Friday, June 12, 2009

Police Report: June 5

During the evening hours officers from the Mount Rainier Police, Maryland-National Capital Park Police, Metro Transit Police and Hyattsville City Police conducted a joint high-visibility saturation patrol. Eleven officers participated in the operation and the results are as follows:

· 21 vehicles stopped;
· 2 vehicles searched;
· 11 Maryland state citations issued;
· 4 equipment repair orders issued;
· 4 written warnings issued;
· 4 arrests were made: 1 open warrant, 1 on-view arrest for selling w/o a license at the Prince George’s Plaza Metro Station (juvenile), 1 criminal citation for possession of drug paraphernalia, and one criminal citation for theft of vehicle tags.
· 1 vehicle impounded.
· 10 field observation reports completed.

The areas of concentration for this month’s sweep were:

· Metro trains operating between the Prince George’s Plaza Metro Station and the West Hyattsville Metro Station;
· East West Highway between Queens Chapel Road and Toledo Road
· Ager Road between Hamilton Street and the 5900 block
· Rhode Island Avenue between Eastern Avenue and the courthouse
· Queens Chapel Road – 2900 block to the 5300 block.
· Queens Chapel Road and Chillum area

There were no other reportable incidents for the day.

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