Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Police Report: March 16-17

March 16:

3300 block of Rhode Island Avenue: At about 3:30 am officers were working a surveillance detail along Rhode Island Avenue in an attempt to identify the person(s) responsible for breaking into numerous City parking meters. The officers observed a female individual break into and steal coins from three meters. She was arrested, charged with malicious destruction of property and theft, and delivered to the custody of DOC in Hyattsville.

3000 block of Queens Chapel Road: At about 7:45 am officers responded for the report of a theft from auto. Their investigation revealed that sometime during the early morning hours person(s) unknown stole all four wheels and tires off the victim’s 2001 Cadillac DTS. The perpetrators were also able to break into the car and disable the alarm. A check of the area for evidence and/or tools possibly used by suspect(s) was negative.

4100 block of Kaywood Place: At about 8:10 am officers responded for another theft of wheels and tires. This time the thieves got all four off a 2005 Pontiac Grand Am and left the car sitting on the ground. No entry into the vehicle was made or attempted and, again there were no witnesses or evidence found.

4300 block of Russell Avenue: At about 8:45 officers received a third call of theft of wheels, however this time the thieves were not able to get the wheels off the targeted 2007 Cadillac DTS. The driver’s side door lock was damaged but it did not appear that the thieves got into the vehicle. The officers were no more successful in locating witnesses or evidence than they were in the previous two incidents.

3200 block of Rhode Island Avenue (Thrifty Rental): At about 9:45 am officers took a report of a theft of two Maryland registration plates. It appears that person(s) unknown entered the parking lot and stole both the front and rear license plates off a rental vehicle. The stolen tags were Maryland registration 3CT-X86.

3000 block of Taylor Street: At about 2 pm officers responded for the report of an individual shooting at birds with a BB gun. The officers spoke with the reporting person who told them that she heard what sounded like a BB or paintball gun around her property. The officers found another witness who said that he heard the same sounds then observed a bird fall off a tree. A thorough check of the area failed to identify anyone responsible for the shots neither did they find any wounded or dead fowl. Periodic patrols of the area were maintained for the rest of the day with no further incidents observed or reported.

March 17 (early morning):

4500 block of Eastern Avenue (BP station) : At about 12:30 am officers on patrol observed two suspicious individual on the gas station lot. The officers stopped the two for a field interview and discovered that one of them had an open arrest warrant for failing to appear in court on a traffic charge. He was arrested on the warrant and delivered to the custody of DOC in Hyattsville without incident.

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