravan originally reported stolen on March 24th was recovered on March 27th at about 5pm in the 3900 block 7th street NE. the ignition was found to be defeated and there were a set of switched tags on the vehicle.

3200 block of Varnum Street: Vandalism – 8:05am. The resident told officers that she returned home this morning and discovered a small hole in a living room window. The hole appeared to be the size of a pellet or BB. Upon further inspection officers located what appeared to be a .177 pellet. The resident believes that a neighbor across the street was responsible for the damage due to an ongoing feud.

Queens Chapel Road and Buchanan Street: M/V collision – 5:45. Officers investigating a collision determined that a 2014 Nissan Sentra was traveling north bound on Queens Chapel Road at a high rate of speed. When it tried to change lanes it ran into the back of a 2014 Toyota Corolla in the adjacent lane. The impact caused both vehicles to be disabled and both vehicles were towed from the scene. There were no injuries reported.

4700 block of 31st Place: Attempt arson – Maintenance personnel told officers that they discovered a small fire in the hallway of an apartment building. The fire was one of several small piles of books discovered burning in different buildings. There was no damage to the building and that the fires were out.

4000 block of 34th Street: Vehicle impound – 10:15pm. Officers impounded a 2011 Toyota Prius that was parked in the complainant’s back yard without permission.

March 27th:

3300 block of Chillum Road: Vehicle impound – 7:50pm. Officers impounded a 1998 Buick after receiving an ALPR alert that the registration was suspended with a pick up order for the tags.

March 26th:

3300 block of Chillum Road: Theft3:20am. The store clerk told officers that a man came into the store, took several pastries and left without paying for them.

32nd Street and Bunker Hill Road: Property damage 7:20am. A woman reported that while she was stopped at a stop sign a man chastised her for talking on a cell phone while driving. When she told the man to mind his business they exchanged words and the man allegedly picked up a handful of rocks and threw them at her vehicle. Officers located the man in question and he denied throwing the rocks and stated that he only cursed her and spit at her. The parties were advised of their options with a District Court Commissioner.

3100 block of Queens Chapel Road: Traffic – 12:40pm. Officers stopped a vehicle for an equipment violation and learned that the driver’s license was suspended. He was cited accordingly and his vehicle was impounded.

2400 block of Chillum Road: CDS possession – 1:45pm. Officers stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation and learned that the driver did not have a driver’s license and had an open warrant through Prince George’s County for solicitation for prostitution. She was arrested on the warrant and a search incident to arrest revealed that she was in possession of a small vial of liquid PCP. She was charged with the CDS possession and turned over to the custody of DOC in Hyattsville.

2700 block of Webster Street: Domestic assault – 8:50pm. A woman was physically assaulted by her child’s father during an argument. The suspect fled the scene prior to officers’ arrival. A lethality assessment was completed and the victim responded to the Commissioner’s office to obtain a protective order.

March 25th:

4600 block of 27th Street: Vandalism to auto – 8:20pm. The owner of a 2013 Hyundai Sonata reported that she came out to her vehicle this morning and discovered two tires had been flattened sometime overnight.

3700 block of Rhode Island Avenue: Traffic – 8:50pm. Officers stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation and learned that the driver did not have a license. He was charged accordingly and his vehicle was impounded.

Rhode Island Avenue and 34th Street: Traffic – 9:45pm. Officers stopped a vehicle that had an expired registration and learned that the tags were switched and belonged on another vehicle; the driver did not have a driver’s license; and the vehicle was unregistered. The driver was charged accordingly and the vehicle was impounded.

March 24th:

3300 block of Buchanan Street: Stolen vehicle – 12:30pm. The owner of a 2002 Dodge reported that he came out to his vehicle this morning to discover that it had been stolen.

3100 block of Queens Chapel Road: Assault – 5:35pm. The victim told officers that back on December 2929th 2014 he was attached and beaten by three men on the front steps of his apartment building. The three forced him into a vehicle and drove him to the park area behind Queenstown apartments and assaulted him a second time before leaving him behind and fleeing the area. He said that he received medical treatment at Providence Hospital for his injuries he sustained in the assault; and that he could not describe his assailants or their vehicle.

March 23rd:

4000 block of 35th Street: Theft from auto – 9:20am. The owner of a 1998 Isuzu reported that sometime prior to his call to police someone broke into his vehicle and stole a handicapped placard.

3400 block of Perry Street: Theft from auto – 1:15pm. The owner of a 2011 Range Rover reported that someone broke into his vehicle through the passenger side rear window and stole a pair of tennis shoes and a sweat suit.

3600 block of Rhode Island Avenue: Assault on a police officer (x2) – 10:30am. Officers investigating a burglary in progress detained a man on the front porch who witnesses said was tampering with the front door lock. The man refused to answer the officers’ questions and when they attempted to escort him from the property he struck one officer in the mouth and a second officer repeatedly in the upper body. Officers deployed a Taser and OC spray neither of which took effect. Several other officers from adjacent jurisdictions responded and assisted the MRPD officers in getting the man under control and under arrest. He was transported to a local hospital. where he was treated and released. He was then taken to DOC in Hyattsville where he was charges with multiple offenses including felony assault on a police officer. Both MRPD officers were treated for their injuries at Prince George’s Hospital and released.

March 22nd:

3100 block of Queens Chapel Road: CDS/firearm possession – 2:05am. Officers stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation. Further investigation revealed that the front seat passenger (a juvenile) was in possession of marijuana and the officers recovered a loaded .38 caliber revolver from under his seat. He was charged with possession of CDS and illegal possession of a firearm and released to relatives pending Juvenile Court action.

3300 block of Buchanan Street: Stolen vehicle – 9:30pm. The owner of a 2001 Chrysler van reported that he parked his vehicle in the PG Pool lot at about 5pm. When he returned to his vehicle he discovered it had been stolen.

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