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Police Report: May 17-23

The Mount Rainier Police Department’s weekly report is not intended to be a listing of every incident or call for service handled by the police department, but merely a general summary of incidents that may be of interest to the community. Some reports may be outside the date parameters due to extended investigations or other circumstances. Some cases are not included at all due to ongoing investigations.

May 23rd:

One Municipal Place: Disorderly – 2:10am. Officers responded to assist fire/rescue personnel with an intoxicated individual who had been injured in an assault on Edgewood Street in DC. The individual became irate and began cursing at the officers in a loud, uncontrollable manner and his behavior became too much for the paramedics to transport him to PGHC for treatment to his injuries. Officers took him into custody and transported him to Washington Adventist Hospital where he was released to the medical staff for treatment.

4200 block of Russell Avenue: Stolen vehicle – 6:10am. The owner of a 2001 Dodge reported that he came out for his vehicle this morning and discovered that it had been stolen.

4300 block of Kaywood Drive: Attempt stolen auto – 10:30am. The owner of a 2004 Dodge told officers that she came out to her vehicle this morning and discovered damage to the driver’s side door lock, ignition and steering column. 

3800 block of 34th Street: Criminal citation – 6:30pm. Officers issued a man a criminal citation for disorderly conduct.

2400 block of Arundel Road: Criminal citation – 8:25pm. Officers issued a man a criminal citation for drinking in public.

4600 block of 29th Street: Citizen robbery – 8:55pm. Two victims told officers that they were followed into their apartment building by two black males. As the victims opened the apartment door the suspects produced handguns and demanded the victims’ property. The victims’ complied and both suspects got into a waiting parked car (possibly a cream colored Nissan) driven by a black male. The three then fled the scene and was last observed headed towards Queens Chapel Road. Due to both victims having the keys to their apartment stolen, fire/rescue personnel responded with a ladder truck to assist. A firefighter was able to reach an open window, gain access to the apartment and let the victims in.

4000 block of 33rd Street: Vandalism to auto – 10pm. The owner of a 2005 Ford told officers that he came out to his vehicle that was parked in his driveway and noticed small dents alongside driver’s side of vehicle. It was undetermined if the damaged occurred at his residence or elsewhere.

May 22nd:

4500 block of 32nd Street: Theft from auto – 3:55pm. The owner of a 2003 Honda told officers that he came out to his vehicle and discovered that a laptop and a parking pass was missing from inside. The victim also stated that he did not secure his vehicle when he parked it the night before.

3500 block of Perry Street: Traffic – 11:20pm. Officers stopped a 2004 Honda for failure to stop at a stop sign. Further investigation revealed that the driver did not have a valid license. He was issued several citations and his vehicle was impounded.

May 21st:

Queens Chapel Road and Chillum Road: M/V collision – 5:45am. Officers investigated a minor collision and determined that the driver of a Ford bus failed to reduce speed to avoid colliding with the rear end of a 2004 Acura. There were no injuries and minor vehicle damage.

3400 block of Newton Street: Counterfeit currency – 1pm. The victim told officers that he was delivering food to a customer who lived in a secure building. The customer came out to get his food and paid the victim with a counterfeit twenty dollar bill. The victim realized that it was a counterfeit and tried to stop the man but he had already gone back into the building. The victim called the police and watched the suspect leave the building and followed him until he lost sight of him in the 3400 block of Rhode Island Avenue. The counterfeit was placed into property to be collected by United States Secret Service for further investigation.

29th and Upshur Streets: Lost property – 2:15pm. A woman came into the police station to report that she had lost her wallet while riding a Metro bus between the West Hyattsville Metro station and 29th and Upshur Streets.

3200 block of Chillum Road: Recovered stolen auto – 9:10am. PGPD notified MRPD that they recovered a 2015 Honda CRV that was originally reported stolen from the 3200 block of Chillum Road at 6am on May 20th. The recovery occurred after a PGPD officer stopped the vehicle for a traffic violation in the 2900 block of Arundel. The driver was arrested and charged accordingly and the owner was notified of the recovery.

4300 block of 29th Street: Recovered stolen auto – 6:40pm. Officers investigating a suspicious 2002 Dodge pickup truck called in by several witnesses discovered that the vehicle had been previously reported stolen from an address in Montgomery County. The vehicle was impounded and the owner was notified of the recovery.    

May 20th:

2700 block of Allison Street: Stolen vehicle – 5am. The owner of a 1999 Plymouth van told officers that he came out to his vehicle this morning and discovered it had been stolen.

2700 Block of Allison Street: M/V collision – 5:50am. Officers stopped a 1992 Toyota van after witnessing it back into 1997 Honda Civic. The damage to the Civic was minor and the owner did not want to pursue charges. However, the officers learned that the driver of the van did not possess a valid driver’s license and was issued the appropriate citations.

3200 block of Chillum Road: Stolen vehicle – 6am. The owner of a 2015 Honda CRV told officers that she came out to her vehicle this morning and discovered it had been stolen. Investigation revealed that the vehicle may have been left unsecure and there was a key to the vehicle hidden inside.

2700 block of Upshur Street: Vandalism to auto – 10am. The owner of a 2004 Chevy Impala told officers that when she came out to her vehicle this morning she discovered someone had cut the two right side tires on her vehicle.

2900 block of Queens Chapel Road: Stolen vehicle – 8:25pm. The owner of a 2000 Dodge Stratus reported that her vehicle had been stolen from where it had been legally parked.

May 19th:

4700 block of 27th Street: Commercial burglary – 8:05am. Queens Manor Garden Apartments management told officers that they arrived at work this morning and discovered the leasing office’s front glass door broken out. Those responsible entered the office, removed the back panel to an ATM machine and stole an unknown amount of currency from the machine. Management said that it may take up to three weeks to determine the amount of currency stolen from the machine. PGPD detectives were notified of the crime and will be assisting with a follow-up investigation. The leasing office does have working security cameras.

Taylor and Jackson Streets: CDS possession/warrant service – 2:55pm. Officers stopped a 2004 Ford truck for a traffic violation. Further investigation revealed that the tags on the vehicle were issued to another vehicle, the driver’s license was suspended and he had an open arrest warrant through the Prince George’s County Sheriffs’ Office. The driver was arrested on the warrant and a search of the vehicle incident to his arrest revealed that he was in possession of marijuana and PCP. He was issued several traffic citations and delivered to the custody of DOC in Hyattsville.

3800 block of 34th Street: Recovered stolen auto – 6pm. Officers were notified by DC police that their officers recovered a 1997 Ford Taurus originally stolen from the 3800 block of 34th Street on May 12th. The vehicle was found in the 1200 block of V Street, SE. The vehicle had front end damage but was drivable however both license plates are still missing. Officers tried to contact the owner by phone but the listed number is no longer taking calls. A service request was made to PG County to make notification at owners address.

3100 block of Queens Chapel Road: MIR (juvenile) – 9:10pm. Officers investigating a fight detained a juvenile male. While speaking with him the officers determined that he had been drinking. The officers did not feel that it was safe for the juvenile to be left unattended so he was detained and transported to the Mount Rainier Police Department. Contact was made with his mother who responded and took custody of him.

4100 block of 34th Street: Theft from auto – 9:15pm. The owner of a 2007 Honda Pilot reported that someone broke into her vehicle through the driver’s side rear passenger door window and stole her leather shoulder bag containing from the back seat.

3500 block of Bunker Hill Road: Theft from auto – 10:40pm. The owner of a 2008 Cadillac Escalade reported that someone stole her purse which she had hidden under the passenger side floor mat. She said that she had left the vehicle unlocked when she parked it.

2700 block of Allison Street: Stolen vehicle – 5am. The owner of a 1999 Plymouth van told officers that he came out to his vehicle this morning and discovered it had been stolen.

May 18th:

3300 block of Buchanan Street: Attempt Stolen Auto – 7:35am. The owner of a 2006 Dodge Stratus reported that when he tried to start his vehicle this morning he discovered that someone had tampered with the ignition and damaged the steering column.

4200 block of 34th Street: EPS8:20pm. Officers spoke with the roommate of a man that was allegedly having mental problems. The roommate said that the man was delusional, thinking people are out to kill him, the president knows what is going on, and was making references to harming himself. He added he hadn’t been home in about two days, and has been walking around naked, hiding in the tall weeds and trees in the back yard. Officers located the man who was wearing only a waist length black and blue robe and was brandishing a yard sign and post approximately two feet in length. Once he spotted police, he fled on foot. A foot chase ensued for about 7 blocks ending in the 3600 block of Tilden Street. Officer’s repeatedly ordered the man to drop the sign with no compliance. A departmental issued Taser was deployed. The Taser had a positive effect and the man was taken into custody without further incident. Fire/rescue personnel responded to transport the man to Washington Adventist Hospital for an emergency psychiatric evaluation.

4300 block of Kaywood Drive: Vehicle impound – 11:20pm. Officers impounded a 2001 Ford van that had no tags attached.

May 17th:

3100 block of Chillum Road (7-11): Theft – 9:45am. The store clerk told officers that a black male with short dreads, wearing a red shirt and light brown shorts came into the store. He took a bottle of Sunny D and left the store on foot without making an attempt to pay for the item.

3600 block of Rhode Island Avenue: Theft from auto – 7:05pm. The owner of a 2002 Honda Civic told officers that while he was in church someone broke into his vehicle through the front passenger side window and stole a Play Station 4 game console, two remote controls, and four video games.

3600 block of Rhode Island Avenue: Theft from auto – 7:05pm. The owner of a 2001 Ford truck told officers that while she was in church someone broke into her truck through the driver’s door window and stole her I-phone.

3100 block of Queens Chapel Road: Theft from auto – 8:40pm. The owner of a 2006 Ford van reported that someone stole the front license plate off his vehicle.

Citizens are reminded to PLEASE call and report suspicious activity. Even if you choose not to provide your name or other personal information, we still need your help as extra eyes and ears in the community.

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