Thursday, October 09, 2008

Police Report: October 8

2300 block of Varnum Street (7-11): At about 10:45 am an unknown suspect entered the 7-11 store and stole six bags of Doritos chips and one 12 oz bottle of V8 juice. The suspect then fled the area on foot in unknown direction. A search of the area for the suspect proved negative.

3200 block of Rhode Island Avenue: At about 2:30 pm a man reported that he had lost his INS green card. He told officers that he had attended a function in Washington DC and had his green card in his shirt pocket. When he returned home he discovered the card missing/lost. A case number was issued to him to help facilitate replacement of the card.

4000 block of 34th Street (Oscar’s Flower Shop): At about 7:45 pm an employee of the shop called to report a theft that had just occurred. When officers arrived the employee told them that a male individual entered the store, walked behind the counter and began to force open the cash register drawer. While the man was trying to get the register open he yelled at the employee asking where the rest of the money was. The employee grabbed a broom and began banging it on the front glass window in an attempt to get the attention of passers by for help. The man was able to force the register open and steal a quantity of U.S. currency. He then ran out of the store and disappeared to the rear of 4017 34th Street.

A canvass of the area located a witness who told the officers that he saw the suspect wearing a black hoodie with a spider web design loitering in front of the flower shop about five minutes prior to the crime. The witness said that he could not see the suspect’s face but knew the jacket because of its distinctive design. He said that he felt the suspect was up to no good at the time but did not called police. Officers searched the area where the suspect was last seen and recovered an item of clothing that matched the description given by both the employee of Oscar’s and the witness. They also stopped a person of interest that matched the general description of the suspect; however neither the employee nor the witness could positively identify him. The officers processed the cash register for latent fingerprint evidence but were unable to lift useful prints. PGPD detectives were contacted to begin a follow-up investigation.

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