Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Police Report: August 7-11

Friday August 7th:

3300 block of Buchanan Street: At about 5 pm officers took a report of a missing juvenile who had returned home. The juvenile’s father told the officers that he and his son got into a verbal argument during the day on August 1st. He left the house and didn’t return until this afternoon. The juvenile told his father that he had stayed at a friend’s house during the time he was missing.

37th & Perry Streets: At about 9:15 pm an MRPD officer was involved in a departmental traffic collision. The officer was stopped at the intersection when his assigned police vehicle was struck by a vehicle turning right onto 37th from Perry. The driver’s side door of the striking vehicle opened unexpectedly and struck the driver’s door of the police car as it passed. When the driver of the striking vehicle got out of his car investigating officers noticed that he had a strong odor of alcohol about him and could barely walk. He failed a field sobriety test but refused to submit to a blood alcohol test. He was issued traffic citations for DUI/DWI and sent on his way. His vehicle was impounded for safekeeping.

3200 block of Chillum Road: At about 11:20 pm officers responded for an individual trying to break into an apartment. The officers talked with the resident and learned that her ex-boyfriend had tried to kick open her front door because she refused to let him in because she had obtained a District Court protective order against him. The officers verified the existence of the order and the fact that he had been previously served with it. The officers were able to locate the boyfriend sleeping in an upstairs hallway. He was arrested for violating the protective order and delivered to the custody of DOC in Hyattsville.

34th Street and Rhode Island Avenue: At about 10:45 pm officers stopped a vehicle that did not have its headlights on. When the officers approached the driver they smelled a strong odor of alcohol on his breath. He refused to submit to blood alcohol and field sobriety testing. He was then issued state citations for DUI/DWI and sent on his way. The vehicle was released to its sober owner.

Saturday August 8th:

4200 block of 28th Street: At about 7:30 am officers took a report of a stolen vehicle. The owner of a 1993 Acura Legend, MD tag A143293) told the officers that when he came out to his vehicle this morning he discovered that it had been stole. The was no record that the vehicle had bee impounded or repossessed and no evidence could be found that could identify those responsible.

3700 block of 35th Street: At about 10 pm officers took a report of a residential burglary. The victim/owner told the officers that he and his family left for a church service at about 7:30 pm. When they returned they saw that the living room light was on and when they entered they discovered that the house had been ransacked and numerous items stolen. The house was processed for latent prints with negative results and there was no sign of forced entry. During a canvass of the area the officers located a neighbor who said that he saw two black males enter the victim’s yard however he could not give a full physical description of them.

Sunday August 9th:

3300 block of Buchanan Street: At about 8 am officers responded for an assault. When the officers arrived they spoke to the female victim who told them that her ex- boyfriend grabbed her and struck her several times in the face. He then fled the apartment in an unknown direction. The victim was transported to the District Court commissioner’s office to seek charges and a protective order.

4000 block of 33rd Street: At about 1 pm officers took a theft report. The victim told the officers that she left home on August 1st and returned this afternoon. When she got home she discovered her laptop computer missing. There were no signs of forced entry into the residence however the victim does share the house with several other tenants including her landlord. The officers were unable to determine if any of these individuals were involved in the theft.

3200 block of Chillum Road: At about 1:15 pm officers took a report of a stolen tag. The victim told the officers that sometime prior to her reporting the crime someone stole the front tag off her 2006 Hyundai truck. The tag is a Maryland tag of 44188M9. No evidence as to those responsible could be found at the scene.

Queens Chapel Road and Ager Road: At about 9:10 pm officers stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation. When the officers approached the driver they noticed he had an open container of an alcoholic beverage. He was issued the appropriate traffic citations and a criminal citation for the open container violation.

Monday August 10th:

4400 block of 28th Place: At about 9:10 am officers impounded a white 1988 Nissan Maxima. The vehicle had been marked for 48 towing because it did not have any registration plates attached.

4600 block of 25th Street: At about 9 pm power shift officers were checking an apartment building laundry room when they discovered two adult males and two juvenile females. Further investigation revealed that the two adults were in possession of a quantity of the CDS PCP. The two juvenile females told the officers that the men picked them up at the Mall at Prince George’s and that the men had given them PCP which they ingested. The adults were arrested and charged with several CDS violations and delivered to the custody of DOC in Hyattsville. The juveniles were charged with CDS violations as well and released to the custody of their respective parents pending appearance in Juvenile Court.

Tuesday August 11th:

4300 block of 28th Place: At about 11 am officers responded for the report of a citizen armed robbery. The victim told the officers that he was approached by two men in a green Buick Riviera with DC tags CB1404. One of the men got out of the car wearing a blue shirt and blue jeans armed with a blue colored handgun. The man pointed the gun at the victim and demanded that he empty his pockets. The victim did as he was told and the man took the victim’s personal belongings. He got back into the Buick Riviera and drove away in an unknown direction. The robbery was immediately reported to PGPD detectives and a lookout for the vehicle was broadcast to surrounding agencies. An MRPD officer obtained a listing on the suspect vehicle’s tags and it came back owned by an individual with an address not too far away from the crime scene in DC. The officer went by the address and discovered that the vehicle was in the driveway and reported the fact to responding detectives. PGPD detectives along with MPD detectives quickly obtained a search warrant for the house. During the execution of the warrant the male resident was identified as the man who committed the robbery and the victim’s property was located in the basement. The man was arrested and charged with armed robbery and other crimes. During questioning he also told the officers who his accomplice was and they are in the process of obtaining charging documents and arrest warrants for him as well.

3100 block of Queens Chapel Road (Beauty Depot): At about 7:30 pm officers responded for a shoplifting. The owner of the shop pointed out the shoplifter to the officers and he was stopped a short distance away. A search of his person revealed that he did not have and of the store’s merchandise on him so he could not be charged with theft. However, an NCIC check revealed that he had an outstanding arrest warrant through the Prince George's County Sheriff's Department for theft under $500.00. He was arrested on the warrant and delivered to the custody of DOC in Hyattsville.

3100 block of Arundel Road: At about 9:55 pm power shift officers stopped a suspicious individual for a field interview. The officers identified the individual and as they requested an NCIC wanted check he took off and ran. After about a three block foot pursuit the officers were able to catch and detain him. The wanted check revealed that he had an open arrest warrant through Montgomery County for CDS charges. He was arrested and delivered to the custody of DOC in Hyattsville without further incident.

4100 block of 31st Street: At about 8:35 pm officers took a report of a strong armed robbery. The victim told the officers that he was approached by three to four black male juveniles all wearing white t-shirts. The juveniles accosted him and physically took his cell phone from him and immediately fled the area up 31st Street. The officers canvassed the area for the juveniles with negative results.

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